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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Babchanik, Aleksandr (916) 440-8290ARB Staff
 Bacon, Scott (916) 322-8949ARB Supervisor
 Bacon, Tim (916) 229-0383ARB Staff
 Bailey, Samuel (916) 440-8218ARB Staff
 Bains, Aman (916) 323-0032ARB Staff
 Bains, Gurjeet (916) 445-9170ARB Staff
 Baker, Francine (626) 575-6665ARB Staff
 Baker, Lynton (916) 324-6997ARB Staff
 Baker, Michael (916) 323-2791ARB Staff
 Bali, Aaron (916) 327-5623ARB Staff
 Bali, Sumeet (916) 322-3486ARB Staff
 Bamberger, Barbara (916) 324-2303ARB Staff
 Banaga, Marco (626) 450-6270ARB Staff
 Barahmani, Ali (626) 459-4407ARB Staff
 Baral, Anil (916) 327-6913ARB Staff
 Barber, Alex (626) 350-6414ARB Staff
 Barfjani, Shirin (916) 445-6017ARB Staff
 Barlow, Jackye (916) 324-2821ARB Retired Annuitant
 Baroody, Leslie (916) 323-1608ARB Staff
 Barrera, Robert (916) 324-9549ARB Staff
 Barron, Alexa (916) 445-3263ARB Manager
 Barros, Ron (916) 322-1775ARB Staff
 Bartolome, Christian (626) 350-6410ARB Staff
 Bassette, Holmes (626) 350-6541ARB Staff
 Bates, Staci (916) 322-1166ARB Staff
 Baythavong, Boons (916) 327-2938ARB Staff
 Be, Tiffanie (916) 327-8170ARB Staff
 Bearden, Jeremiah (916) 229-0877ARB Manager
 Becha, Karishma (916) 327-2997ARB Staff
 Bechtold, Bradley (916) 322-6533ARB Staff
 Beckwith, Alisa (916) 327-9480ARB Staff
 Beegan, Ann (916) 323-9631ARB Staff
 Beiler, David (916) 323-1192ARB Staff
 Benedict, Noel (626) 450-6181ARB Manager
 Benjamin, Michael (916) 323-2915ARB Division Chief
 Bennett, Pat (916) 322-8959ARB Staff
 Bennett, Patrick (916) 327-4731ARB Staff
 Bennett, Sidney (916) 324-1149ARB Staff
 Berard, Lori (626) 450-6278ARB Staff
 Bercu, Sherry (916) 229-0343ARB Staff
 Berdahl, Stephen (626) 350-6581ARB Staff
 Berger, Nicholas (916) 327-1516ARB Staff
 Berghouse, Josh (916) 324-8174ARB Staff
 Berliner, Aria (916) 322-7156ARB Staff
 Bernal, Gileyn (626) 575-7066ARB Staff
 Bernard, Mike (916) 229-0574ARB Staff
 Berrey, Julie (916) 229-0969ARB Staff
 Berry, Jeannine (916) 322-5449ARB Staff
 Berry, Kim (916) 327-6185ARB Staff
 Berumen, Gerald (916) 324-2035ARB Manager
 Bess, Jenna Not AvailableARB Volunteer
 Bevan, Analisa (916) 323-8966ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Bevan, Gareth (916) 322-3253ARB Manager
 Bhambra, Banpreet (916) 324-0208ARB Staff
 Bhatti, Kanwalpreet (916) 323-2730ARB Staff
 Bhetraratana, May (916) 323-1526ARB Staff
 Bhullar, Ranjit (916) 322-0223ARB Manager
 Biasotti, Nathan (916) 229-0548ARB Staff
 Biedermann, Cynthia (916) 327-1514ARB Manager
 Billington, Julie (916) 324-8024ARB Staff
 Binder, Gregory (626) 575-6843ARB Branch Chief
 Binning, Stephen (916) 229-0542ARB Staff
 Bishop, Richelle (916) 229-0753ARB Manager
 Bishop, William (916) 229-0886ARB Staff
 Bissinger, Eric (916) 229-0499ARB Staff
 Biswas, Subhasis (626) 575-6622ARB Staff
 Blake, Roger Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Blanchette, John (916) 445-6018ARB Staff
 Blanton, Erin (916) 229-0552ARB Staff
 Blufer, Jonathan (916) 440-8209ARB Staff
 Bly, Kyle (916) 229-0335ARB Staff
 Board, Members (916) 327-6247ARB Board Member
 Bock, Corey (916) 445-9683ARB Staff
 Boggs, Stephen Not AvailableARB Student
 Bogni, Ben (916) 322-2908ARB Staff
 Bomparola, Mary (916) 322-4184ARB Staff
 Bonomo, Kalie (916) 322-8260ARB Staff
 Booker, Rapheal (916) 327-0884ARB Staff
 Boris, Alexandra (916) 322-8919ARB Staff
 Botill, Matthew (916) 324-0934ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Boyd, Richard (916) 322-8285ARB Branch Chief
 Boyd, Scott Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Branz, Jason (916) 445-5271ARB Staff
 Brasil, Tony (916) 323-2927ARB Branch Chief
 Brega, Elizabeth (916) 327-8493ARB Staff
 Brehler, Pippin (916) 445-8239ARB Counsel
 Brezoica, Andrei (760) 768-0132ARB Staff
 Brisby, Steve (916) 229-0757ARB Branch Chief
 Brito, Maria Nancy (916) 327-3003ARB Staff
 Brock, Verna (916) 322-2840ARB Staff
 Brodie, William (916) 324-0656ARB Contract Personnel
 Brookins, Richard (916) 324-1969ARB Staff
 Brown, Eric (916) 445-0383ARB Staff
 Brown, Pati (916) 323-1061ARB Manager
 Bryant, Cameron (916) 440-8203ARB Staff
 Bryant, Destiny (916) 440-8297ARB Staff
 Buckley-Huber, Karen (916) 322-8474ARB Branch Chief
 Bueno, Beverly (916) 323-7053ARB Staff
 Buffington, Michelle (916) 322-8748ARB Supervisor
 Bui, Duy (916) 323-1109ARB Staff
 Bui, Nancy (916) 440-8225ARB Staff
 Bull, Caleb (916) 327-2953ARB Staff
 Bulone, Dominic (916) 322-2897ARB Staff
 Bunac, Vincent (916) 327-7420ARB Staff
 Burford, Christopher (916) 327-4719ARB Staff
 Burghardt, Charlene (916) 229-0537ARB Staff
 Burkett, Michele (916) 229-0963ARB Staff
 Burkhart, Tiffany (916) 322-8914ARB Staff
 Burnett, Victoria (916) 324-2251ARB Staff
 Burnitzki, Mark (916) 229-0103ARB Staff
 Burton, Eric (916) 445-1036ARB Staff
 Bush, Leisa (916) 229-0763ARB Manager
 Bush, Marie (916) 322-7142ARB Staff
 Bustillos, Julian (916) 324-4821ARB Staff
 Buthken, Satapana (916) 229-0337ARB Staff
 Bylin, Carey (916) 445-1952ARB Manager

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards