Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Abdullah, Khalid (213) 576-6675SWRCB Staff
 Abell-Orosco, Paloma (951) 782-4999Water/R8 Staff
 Abeyta, Adrien (916) 449-5681SWRCB Staff
 Abeyta, Itze (916) 445-5605SWRCB Staff
 Abhold, Kristyn (916) 327-5593SWRCB Supervisor
 Abney, Nicole (916) 322-1686SWRCB Staff
 Adams, Lauren (916) 327-8564SWRCB Staff
 Adorno, Tiffany (916) 341-5396SWRCB Staff
 Aelion, Victor (510) 622-2093Water/R2 Staff
 Afrooz, Nabiul (916) 323-9322SWRCB Staff
 Agarin, Aurel (213) 576-6650SWRCB Staff
 Aghazeynali, Abraham (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Aghazeynali, Hossein (559) 445-6194Water/R5 Staff
 Aguilar, Adelina (916) 341-5063SWRCB Staff
 Aguilar, Antonio (916) 341-5114SWRCB Staff
 Aguilar, Jeannie (951) 782-3285Water/R8 Executive Assistant
 Aguirre, Andres (909) 383-4308SWRCB Staff
 Aguirre, Valerie (213) 576-6808Water/R4 Staff
 Ahmad, Naeem (916) 323-3432SWRCB Staff
 Ait-Lasri, Rachid Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Ajello, Marnie (916) 327-4439SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Akhtarshad, Ray (951) 320-2024Water/R8 Staff
 Akinsanya, Ruby (916) 322-6187SWRCB Staff
 Al-Murib, Muhanned (916) 341-5744SWRCB Staff
 Alavi, Noori (951) 782-3292Water/R8 Staff
 Albano, Maritess (818) 551-2028SWRCB Staff
 Albertoni, Janine (916) 319-9071SWRCB Staff
 Albertoni, Tara (916) 341-5370SWRCB Staff
 Albrecht, Jeffrey (916) 445-6625SWRCB Staff
 Alcovendaz, Marco (916) 319-8573SWRCB Staff
 Alemi, Payman (916) 322-9600SWRCB Staff
 Alengadan, Davis Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Alexander, Hero Not AvailableWater/R8 Staff
 Alexander, Stacey (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Alfson, Jan (559) 488-4345Water/R5 Staff
 Alfving, Cameron (559) 445-6083Water/R5 Staff
 Ali, Mir (805) 566-1326SWRCB Staff
 Alimohammadi, Alex (213) 620-2034Water/R4 Staff
 Alkov, Nicole (213) 576-6677Water/R4 Staff
 Allen, Brent (916) 324-7606SWRCB Staff
 Alo, Tom (619) 521-3375Water/R9 Staff
 Alonso, Sergio (760) 243-7324Water/R6 Staff
 Alora, Milagros (818) 551-2026SWRCB Staff
 Altare, David (916) 319-0245SWRCB Staff
 Altevogt, Andrew (916) 341-6027SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Amah, Ginachi (213) 576-6685Water/R4 Staff
 Ames, Jillian (916) 341-5194SWRCB Staff
 Amin, Najah (951) 320-6362Water/R8 Staff
 Amini, Nick (951) 782-7958Water/R8 Supervisor
 Anand, Angela (818) 551-2043SWRCB Acting Supervisor
 Anaya, Lisseth (916) 319-8245SWRCB Staff
 Andam, Lani (916) 464-4723Water/R5 Staff
 Anderson, Judith (916) 322-6595SWRCB Staff
 Anderson, Misha (707) 576-2728SWRCB Staff
 Anderson, Skyler Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Anderson, Tamara (805) 549-3334Water/R3 Staff
 Anderson-Abbs, Bev (916) 322-2014SWRCB Specialist
 Ang, Vilma (831) 655-6939SWRCB Staff
 Angulo, Carlos (760) 346-2179Water/R7 Staff
 Anijielo, Augustine (213) 576-6657Water/R4 Supervisor
 Arcana, Miguelita (818) 551-2005SWRCB Staff
 Arias, Christina (619) 521-3361Water/R9 Staff
 Arjil, Marji (916) 341-5602SWRCB Staff
 Armstrong, Scott (916) 464-4616Water/R5 Supervisor
 Arnold, Charles (916) 341-5634SWRCB Staff
 Arora, Sushil (916) 341-5300SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Arriola, Juan (818) 551-2034SWRCB Staff
 Asad, Faraz (714) 558-4708SWRCB Staff
 Asami, Rebecca (559) 445-5548Water/R5 Staff
 Aschenbrener, Krista (530) 224-4994Water/R5 Staff
 Aston, Rosario (213) 576-6653Water/R4 Staff
 Asuncion, Abigail (916) 341-5025SWRCB Staff
 Asuncion, Aries (916) 341-5200SWRCB Staff
 Au, Manda (510) 622-2481Water/R2 Staff
 Au, Nhi (916) 341-5931SWRCB Staff
 Au Yeung, Cindy (916) 464-4730Water/R5 Staff
 Aue, Marianna (916) 327-4440SWRCB Staff Counsel
 August, Barbara (916) 341-6952SWRCB Staff
 Aujla, Sara (916) 449-5586SWRCB Staff
 Austin, Carrie (510) 622-1015Water/R2 Staff
 Austin, Tamarin (916) 341-5171SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Autry, Jason (559) 447-3138SWRCB Staff
 Avalos, Christopher (760) 241-7413Water/R6 Staff
 Avila, Joseph (707) 576-2145SWRCB Staff
 Avila, Michelle (530) 542-5400Water/R6 Staff
 Avila, Renee (916) 341-5394SWRCB Staff
 Ayalew, Teklewold (213) 576-6739Water/R4 Staff
 Ayele, Bizuayehu (213) 576-6623Water/R4 Supervisor
 Ayule, Bryan (916) 341-5676SWRCB Staff
 Azer, Maggie (916) 323-2095SWRCB Staff

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