Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 D' Esterhazy, Stephen (916) 323-7227ARB Staff
 Dabney, Zoe (916) 445-1789ARB Staff
 Dai, Jian (916) 324-1558ARB Staff
 Dai, Zhen (916) 322-7455ARB Staff
 Daley, Shawn (626) 575-6972ARB Manager
 Dalrymple, Sue (916) 445-0071ARB Staff
 DaMassa, Samuel (916) 327-1006ARB Staff
 Damiano, Andrew (916) 327-1503ARB Staff
 Dang, Constance (626) 450-6139ARB Staff
 Dang, Steven (626) 575-6607ARB Manager
 Danielson, Chelsea (916) 440-8283ARB Staff
 Dastoum, Sara (916) 323-1696ARB Staff
 Davari, Seyyed (916) 440-8207ARB Staff
 Davey, Megan (916) 322-6133ARB Staff
 Davis, Aimee (916) 322-3289ARB Manager
 Davis, Linda (626) 575-6824ARB Manager
 Davis, Monique (916) 322-7304ARB Staff
 Davtyan, Anna Not AvailableARB Student
 Dawson, Sierra (916) 322-0428ARB Staff
 De Leon, Eric (916) 229-0314ARB Staff
 Dean, Ken (916) 322-7285ARB Staff
 Dean, Nathan (626) 575-6998ARB Staff
 DeAnda, Armando (916) 322-8176ARB Staff
 Debbs, Dewayne (916) 324-7162ARB Staff
 Debolt, Debbie (916) 324-6234ARB Staff
 Deidrick, Christopher (916) 327-4731ARB Staff
 Dela Cruz, Abby (916) 322-0514ARB Staff
 Delavarrafiee, Maryam (626) 575-6877ARB Staff
 Delgado, Juan (916) 229-0338ARB Staff
 Densberger, Matthew (916) 324-7169ARB Staff
 Desai, Anna (916) 445-9335ARB Staff
 Desai, Mohammed (626) 575-6674ARB Staff
 Desimone, Thomas (626) 350-6580ARB Staff
 Dhaliwal, Amritpal (916) 322-4762ARB Staff
 Dhaliwal, Balbir (916) 323-1086ARB Staff
 Dhanagari, Swetha (916) 324-1766ARB Contract Personnel
 Dhiman, Abhishek (916) 440-8271ARB Staff
 Di, Pingkuan (916) 322-6040ARB Manager
 Diaz, Marco (626) 575-6900ARB Staff
 Diaz, Martina (626) 350-6532ARB Manager
 Diener, Matthew (626) 575-6684ARB Staff
 Dilbeck, Christopher (916) 319-0106ARB Manager
 Dilley, Shannon (916) 322-3940ARB Counsel
 Dilmaghani, Shabnam (626) 575-6752ARB Staff
 Dimaano, Luzviminda (916) 445-3756ARB Staff
 Ding, Raymund (916) 322-5439ARB Staff
 Dingle, Justin (661) 334-3731ARB Staff
 Dingman, John (916) 324-3339ARB Staff
 Dinh, Dam (626) 575-6724ARB Staff
 Dinh, Tuan (626) 450-6179ARB Staff
 Dinh, Tuyen (626) 450-6180ARB Staff
 Dinkins, Elmo (626) 450-6242ARB Staff
 Dinkler, Louis (916) 324-9487ARB Manager
 Disuanco, Maybelline (916) 324-5936ARB Staff
 Do, Jae (626) 575-6631ARB Staff
 Do, Nhut (626) 575-6681ARB Supervisor
 Do, Richard (626) 350-6406ARB Staff
 Doan, Tony (916) 229-0401ARB Staff
 Dodd, Veronica (916) 322-6973ARB Branch Manager
 Dolney, Nicole (916) 322-1695ARB Branch Manager
 Donnelly, Michael (916) 323-5445ARB Staff
 Dooley, Todd (916) 323-1069ARB Staff
 Dorning, Kelley (916) 322-8201ARB Manager
 Downey, Shannon (916) 322-3303ARB Staff
 Dowson, Nathan (916) 327-1498ARB Staff
 Drumbor, Cynthia (916) 322-5628ARB Staff
 Du, Shuming (916) 327-5768ARB Staff
 Duehring, Craig (916) 323-2361ARB Manager
 Duffy, James (916) 323-0015ARB Branch Chief
 Duhra-Gill, Sifti (916) 445-8811ARB Staff
 Dunlop, Michele (916) 323-8971ARB Staff
 Dunwoody, Catherine (916) 324-5070ARB Chief
 Duong, Kim (626) 350-6441ARB Staff
 Duval, Luke (916) 229-0540ARB Staff
 Duval, Mariana (916) 229-0545ARB Staff
 Dworkin, Amanda Not AvailableARB Student
 Dyer, Wesley (916) 445-4299ARB Counsel
 Dzhema, Inna (626) 575-6796ARB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards