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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 C'Dealva-Lenik, Jordan Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Cabal, Rosalie (626) 459-4367ARB Staff
 Caballero, Michelle (916) 322-4032CalRecycle Staff
 Cabanayan, Ronnie (916) 323-0322ARB Staff
 Cabangon, Nancy (916) 322-0586DTSC Staff
 Cabelera Hanson, Brenda (916) 319-9073SWRCB Staff
 Cabrera, Ramon (626) 450-6177ARB Staff
 Cacho, Manuel (916) 323-2995CalRecycle Supervisor
 Cadenas, Alfredo (Alex) (916) 323-2837DPR Staff
 Cadiz, Divina (916) 323-6029CalRecycle Supervisor
 Caesar, Karen A. (626) 575-6728ARB Staff
 Cai, Chenxia (626) 459-4307ARB Manager
 Cain, Jeff (916) 327-7362CalRecycle Staff
 Cajina, Stefan (510) 620-3452SWRCB Chief
 Calalang, Allysen (916) 341-5516SWRCB Staff
 Calanchini, Dina (916) 464-4740Water/R5 Staff
 Calavita, Joe (916) 445-4586ARB Supervisor
 Calderon, Melky (916) 341-5646SWRCB Staff
 Caldwell, Jennifer (916) 341-6490CalRecycle Staff
 Caldwell, Kathryn (916) 445-7578ARB Staff
 Calhoun, Lisa (916) 603-7738DPR Staff
 Calhoun, Misty (916) 603-7730DPR Staff
 Calvert, Kathleen (916) 324-2958DTSC Staff
 Calvillo-Cain, Adam (916) 323-3395DTSC Staff
 Cam, Hau (916) 322-7202ARB Staff
 Camacho, Steve (916) 341-5561SWRCB Staff
 Camarillo, Jesse (916) 445-5720DTSC Staff
 Cameron, Andi (916) 445-7372DPR Staff
 Cameron, Rochelle (916) 324-3949DPR Staff
 Camilo, Garry (916) 341-5659SWRCB Staff
 Camp, Carl (209) 576-6253ARB Staff
 Campaz, Leslie (916) 341-6248CalRecycle Supervisor
 Campbell, Alice (818) 717-6623DTSC Staff
 Campbell, Alyssa (916) 323-3648SWRCB Staff
 Campbell, CaNara (510) 620-3474SWRCB Staff
 Campbell, Cole (916) 229-0326ARB Volunteer
 Campbell, Kevin (916) 445-3356CalRecycle Manager
 Campbell, Marlissa (510) 622-3190OEHHA Staff
 Campbell, Skip (916) 322-6201ARB Manager
 Campos, Carina (916) 324-8641ARB Staff
 Campos, Cesar (323) 803-2520DTSC Staff
 Campos, Christina (951) 782-4184CalRecycle Staff
 Campos, Karina (916) 324-4272DPR Staff
 Campos, Rocio (510) 540-2628DTSC Not Available
 Campos, Sarah (916) 323-1174CalRecycle Staff
 Campos-Manzo, Juan Not AvailableARB Student Assistant E A
 Canchola, Amber (916) 341-5142SWRCB Staff
 Candelaria, Linda (951) 782-4906Water/R8 Staff
 Canepa, Kathryn (916) 324-0202ARB Staff
 Cano, Andy (818) 717-6620DTSC Staff
 Cantrell, Anthony (916) 445-0029DPR Staff
 Cantwell, Carolyn (916) 341-5413SWRCB Staff
 Canuela, Curie (916) 324-6373CalRecycle Staff
 Cao, Hui (626) 459-4399ARB Staff
 Cao, Jim (916) 322-7078ARB Staff
 Cao, Jiong (510) 540-3633DTSC Staff
 Cao, Shirley (510) 540-3941DTSC Contract Personnel
 Capistrano, Mel (626) 350-6568ARB Staff
 Caraway, Annette (916) 449-5620SWRCB Manager
 Caraway, Catherine (916) 323-6507OEHHA Staff
 Carberry, Ann (916) 255-3644DTSC Not Available
 Cardenas, Charles (916) 464-4832Water/R5 Staff
 Cardenas, Lazaro (916) 323-8749DTSC Not Available
 Carder, Nancy (818) 717-6654DTSC Staff
 Carder, Stacie (916) 323-2147CalRecycle Supervisor
