Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Babb, Ryan (916) 341-5410SWRCB Staff
 Baca, Jorge (559) 445-6076Water/R5 Staff
 Bachhar, Archana (916) 322-8532SWRCB Staff
 Bachman, Christopher (916) 341-5084SWRCB Staff
 Badyal, Damanvir (916) 319-9436SWRCB Supervisor
 Baer, Kristin (916) 341-5792SWRCB Staff
 Bagby, Jessica (760) 776-8972Water/R7 Staff
 Baggs, Eric Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Bagha, Harish (916) 341-5716SWRCB Staff
 Baginska, Barbara (510) 622-2474Water/R2 Staff
 Bagtasos, Lolito (818) 551-2035SWRCB Staff
 Bahm, Walter (916) 341-5847SWRCB Staff
 Baiady, Magdy (213) 576-6699Water/R4 Staff
 Baker, Jason (916) 341-5519SWRCB Supervisor
 Balcerzak, Alexandre (916) 323-5174SWRCB Staff
 Bambico, Maria (213) 576-6709Water/R4 Support Staff
 Bandura, Jean (916) 322-7781SWRCB Staff
 Banuelos, Frank (916) 319-9467SWRCB Supervisor
 Bao, Nhan (213) 576-6703Water/R4 Staff
 Barakatt, Therese (916) 341-5186SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Barba, Lola (916) 341-5009SWRCB Supervisor
 Barber, Christopher (559) 437-1581SWRCB Staff
 Barclay, Diane (916) 341-5797SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Barclay, Lee Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Bare, Kathryn (916) 327-3113SWRCB Staff
 Bare, Mark (916) 327-2033SWRCB Staff
 Barker, David (619) 521-3007Water/R9 Manager
 Barker, Shelby (760) 241-7307Water/R6 Staff
 Barnard, Randy (619) 525-4022SWRCB Supervisor
 Barnett, Steve (916) 341-5231SWRCB Supervisor
 Barr, David (510) 622-2313Water/R2 Staff
 Barrales, Antonio (916) 341-5398SWRCB Staff
 Barricarte, Monica (805) 549-3881Water/R3 Staff
 Barry, Barbara (951) 248-0375Water/R8 Supervisor
 Bartholomew, Hannah (530) 542-5423Water/R6 Staff
 Bartholomew, Mary (951) 321-4586Water/R8 Staff
 Barton, Suzanne (559) 447-3300SWRCB Staff
 Bartson, Mark (916) 449-5622SWRCB Manager
 Baser, Jordan (916) 327-3114SWRCB Staff
 Bashir, Muhammad (951) 320-6396Water/R8 Staff
 Bates, Patrick (916) 322-9259SWRCB Staff
 Battey, Todd (760) 241-7340Water/R6 Staff
 Bauer, Heidi (530) 224-4996Water/R5 Staff
 Bauer, Heidi M (707) 570-3769Water/R1 Staff
 Bauer, Tina (916) 341-5785SWRCB Staff
 Baum, John (916) 464-4656Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Beals, Julia (916) 327-5661SWRCB Staff
 Bean, Jessica (916) 341-5849SWRCB Specialist
 Beauduy, Derek (510) 622-2348Water/R2 Supervisor
 Bechtel, Terry (916) 464-4720Water/R5 Staff
 Becker, Eric (619) 521-3364Water/R9 Supervisor
 Beckham, Carl (916) 323-9396SWRCB Staff
 Beckwith, Michelle (951) 782-4433Water/R8 Supervisor
 Beegan, Chris (916) 341-5912SWRCB Staff
 Beeson, Susan (951) 782-4902Water/R8 Staff
 Begay, Donna (916) 324-4184SWRCB Supervisor
 Behnke, Debbie (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Behrooz, Mehrnoosh (951) 782-3237Water/R8 Staff
 Bell, Heather (916) 341-5100SWRCB Branch Chief
 Bell, Shawna (916) 449-5636SWRCB Staff
