Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Bajurin, Jonalyn (916) 341-6715CalRecycle Staff
 Bal, Rupinder (916) 341-6290CalRecycle Staff
 Balestreri, Anthony (916) 341-6081CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Baluyut, Lenny (310) 342-1245CalRecycle Support Staff
 Bannon, Jennifer (916) 341-6304CalRecycle Staff
 Barber, Andrew (916) 324-0372CalRecycle Staff
 Bardo, Maria (916) 341-6626CalRecycle Staff
 Bare, Kathy (916) 341-6765CalRecycle Staff
 Bartholomew, Jennifer (916) 341-6208CalRecycle Division Liaison
 Bartlett, Carley (916) 341-6092CalRecycle Staff
 Bartlett, Wendy (916) 322-5689CalRecycle Staff
 Batavia, Ashraf (916) 341-6205CalRecycle Staff
 Beck, Rachel (916) 341-6229CalRecycle Staff
 Becker, Stephanie (916) 341-6484CalRecycle Staff
 Beckner, Heather (916) 341-6463CalRecycle Staff
 Beckner, Scott (916) 341-6595CalRecycle Supervisor
 Behmaram, Hannah (916) 341-6802CalRecycle Student
 Belardi, Lynelle (916) 341-6162CalRecycle Manager
 Beltran, Loyda (951) 782-7126CalRecycle Staff
 Benjamin, Walter (916) 341-6144CalRecycle Student
 Bennett, Ranee (916) 319-9633CalRecycle Staff
 Benson, Barrett (916) 341-6382CalRecycle Staff
 Bergen, Skye (916) 322-1824CalRecycle Staff
 Berger, Bruce (916) 341-6729CalRecycle Staff
 Berjikian, Jennifer (916) 341-6448CalRecycle Staff
 Bingen, Desiree (916) 322-1866CalRecycle Staff
 Biring, Baljot (916) 341-6431CalRecycle Supervisor
 Blair, Catherine (916) 341-6803CalRecycle Manager
 Block, Elliot (916) 341-6080CalRecycle Chief Counsel
 Bloise, Lone (916) 341-6603CalRecycle Staff
 Blue, Bendan (916) 341-6764CalRecycle Staff
 Boonsalat, Maly (916) 341-6074CalRecycle Staff
 Borton, Michael (916) 322-5125CalRecycle Staff
 Boswell, Martine (916) 341-6166CalRecycle Staff
 Botan, Mustafe (916) 341-6367CalRecycle Staff
 Bouné, Hope (916) 341-6654CalRecycle Supervisor
 Box, Wendy (916) 327-7078CalRecycle Staff
 Boylen, Carmen (916) 322-8299CalRecycle Division Liaison
 Brainin, Paul (916) 341-6251CalRecycle Staff
 Brambila, Jose (916) 341-6759CalRecycle Staff
 Branch, Harllee (916) 341-6056CalRecycle Assistant Chief Counsel
 Brannan, Tim (916) 341-6408CalRecycle Staff
 Brennan, Elaine (916) 323-0791CalRecycle Staff
 Bria, Christopher (916) 324-3560CalRecycle Staff
 Bromberg, Shelly (916) 341-6076CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Brown, Dan (916) 322-0957CalRecycle Manager
 Bui, Teresa (916) 341-6125CalRecycle Supervisor
 Burden, Mallory (562) 981-3932CalRecycle Staff
 Byrne, Alex (916) 323-2271CalRecycle Supervisor

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Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
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