 Cardona, Nancy (323) 803-2503DTSC Staff
 Carey, Douglas (530) 542-5468Water/R6 Specialist
 Carichoff, Kristi (916) 323-4915DTSC Not Available
 Carleson, Premila (916) 445-9529DTSC Not Available
 Carley, Amanda (714) 484-5378DTSC Staff
 Carlisle, Craig (619) 521-3378Water/R9 Supervisor
 Carlisle, Jim (916) 323-2865OEHHA Retired Annuitant
 Carlos, Alex (213) 576-6726Water/R4 Staff
 Carlos, Karisa (916) 341-6373CalRecycle Staff
 Carlson, Carol M. (916) 229-0591ARB Staff
 Carlson, Daniel (559) 444-2484Water/R5 Supervisor
 Carlson, Maria (559) 437-1582SWRCB Staff
 Carlson, Michelle (916) 445-5897CalRecycle Staff
 Carlson, Robert (916) 341-6673CalRecycle Supervisor
 Carlton, Cleet (510) 622-2374Water/R2 Staff
 Carlton, Dawn (661) 335-7324SWRCB Staff
 Carmichael, Lynsay (916) 327-5784ARB Staff
 Carnes, Derek (916) 322-2466ARB Staff
 Carnes, Renee (916) 445-3366ARB Staff
 Carolan, James (530) 542-5477Water/R6 Staff
 Carolipio, Noel (916) 449-5694SWRCB Staff
 Carpenter, Katie (559) 445-5551Water/R5 Staff
 Carpenter, Paul (916) 255-3691DTSC Staff
 Carpio-Obeso, Maria de la Paz (916) 341-6029SWRCB Specialist
 Carr, Chris (916) 341-5305SWRCB Staff
 Carr, Laura (916) 324-5931ARB Staff
 Carr, Nicole (916) 322-1515DTSC Staff
 Carranza, Rae (916) 341-6480CalRecycle Staff
 Carranza, Richard (626) 450-6111ARB Staff
 Carrari, Louis (916) 327-5626ARB Staff
 Carrasco, Joseph (213) 576-6731Water/R4 Staff
 Carrera, Fatima (818) 717-6545DTSC Not Available
 Carrier, Ben (916) 327-5986ARB Staff
 Carriker, Alexis (916) 445-1523DPR Manager
 Carrillo, Cesario (626) 575-6881ARB Staff
 Carrillo, Johann (916) 323-2966ARB Staff
 CarrilloZara, Valerie (213) 576-6759Water/R4 Staff
 Carroux, Courtney Not AvailableARB Staff
 Carruthers, Kathryn (916) 327-4031DTSC Staff
 Carry, Jackie (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Carson, Judith (916) 341-7312DPR Staff
 Carson, Ralph (916) 341-5213SWRCB Staff
 Carstensen, Mary Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Carter, Jason (707) 570-3761SWRCB Staff
 Carter, Jason (916) 324-4096DPR Staff
 Carter, Katharine (707) 576-2290Water/R1 Supervisor
 Carter, Michael (626) 575-6632ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Carter, Russ (916) 341-6507CalRecycle Staff
 Carter, Sarah (626) 575-6845ARB Staff
 Carter, Tricia (916) 319-8258SWRCB Staff
 Carvalho, Moises (510) 540-3757DTSC Staff
 Cary, Brian (916) 449-5624SWRCB Supervisor
 Casarubbia, Milan (916) 322-3870ARB Staff
 Casas, Enrique (213) 620-2299Water/R4 Staff
 Case, Crystal (916) 445-3656DPR Manager
 Casebeer, Nathan (916) 341-5377SWRCB Staff
 Caserta, Robin (916) 603-7846DPR Staff
 Cashkouli, Shahbanou (916) 324-9238ARB Staff
 Casias, Lori (916) 322-7299ARB Retired Annuitant
 Cass, Jehiel (760) 241-2434Water/R6 Supervisor
 Cassada, Anna (916) 341-6820CalRecycle Staff
 Cassady, Mark (805) 549-3689Water/R3 Staff
 Cassidy, Craig (916) 445-5815DPR Staff
 Castagneto, Nicole (916) 341-6491CalRecycle Staff
 Castaneda, Angelica (213) 576-6755Water/R4 Staff
 Castaneda, Hector (916) 324-0367ARB Staff
 Castaneda, Mary (760) 346-7491Water/R7 Staff
 Castaneda, Natalie (626) 459-4368ARB Staff
 Castellano, Katrina (916) 324-8026ARB Staff
 Castillo, Glenn (818) 717-6522DTSC Staff
 Castillo, Ivan (626) 000-0000ARB Staff
 Castle, Richard (916) 341-6343CalRecycle Supervisor
 Castleberry, Patricia (916) 341-5664SWRCB Staff
 Castor, Katherine (626) 304-2692DTSC Not Available
 Castro-Valenzuela, Susan (818) 717-6691DTSC Not Available
 Catalano, Jennie (916) 319-8464SWRCB Staff
 Catalogo, Marie-Tess (626) 350-6576ARB Staff
 Catchings, Jeff (916) 322-8503CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Cate, Thomas (916) 603-7702DPR Staff
 Cattanach, David (916) 327-2565ARB Staff
 Cayabyab, Adrian (916) 327-1515ARB Staff
 Cayabyab, Kirsten (916) 322-3531ARB Staff
 Cayabyab, Ruth (916) 255-3601DTSC Staff
 Cazares, Hector (909) 383-4312SWRCB Staff
 Cazares, Mario A. (714) 484-5431DTSC Staff
 Cazier, Abby (530) 542-5429Water/R6 Staff
 Ceccarelli, David (916) 341-5999SWRCB Manager
 Cecchetti, Aidan (510) 620-3457SWRCB Staff
 Cecere, Ian (916) 445-5515ARB Staff
 Cedillo, Linda (916) 229-0320ARB Staff
 Cengiz, DeMir (916) 341-6376CalRecycle Staff
 Cengiz, Kitman (916) 445-3643DPR Staff
 Cervantes, Alejandra (916) 327-5790ARB Staff
 Cervantes, Roberto (916) 322-6795SWRCB Supervisor
 Cervantez, Carlos (559) 444-2446Water/R5 Staff
 Cevallos, Michelle (916) 341-6785CalRecycle Staff
 Cha, Phoua (916) 341-5042SWRCB Staff
 Chaffin, Sharlene (916) 327-9871ARB Staff
 Chain-Britton, Cindy (916) 255-3851DTSC Staff
 Chakrabarti, Manjulika (714) 484-5345DTSC Staff
 Chakraborty, Suhas (760) 776-8961Water/R7 Staff
 Chamberlain, Jordan (916) 322-0245DTSC Contract Personnel
 Chambers, Kristina (916) 341-6103CalRecycle Executive Assistant
 Chambers, Matthew (916) 341-5723SWRCB Staff
 Champagne, Adrianna (916) 323-3558CalRecycle Student
 Champeny, Margaret (916) 341-5644SWRCB Staff
 Chan, David (916) 341-5441SWRCB Staff
 Chan, Gary (916) 650-6874SWRCB Staff
 Chan, Mark (916) 324-4182SWRCB Supervisor
 Chand, Gurgagn (916) 341-5780SWRCB Staff
 Chandler, Kimberly (805) 542-4623Water/R3 Staff
 Chandler, Philip (818) 717-6608DTSC Supervisor
 Chandler, Rich (805) 542-4627Water/R3 Staff
 Chandra, Rose (916) 445-4263DPR Staff
 Chaney, Aldo (626) 350-6577ARB Staff
 Chang, Alexander (510) 622-3228OEHHA Staff
 Chang, Andrew Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Chang, Ann (213) 620-6122Water/R4 Staff
 Chang, Cliff (626) 450-6145ARB Staff
 Chang, Cynthia (510) 622-2849OEHHA Student Assistant E A
 Chang, Davie (310) 342-1214CalRecycle Staff
 Chang, Edie (916) 322-2890ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Chang, Hung-Li (626) 575-6683ARB Staff
 Chang, Janice (916) 449-5628SWRCB Staff
 Chang, Ming Chin (626) 459-4421ARB Manager
 Chang, Nicholas (510) 540-3851DTSC Not Available
 Chang, Ning-Wu (714) 484-5485DTSC Staff
 Chang, Wei (909) 383-6029SWRCB Staff
 Chang, Wonyong (626) 575-7005ARB Staff