 Bellan, Dorian (916) 341-5502SWRCB Staff
 Beltran, Jorge (916) 464-4794Water/R5 Staff
 Bempong, Christian (916) 341-5052SWRCB Staff
 Benas, Daniel (559) 445-5500Water/R5 Staff
 Benipal, Neeva (916) 341-6030SWRCB Staff
 Benitez, Amanda (916) 341-5494SWRCB Staff
 Bennett, Jarma (916) 341-5532SWRCB Supervisor
 Berger, Bruce (916) 449-5666SWRCB Staff
 Bergmann, William (530) 224-4852Water/R5 Staff
 Bergquist, Sutida (818) 551-2048SWRCB Supervisor
 Berkeley, Carol (916) 341-6940SWRCB Staff
 Bernados, Brian (619) 525-4497SWRCB Staff
 Bernard, Lisa (707) 576-2677Water/R1 Supervisor
 Bernhardt, Carl (951) 782-4495Water/R8 Staff
 Berryman, Eloise (916) 341-5347SWRCB Supervisor
 Beryt, Elizabeth (916) 327-7507SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Berzamina, Gabriel (916) 319-9325SWRCB Staff
 Betancourt, Elizabeth (530) 224-4995Water/R5 Supervisor
 Beth, Margarete (510) 622-2338Water/R2 Staff
 Bey, Ryan (707) 576-2679Water/R1 Staff
 Bhatia, Gurleen (916) 341-5641SWRCB Staff
 Bhullar, Gagandeep (916) 323-0061SWRCB Staff
 Bianez, Elizabeth Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Bierwirth-Douglas, Leslie (916) 341-5110SWRCB Staff
 Bill, Jason (951) 782-3295Water/R8 Staff
 Bindl, Kathleen (530) 542-5487Water/R6 Staff
 Binning, Bridget (916) 449-5641SWRCB Supervisor
 Biondi, Oscar (916) 323-9397SWRCB Specialist
 Birkman, Jessica (916) 341-5929SWRCB Supervisor
 Bishop, Greg (805) 549-3132Water/R3 Supervisor
 Bishop, James (805) 542-4628Water/R3 Staff
 Bishop, Jonathan (916) 341-5820SWRCB Chief Deputy Director
 Bjostad, Dave (213) 576-6712Water/R4 Staff
 Black, Karen (916) 341-6899SWRCB Staff
 Black, Stewart (916) 464-4842Water/R5 Supervisor
 Blancarte, Cecile (805) 542-4782Water/R3 Staff
 Blanco, JohnPaul (916) 445-2495SWRCB Staff
 Blank, Christina (619) 521-3382Water/R9 Executive Assistant
 Blatt, Cheryl (707) 576-2755Water/R1 Staff
 Bloom, Katlin (916) 323-0573SWRCB Staff
 Blunk, Amy (916) 341-5308SWRCB Staff
 Boggs, Steve (916) 449-5616SWRCB Specialist
 Bolan, Karen (707) 576-2730SWRCB Staff
 Boland-Brien, Samuel (916) 322-6797SWRCB Supervisor
 Bonilla, Megan Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Boogay, Sarah (559) 445-5564Water/R5 Staff
 Book, Steven (916) 449-5556SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Boone, Mathew T (530) 224-4129Water/R5 Supervisor
 Borchmann, Alicia (760) 241-7325Water/R6 Staff
 Borchmann, Danielle (760) 241-6583Water/R6 Staff
 Borkovich, John (916) 341-5779SWRCB Chief
 Borkowski, Rachel (916) 341-5030SWRCB Supervisor
 Borsh, Christopher (916) 341-5397SWRCB Staff
 Bosenko, Marissa (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Botsford, Bryan (916) 464-4739Water/R5 Staff
 Botsford, Jessica (916) 341-7338SWRCB Staff
 Bouma-Gregson, Keith (916) 322-8430SWRCB Staff
 Bowers, Ronna (530) 224-3214Water/R5 Staff
 Bowes, Gerald (916) 341-5567SWRCB Supervisor
 Boyd, Heather (951) 320-2006Water/R8 Staff
