Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Caballero, Michelle (916) 322-4032CalRecycle Staff
 Cacho, Manuel (916) 323-2995CalRecycle Supervisor
 Cadiz, Divina (916) 323-6029CalRecycle Supervisor
 Cain, Jeff (916) 327-7362CalRecycle Staff
 Caldwell, Jennifer (916) 341-6490CalRecycle Staff
 Campaz, Leslie (916) 341-6248CalRecycle Supervisor
 Campbell, Kevin (916) 445-3356CalRecycle Manager
 Campos, Christina (951) 782-4184CalRecycle Staff
 Campos, Sarah (916) 323-1174CalRecycle Staff
 Canuela, Curie (916) 324-6373CalRecycle Staff
 Carder, Stacie (916) 323-2147CalRecycle Supervisor
 Carlos, Karisa (916) 341-6373CalRecycle Staff
 Carlson, Michelle (916) 445-5897CalRecycle Staff
 Carlson, Robert (916) 341-6673CalRecycle Supervisor
 Carranza, Rae (916) 341-6480CalRecycle Staff
 Carter, Russ (916) 341-6507CalRecycle Staff
 Cassada, Anna (916) 341-6820CalRecycle Staff
 Castagneto, Nicole (916) 341-6491CalRecycle Staff
 Castle, Richard (916) 341-6343CalRecycle Supervisor
 Catchings, Jeff (916) 322-8503CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Cengiz, DeMir (916) 341-6376CalRecycle Staff
 Cevallos, Michelle (916) 341-6785CalRecycle Staff
 Chambers, Kristina (916) 341-6103CalRecycle Executive Assistant
 Champagne, Adrianna (916) 323-3558CalRecycle Student
 Chang, Davie (310) 342-1214CalRecycle Staff
 Chatha, Raju (916) 341-6197CalRecycle Staff
 Chau, Peter (916) 341-6511CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Chavez, Marisela (951) 782-4199CalRecycle Staff
 Chavez, Rebecca (916) 341-6264CalRecycle Supervisor
 Cheah, Hai-Kit (310) 342-0523CalRecycle Staff
 Chen, Joanna (916) 341-6124CalRecycle Supervisor
 Chen, Michael (916) 341-7028CalRecycle Staff
 Chen, Zhikun (916) 341-6498CalRecycle Staff
 Cheng, Boxing (916) 341-6805CalRecycle Staff
 Chigbrow, Marianne (916) 341-6263CalRecycle Staff
 Chisholm, Kris (916) 322-2404CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Choi, Jian (916) 323-3414CalRecycle Staff
 Chow, Derrick (310) 342-6115CalRecycle Manager
 Chu, Edward (916) 341-6121CalRecycle Staff
 Clark, Evan (916) 341-6468CalRecycle Staff
 Clark, Stuart (916) 324-3779CalRecycle Staff
 Clay, Nicole (916) 341-6174CalRecycle Manager
 Colindres, Marile (916) 341-6637CalRecycle Staff
 Comotto, Margaret (916) 341-6399CalRecycle Staff
 Compton, Balesha (916) 341-6481CalRecycle Staff
 Contreras, Robert (916) 341-6338CalRecycle Staff
 Cook, Joshua (916) 327-8665CalRecycle Staff
 Cope, Rachel (916) 341-6325CalRecycle Staff
 Corcoran, Heidi (916) 322-4161CalRecycle Executive Assistant
 Cortez, Mark (916) 341-6530CalRecycle Staff
 Cota, Marissa (916) 341-6671CalRecycle Manager
 Cox, Yvette (916) 327-1201CalRecycle Staff
 Cozadd, Diana (916) 341-6377CalRecycle Staff
 Crowder, Bryan (916) 445-1398CalRecycle Consultant
 Croy, Celia (916) 341-6587CalRecycle Staff
 Cruz, Kaoru (916) 341-6249CalRecycle Supervisor
 Cruz, Karina (916) 341-6582CalRecycle Staff
 Cruz, Vivian (916) 341-6581CalRecycle Staff
 Cuevas, Wendy (916) 327-4393CalRecycle Staff
 Curiel, Allegra (916) 341-6330CalRecycle Staff
 Curry, Mary (916) 341-6357CalRecycle Staff
 Curry Goldsby, Kim (951) 782-7130CalRecycle Staff

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