 Changkuon, Luis (213) 576-6667Water/R4 Staff
 Chanthavong, Mary (916) 327-4373DTSC Contract Personnel
 Chao, Jing-Tying (619) 525-4834SWRCB Specialist
 Chaparro, Salvador (916) 341-5594SWRCB Staff
 Chapman, Amanda (909) 383-4320SWRCB Staff
 Chapman, Gloria (559) 297-5407DPR Staff
 Chapman, Joseph (916) 322-6048ARB Staff
 Chapman, Nico (916) 341-5522SWRCB Intern
 Chappelle, Alicyn (916) 341-5225SWRCB Staff
 Charmley, Curt (213) 576-6774Water/R4 Staff
 Chase, Bridget (916) 445-8497SWRCB Manager
 Chastain, Stephen (916) 440-8269ARB Staff
 Chatha, Raju (916) 341-6197CalRecycle Staff
 Chau, Chhing (916) 322-8669DTSC Not Available
 Chau, Daniel (916) 323-9968ARB Staff
 Chau, Katherine (916) 322-1337OEHHA Staff
 Chau, Peter (916) 341-6511CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Chau, Wilson (626) 459-4317ARB Staff
 Chauvel, Timothy (714) 484-5487DTSC Staff
 Chavez, Ariel (916) 322-9601SWRCB Staff
 Chavez, Beth (626) 575-6806ARB Staff
 Chavez, Chela (916) 322-8410SWRCB Staff
 Chavez, Javier (626) 350-6413ARB Staff
 Chavez, Marisela (951) 782-4199CalRecycle Staff
 Chavez, Rebecca (916) 341-6264CalRecycle Supervisor
 Chavez, Sergio (559) 297-3908DTSC Staff
 Chavez, Tiffany (916) 255-3623DTSC Staff
 Cheadle, Lucy (916) 323-1513ARB Staff
 Cheah, Hai-Kit (310) 342-0523CalRecycle Staff
 Chee, Michael (510) 622-2333Water/R2 Staff
 Cheek, Sandy (805) 542-4633SWRCB Staff
 Chelini, Denise (916) 322-8842ARB Staff
 Chen, Annie (510) 622-3161OEHHA Staff
 Chen, Belinda (916) 323-6068ARB Staff
 Chen, David (626) 350-6579ARB Manager
 Chen, Gwen (916) 324-5898DTSC Staff
 Chen, Jau Ren (213) 576-6656Water/R4 Staff
 Chen, Jennifer (916) 322-1687SWRCB Staff
 Chen, Jenny (916) 341-5570SWRCB Staff
 Chen, Jianjun (916) 327-2929ARB Staff
 Chen, Jianping (916) 327-6110DTSC Staff
 Chen, Jick (626) 575-6794ARB Staff
 Chen, Joanna (916) 341-6124CalRecycle Supervisor
 Chen, Joseph (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Chen, Juan (916) 322-6361SWRCB Staff
 Chen, Kam (805) 566-1317SWRCB Staff
 Chen, Lin (916) 445-1177ARB Staff
 Chen, Michael (916) 341-7028CalRecycle Staff
 Chen, Patrick (626) 350-6520ARB Staff
 Chen, Rui (916) 322-4337ARB Staff
 Chen, Shiyan (626) 350-6529ARB Manager
 Chen, Sue (916) 323-1119ARB Staff
 Chen, William (916) 323-0160ARB Staff
 Chen, Yanju (916) 327-8693ARB Staff
 Chen, Yeajer (626) 459-4351ARB Staff
 Chen, Yishi (510) 540-3613DTSC Not Available
 Chen, Zhenya Not AvailableOEHHA Student Assistant E A
 Chen, Zhikun (916) 341-6498CalRecycle Staff
 Cheng, Boxing (916) 341-6805CalRecycle Staff
 Cheng, Brian (916) 341-5575SWRCB Staff
 Cheng, Charles (619) 521-3359Water/R9 Staff
 Cheng, Cliff (818) 551-2023SWRCB Staff
 Cheng, Kun (818) 551-2019SWRCB Staff
 Cheng, Paul (916) 445-6243ARB Staff
 Cheng, Robin (916) 440-8226ARB Student Assistant E A
 Cheng, Xiyuan (916) 324-3482DPR Staff
 Chenoweth-Brown, Valerie (916) 255-3784DTSC Staff
 Chernich, Donald (916) 229-0366ARB Manager
 Cherovsky, Regina (916) 341-5714SWRCB Supervisor