 Boyd, Mary (916) 341-5497SWRCB Supervisor
 Boyers, David M. (916) 341-5276SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Bozionelos, Maria (916) 341-5299SWRCB Staff
 Bradford, Darren (619) 521-3356Water/R9 Staff
 Bradley-Martinez, Fatemah (916) 341-5979SWRCB Staff
 Bragg-Flavan, Sarah (805) 542-4636Water/R3 Staff
 Braidman, Brett (916) 464-4605Water/R5 Supervisor
 Brandes, Deborah (213) 576-6688Water/R4 Staff
 Brar, Navdeep (916) 324-4211SWRCB Staff
 Brasher, Bill (916) 341-5871SWRCB Staff
 Brattain, Bill (916) 464-4622Water/R5 Staff
 Bravo, Benicia (916) 341-5037SWRCB Staff
 Brechtel, Therisa (510) 622-2414Water/R2 Staff
 Breuer, Rich (916) 323-0684SWRCB Staff
 Brewer, Esther (909) 383-5468SWRCB Staff
 Britton, Abbygayle (916) 322-0355SWRCB Staff
 Brooks, Ellen (916) 341-5150SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Brooks, Jeff (530) 542-5420Water/R6 Supervisor
 Broome, Delany (916) 327-8551SWRCB Staff
 Broughton, Julia (916) 319-8292SWRCB Staff
 Brown, Elisabeth (916) 341-5375SWRCB Staff
 Brown, Greg (916) 323-1847SWRCB Specialist
 Brown, Janelle (916) 464-4745Water/R5 Support Staff
 Brown, Kevin (510) 622-2358Water/R2 Staff
 Brown, Marc (909) 321-4584Water/R8 Staff
 Browne, Thomas (760) 241-7391Water/R6 Staff
 Brownwood, Robert (916) 341-5125SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Bruglia, David (916) 449-5640SWRCB Staff
 Bruns, Jerrold (916) 464-4831Water/R5 Volunteer
 Bruun, Raymond (530) 224-3252SWRCB Staff
 Bucci, Alyssa (805) 549-3333Water/R3 Staff
 Buciak, Melissa (530) 224-4854Water/R5 Staff
 Buckman, Michael (916) 341-5448SWRCB Supervisor
 Bucknam, Stephanie (916) 558-1708SWRCB Staff
 Buddingh, Katharine (916) 440-7769SWRCB Staff
 Buehler, Alan (916) 464-4615Water/R5 Staff
 Buenafe, Sharon (916) 341-5509SWRCB Staff
 Buffleben, Matthew (916) 341-5891SWRCB Supervisor
 Bugreyev, Galina (916) 327-8649SWRCB Staff
 Bui, Hung (714) 558-6720SWRCB Staff
 Bunas, Craig (530) 224-4887SWRCB Staff
 Bunte, Mey (530) 224-3265SWRCB Staff
 Burger, Kate (530) 223-2081Water/R5 Supervisor
 Burgess, Michael (530) 224-6506SWRCB Staff
 Burgett, Daniel (805) 549-3458Water/R3 Staff
 Burke, Devan (916) 327-1278SWRCB Staff
 Burke, James (707) 576-2289Water/R1 Supervisor
 Burke, Robin (916) 319-9227SWRCB Staff
 Burke, Stephen (916) 319-8535SWRCB Staff
 Burrell, William (510) 622-2317Water/R2 Staff
 Burres, Erick (213) 576-6788SWRCB Specialist
 Busby, Robert (916) 464-4666Water/R5 Manager
 Bush, Micaela (916) 464-4858Water/R5 Staff
 Bushnell, Brandon Not AvailableWater/R9 Staff
 Bustos, Brian (916) 552-8707SWRCB Staff
 Button, Aaron (916) 341-5577SWRCB Staff
 Byrd, David (916) 341-5155SWRCB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
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ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
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   Water: State/Regional Water Boards