Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Bacey, Juanita (510) 540-2480DTSC Staff
 Badillo, Samuel Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Badwalz, Nimi Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Baek, Hyounggee (510) 540-3607DTSC Staff
 Baeza, Enrique (916) 324-3960DTSC Staff
 Bailey, Peter (916) 255-3602DTSC Staff
 Baker, Ann (714) 484-5344DTSC Staff
 Baker, George (714) 484-5353DTSC Staff
 Baker, James (916) 322-0484DTSC Staff
 Baker, Karen (714) 484-5423DTSC Chief
 Balachandra, Sarojini (916) 255-3613DTSC Staff
 Balakrishnan, Narayani (916) 322-0489DTSC Not Available
 Balan, Simona (510) 540-3888DTSC Not Available
 Banks-Ordone, Michelle M. (818) 717-6573DTSC Staff
 Baranich, Paul (818) 717-6676DTSC Staff
 Barclay, Lee (916) 445-2954DTSC Not Available
 Barclay, Patrick (916) 255-3701DTSC Staff
 Barnes, Tara (916) 327-4500DTSC Not Available
 Barnett, Lim (916) 255-6626DTSC Staff
 Barragan, Marlyn (916) 255-3606DTSC Staff
 Barrio, Jone (714) 484-5336DTSC Staff
 Bas, Brigitte (818) 717-6599DTSC Contract Personnel
 Bascomb, Dawn (916) 255-3556DTSC Not Available
 Batres, Brenden (916) 324-2999DTSC Contract Personnel
 Batty, Ryan (916) 255-3644DTSC Staff
 Baucham, Milan Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Bauer, Julie (916) 324-2995DTSC Not Available
 Baugh, Heather (916) 327-1200DTSC Not Available
 Bautista, Christie (818) 717-6665DTSC Staff
 Baxter, Lillian (916) 327-1563DTSC Not Available
 Beardsley, Craig (916) 324-1804DTSC Not Available
 Beck, Lyria Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Becker, Antonia (510) 540-3889DTSC Staff
 Becker, Steven (916) 255-3586DTSC Supervisor
 Beckman, William (916) 255-3690DTSC Staff
 Bellamy, Byron (916) 327-4263DTSC Not Available
 Bellamy, Le Keisha (707) 366-4992DTSC Staff
 Bellet, Isabelle (916) 322-8789DTSC Staff
 Benato, Cynthia (916) 255-6521DTSC Staff
 Benelli, Edward (916) 324-6564DTSC Not Available
 Benipal, Bavneet (916) 322-5347DTSC Staff
 Benson, Christopher (714) 484-5304DTSC Staff
 Benson, Jennifer (916) 327-2508DTSC Not Available
 Berry, Sarah (916) 255-6630DTSC Staff
 Bettahar, Mehdi (323) 803-2515DTSC Staff
 Beutler, Ken (916) 255-3685DTSC Staff
 Bhatt, Sagar (510) 540-3844DTSC Staff
 Bhatti, Parampreet (916) 255-6413DTSC Not Available
 Bhuta, Parth (714) 816-6551DTSC Contract Personnel
 Bilal, Abraham (916) 255-3778DTSC Staff
 Bizzell, Ervin (714) 484-5366DTSC Staff
 Black, Jennifer (916) 255-6417DTSC Staff
 Black, Stewart (916) 324-3148DTSC Deputy Director
 Blaney, Tom Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Bleichner, Randall (916) 255-3704DTSC Staff
 Blihovde, Suzanne (916) 324-5192DTSC Staff
 Blum, Phillip (818) 717-6544DTSC Supervisor
 Bobenko, Michael (714) 484-5435DTSC Staff
 Boeh-Sobon, Baxter (916) 324-0273DTSC Staff
 Boggs, Robert Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Bola, Raminder (916) 255-3644DTSC Not Available
 Bonnevier, Robert Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Booze, Thomas (916) 255-6628DTSC Staff
 Boruck, Jennifer (510) 540-3060DTSC Staff
 Bosan, William (818) 717-6595DTSC Staff
 Bose, Manjul (818) 717-6560DTSC Staff
 Botelho, Joanna (916) 322-4819DTSC Not Available
 Bothwell, Nancy (916) 324-3154DTSC Staff
 Boughton, Bob (916) 323-9586DTSC Staff
 Bouvier, Mara (916) 322-5225DTSC Staff
 Bowen, Patrice W. (916) 322-3800DTSC Manager
 Bowman, Charonn (916) 324-3101DTSC Staff
 Boyajian, Paul Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Boyer, Rosa (916) 255-3662DTSC Staff
 Bradshaw, Kenneth (916) 324-3159DTSC Not Available
 Brand, Steve (818) 717-6655DTSC Not Available
 Branyan, Jennifer (916) 322-3292DTSC Not Available
 Brausch, Rick (916) 327-1186DTSC Not Available
 Brimer, Dylan (818) 717-6600DTSC Contract Personnel
 Brinkman, Janine (916) 255-3706DTSC Staff
 Briones, Relly (916) 323-3388DTSC Not Available
 Brocales, Eric (510) 540-3953DTSC Staff
 Brosnan, Tanya L. (818) 717-6619DTSC Staff
 Brown, Angella (916) 322-3810DTSC Not Available
 Brown, Antoinette (510) 540-2855DTSC Staff
 Brown, Christine (714) 484-5382DTSC Staff
 Brown, F. Reber (510) 540-3322DTSC Staff
 Brown, Jeff (916) 255-3704DTSC Staff
 Browning, Shawn (916) 255-3742DTSC Not Available
 Bruno, Mike Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Brushia, Robert (916) 324-0805DTSC Staff
 Bucklin, Christine (818) 717-6599DTSC Staff
 Buckman, Marie Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Bui, Nicholas (714) 484-5319DTSC Not Available
 Bunker, Jesse (916) 323-4915DTSC Staff
 Bunyan, Linda (916) 445-2922DTSC Staff
 Burger, Kate (916) 255-6537DTSC Staff
 Burgess, Chris (916) 324-5192DTSC Not Available
 Burow, Andy (916) 255-6568DTSC Staff
 Butt, Kalim (714) 484-5486DTSC Staff
 Buttle, Jackie (916) 324-8286DTSC Staff
 Bystra, John (916) 255-3669DTSC Staff

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