 Chesney, Triss (714) 484-5447DTSC Staff
 Chester, Robert (916) 324-8893ARB Staff
 Cheung, Debbie (916) 322-5298SWRCB Supervisor
 Cheung, Henry (626) 575-6673ARB Staff
 Cheung, Ka (916) 229-0955ARB Staff
 Cheung, Steve (916) 341-5688SWRCB Staff
 Cheung, Wai-Fung (510) 540-3260DTSC Contract Personnel
 Cheung, Yuk (916) 322-6083ARB Staff
 Chew, Lauren (916) 445-0617ARB Staff
 Chi, Arvin (916) 341-6969SWRCB Staff
 Chiang, Amy (916) 449-5618SWRCB Staff
 Chiang, Anthony (510) 540-3770DTSC Student
 Chien, Tsungchu (707) 576-2971SWRCB Staff
 Chigbrow, Marianne (916) 341-6263CalRecycle Staff
 Chiladakis, Lisa (916) 327-2932ARB Staff
 Childs, Guy (916) 464-4648Water/R5 Staff
 Childs, John (916) 255-6530DTSC Staff
 Chin, Mark (916) 319-8287SWRCB Staff
 Chintamaneni, Ravi Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Chisholm, Kris (916) 322-2404CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Chiu, Adriane (626) 350-6453ARB Staff
 Chiu, Christine (714) 484-5340DTSC Staff
 Chiu, Wayne (619) 521-3354Water/R9 Staff
 Cho, Chris (916) 322-4060DTSC Not Available
 Cho, Paul (213) 576-6721Water/R4 Staff
 Chodoroff, Eric (510) 540-3777DTSC Staff
 Choe, Michael (916) 322-5308DTSC Staff
 Choi, Andrew (213) 576-6791Water/R4 Staff
 Choi, Heather Yvette (916) 322-3893ARB Staff
 Choi, Jian (916) 323-3414CalRecycle Staff
 Chon, Wilhelmina (916) 319-0745SWRCB Staff
 Chong, H.W. Priscillia (916) 255-6537DTSC Staff
 Chou, Chia-Yang (626) 450-6136ARB Manager
 Chow, Alan (626) 575-6703ARB Staff
 Chow, Bob (916) 464-4698SWRCB Supervisor
 Chow, Derrick (310) 342-6115CalRecycle Manager
 Chow, Timothy (916) 341-5435SWRCB Staff
 Chow, Yachun (916) 322-7450ARB Manager
 Chowdhury, Hafizur (916) 322-2275ARB Staff
 Chowdhury, Noman (213) 576-6792Water/R4 Staff
 Chowdhury, Saiful (916) 603-7729DPR Staff
 Choy, Philip (916) 341-5408SWRCB Staff
 Chrakyan, Avedis (626) 575-6813ARB Staff
 Christen, Matthew (916) 445-6426ARB Staff
 Christensen, Ember (916) 341-5489SWRCB Staff
 Christensen, Peter (916) 322-1520ARB Manager
 Christensen, Shari (916) 324-7611SWRCB Staff
 Christian, Vincent (510) 622-2336Water/R2 Staff
 Christmann, Craig (818) 717-6624DTSC Supervisor
 Christmann, Rebecca (213) 576-5734Water/R4 Staff
 Christoffersen, Darcy (916) 323-0245DTSC Not Available
 Chu, Edward (916) 341-6121CalRecycle Staff
 Chudeau, Nick (916) 341-5559SWRCB Staff
 Chui, Henry (510) 540-3759DTSC Staff
 Chumney, Lori (916) 552-8185OEHHA Staff
 Chung, Karyn (916) 255-3837DTSC Staff
 Chung, Susie (916) 327-0647ARB Staff
 Chung-Huynh, Elizabeth (510) 540-3842DTSC Staff
 Chuong, Derek (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Cia, Terri (707) 576-2668Water/R1 Staff
 Ciccarelli, Luz Amanda (916) 229-0523ARB Staff
 Ciccarelli, Paul (916) 322-3227SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Cicero-Fernandez, Pablo (626) 350-6478ARB Staff
 Cikuth, Dan (530) 224-3271SWRCB Staff
 Cisneros, Melissa (916) 322-3913DTSC Staff
 Clardy, Mark (916) 464-4719Water/R5 Staff
 Clark, Darin (916) 341-5384SWRCB Staff
 Clark, Dylan (916) 255-3731DTSC Staff
 Clark, Evan (916) 341-6468CalRecycle Staff
 Clark, Jerry (916) 324-3094DTSC Manager
 Clark, Stuart (916) 324-3779CalRecycle Staff
 Claude, Jocelyn (916) 323-4763OEHHA Staff
 Clawson, Candace (916) 322-6021ARB Staff
 Clay, Nicole (916) 341-6174CalRecycle Manager
 Clayton, Keith Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Clayton, Murray (916) 324-4095DPR Staff
 Cleaves, Roger (916) 322-1210DTSC Staff
 Clegern, David (916) 322-8286ARB Staff
 Clemente, Chiara (619) 521-3371Water/R9 Supervisor
 Clementi, Christopher (916) 323-5123ARB Staff
 Clendenin, Brittanie (916) 324-3896DPR Staff
 Clerico, Brian (916) 229-0349ARB Staff
 Cleveland, Megan (916) 324-4006ARB Staff
 Cliff, Steven (916) 322-2892ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Clough, Brian (661) 334-3991ARB Staff
 Clow, Larita (916) 324-3159DTSC Student
 Coad, Renee (916) 327-5982ARB Staff
 Coats, Brian (916) 341-5389SWRCB Supervisor
 Cobb, Ling Not AvailableARB Staff
 Coblentz, Alexandra (816) 542-4786Water/R3 Staff
 Cobley, LaShaye (916) 324-2986ARB Student
 Cochrane, Matthew (916) 341-5752SWRCB Staff
 Cocke, John (916) 322-2662ARB Staff
 Cockerham, Kyle (916) 464-4811Water/R5 Staff
 Coe, Sam (916) 255-3587DTSC Staff
 Coe, Steven (707) 576-2422SWRCB Staff
 Coe, Teresa (916) 323-9905DPR Staff
 Coffey, Erin (916) 603-7711DPR Staff
 Coffin, Scott (916) 323-0375SWRCB Staff
 Cogliano, Vincent (510) 622-3203OEHHA Staff
 Cohan, Judson (626) 575-6792ARB Staff
 Cohen, Matthew (916) 341-5751SWRCB Supervisor
 Cohen, Philip (916) 341-5639SWRCB Staff
 Colburn, Ross (916) 322-4802DTSC Not Available
 Colby, Russ (213) 620-6373Water/R4 Manager
 Colcord, Mae (626) 459-4338ARB Staff
 Cole, Bradley (916) 322-8959ARB Staff
 Cole, Crysten (916) 341-5693SWRCB Staff
 Cole, Dana (213) 576-5733Water/R4 Staff
 Cole, Samuel (916) 341-5345SWRCB Supervisor
 Cole, Selina (916) 464-4683Water/R5 Staff
 Coleman, Erica (916) 324-8167ARB Staff
 Colindres, Marile (916) 341-6637CalRecycle Staff
 Collada, Andrew (916) 327-1192DTSC Not Available
 Collier, Sonya (916) 323-1533ARB Staff
 Collins, Brian (916) 322-7231ARB Staff
 Collins, Brian (916) 322-8423SWRCB Staff
 Collins, Christopher (916) 603-7826DPR Staff
 Collins, Gabriel (916) 322-9257SWRCB Staff
 Collins, Heaven (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Collins, John (916) 445-5963SWRCB Staff
 Collins, Michael (530) 224-4785Water/R5 Staff
 Colombano, Meiling (916) 341-5369SWRCB Staff
 Colon, Michelle Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Colson, Emma (916) 603-7816DPR Staff
 Commandatore, Katherina (916) 324-3102DTSC Staff
 Comotto, Margaret (916) 341-6399CalRecycle Staff
 Compton, Balesha (916) 341-6481CalRecycle Staff
 Condoll, Dione (916) 323-2926ARB Supervisor
 Conkle, Diana (916) 341-5660SWRCB Staff
 Conley, Shavonne (559) 447-3306SWRCB Staff
 Connaughton, Katie (530) 224-4870SWRCB Staff
 Connell, David Not AvailableOEHHA Student Assistant E A
 Connor, Jennifer (916) 327-7587DTSC Staff
 Connors, Rachel (916) 322-3935ARB Supervisor
 Constantinescu, Adriana (510) 622-2353Water/R2 Staff
 Conti, Gloria (714) 484-5400DTSC Staff
 Contreras, Michael (916) 341-5307SWRCB Staff
 Contreras, Robert (916) 341-6338CalRecycle Staff
 Cook, Beverly (916) 324-3889DPR Staff
 Cook, Bill (510) 622-2446Water/R2 Staff
 Cook, Brian (916) 322-4299ARB Staff
 Cook, Joshua (916) 327-8665CalRecycle Staff
 Cooke, Janis (916) 464-4672Water/R5 Staff
 Cooke, Pete (818) 717-6555DTSC Staff
 Cooke, Thomas (916) 323-4658ARB Staff
 Coombs, Mary Jane (916) 322-7554ARB Branch Chief
 Cooper, Amy (916) 324-3335ARB Supervisor
 Cooper, Ashley (916) 322-7053ARB Staff
 Cooper, Julie (916) 323-0018ARB Staff
 Cooper, Kate (916) 341-5274SWRCB Intern
 Cooper, Ronald (916) 324-0567DPR Staff
 Cooper, Ross (916) 341-5583SWRCB Staff
 Cope, Grant (916) 324-0845DTSC Not Available
 Cope, Rachel (916) 341-6325CalRecycle Staff
 Cope, Roselyn (916) 322-4661DTSC Staff
 Copeland, Patrice (760) 241-7404Water/R6 Manager
 Corcoran, Heidi (916) 322-4161CalRecycle Executive Assistant
 Cordano, Dayna (916) 341-5385SWRCB Staff
 Cordero, Antonette (818) 885-3307DTSC Not Available
 Cordero, Daniel (714) 484-5428DTSC Staff
 Cordero, Manuel (626) 459-4411ARB Staff
 Cordova, Cathie (916) 324-5826Agency Staff
 Cordova, Jon (916) 324-7193DTSC Staff
 Corey, Richard (916) 322-7077ARB Executive Officer
 Cornwall, Ryan (530) 224-4851Water/R5 Staff
 Coronado, Jeffery (916) 322-8939ARB Staff
 Corpuz, Amanda (916) 341-5119SWRCB Staff
 Corpuz, Rosilyn (916) 255-3899DTSC Staff
 Corral, Gilberto (916) 464-4653Water/R5 Staff
 Correa, Christopher (916) 445-7644DPR Staff
 Correa, Vilma B. (213) 576-6794Water/R4 Staff
 Correa-Gomez, Lucero (714) 279-7680DPR Staff
 Corry, Virginia (916) 327-4486DTSC Staff
 Corsie, Patti (707) 576-6730Water/R1 Executive Assistant
 Cortez, Jose (760) 776-8963Water/R7 Supervisor
 Cortez, Mark (916) 341-6530CalRecycle Staff
 Cortez, Patricia (818) 717-6664DTSC Staff
 Cosentini, Leo (916) 341-5524SWRCB Staff
 Costa, Evan (916) 327-6107DTSC Staff
 Costa, Francisco (760) 776-8937Water/R7 Staff
 Costache, Dennis (916) 464-4850Water/R5 Staff
 Coster, Lynn (530) 224-2437Water/R5 Supervisor
 Cota, Marissa (916) 341-6671CalRecycle Manager
 Cotton, Dalia (916) 322-7305ARB Staff
 Cotton, Merrian (916) 322-8676DTSC Staff
 Cottrell, Maxine Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Couch, Scott (916) 341-5680SWRCB Chief
 Coughlin, Gene (916) 464-4732SWRCB Staff
 Coulombe, Barbara (916) 322-1221ARB Staff
 Coupe, David P. (510) 622-2306SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Covellone, Brian (951) 782-4382Water/R8 Staff
 Covi, Brian (916) 445-4379ARB Staff
 Covin, Jim (213) 620-2229Water/R4 Staff
 Cox, Shawn (916) 322-7527DTSC Not Available
 Cox, Yvette (916) 327-1201CalRecycle Staff
 Coyle, Andy Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Cozadd, Diana (916) 341-6377CalRecycle Staff
 Crader, Phillip (916) 341-5500SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Craig, Kelsey (916) 440-8291ARB Staff
 Crandall, Gregg (213) 576-6701Water/R4 Staff
 Crawford, Sizzy (916) 603-7728DPR Staff
 Creager, Clayton (707) 576-2666Water/R1 Specialist
 Crenshaw, Margaret (510) 620-3464SWRCB Staff
 Crenshaw, Reese (530) 224-4861SWRCB Supervisor
 Crick, Tim (916) 255-6405DTSC Staff
 Crisologo, Joseph (818) 551-2046SWRCB Staff
 Crispo Smith, Sabrina (510) 540-2019DTSC Staff
 Cristodore, John (916) 322-6045ARB Staff
 Cronan, Johnathan (916) 323-4944ARB Staff
 Crook, Michael (530) 224-4115Water/R5 Staff
 Cross, Douglas (213) 620-2246Water/R4 Staff
 Cross, Jay (916) 322-2861DTSC Staff
 Cross, Jeff (626) 450-6226ARB Student
 Crow, Jason (916) 323-7525ARB Staff
 Crowder, Bryan (916) 445-1398CalRecycle Consultant
 Crowl, Adrianna (916) 341-5156SWRCB Staff
 Croy, Celia (916) 341-6587CalRecycle Staff
 Croyle, Christine (916) 464-4852Water/R5 Supervisor
 Croyle, Kenny (916) 464-4676Water/R5 Staff
 Crozier, Carrie Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Cruz, Joseph (916) 322-0243ARB Staff
 Cruz, Kaoru (916) 341-6249CalRecycle Supervisor
 Cruz, Karen (626) 639-0507DTSC Staff
 Cruz, Karina (916) 341-6582CalRecycle Staff
 Cruz, Kyra Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Cruz, Manuel (626) 575-6880ARB Staff
 Cruz, Mario (916) 319-0125ARB Branch Chief
 Cruz, Tryston (916) 319-8579SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Cruz, Tyson (916) 445-2992DPR Staff
 Cruz, Vivian (916) 341-6581CalRecycle Staff
 Csondes, Angela (916) 323-4882ARB Supervisor
 Cucu, Mihail (916) 327-5608ARB Staff
 Cuevas, Cesar (916) 445-8286ARB Staff
 Cuevas, Jesse (916) 445-4000DPR Chief Deputy Director
 Cuevas, Wendy (916) 327-4393CalRecycle Staff
 Cuevas-Alpuche, Veronica (213) 576-6662Water/R4 Staff
 Cui, Yuyan (916) 323-2999ARB Staff
 Culbert, Julianne R. (916) 327-0979DTSC Staff
 Cullen, Nathan (530) 224-4847Water/R5 Staff
 Cully, Joseph (714) 484-5473DTSC Staff
 Cummings, Matthew (916) 324-3094DTSC Not Available
 Cunkelman, David (916) 323-1168ARB Staff
 Cunningham, Jason (805) 566-6625SWRCB Staff
 Cunningham, Joshua (916) 322-8261ARB Branch Chief
 Cunningham, Nicole (916) 322-5842ARB Staff
 Curiel, Allegra (916) 341-6330CalRecycle Staff
 Curry, Mary (916) 341-6357CalRecycle Staff
 Curry Goldsby, Kim (951) 782-7130CalRecycle Staff
 Curtis, Adam (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Curtis, Diane (916) 324-1945OEHHA Supervisor
 Curtis, Erin (916) 322-7350Agency Deputy Secretary
 Curtis, Joshua (707) 576-2695Water/R1 Asst. Executive Officer
 Curtis, Paul (916) 445-4155DPR Supervisor
 Cushman, Douglas (530) 542-5417Water/R6 Supervisor
 Cushman, Emily (530) 542-5598Water/R6 Staff
 Cutts, Stephen (916) 323-1603ARB Staff
 Cwikla, Joshua (213) 576-6713Water/R4 Staff
 Cylinder, Mia (916) 445-1717DPR Staff
 Cypress, Tiwana (916) 341-5133SWRCB Staff
 Czaja, Izabella (916) 445-0244DPR Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards