Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Abbey, John (916) 229-0378ARB Staff
 Abdul-Karim, Claude (626) 350-6451ARB Staff
 Abellana, Sherwine (916) 327-8220ARB Staff
 Abu-Sneneh, Firas (916) 323-1009ARB Staff
 Abusway, Nabila (916) 322-8667ARB Staff
 Achtelik, Gerhard (916) 323-8973ARB Manager
 Acosta, Daniela (916) 229-0325ARB Staff
 Adame, Daniel (626) 575-6735ARB Student
 Adams, Alicia (916) 323-0668ARB Staff
 Adams, Lawson (626) 575-6811ARB Supervisor
 Adams, Steve Not AvailableARB Retired Annuitant
 Adegunwa, Olushola (916) 229-0326ARB Staff
 Adili, Kamran (916) 323-0014ARB Staff
 Adnani, Paul (626) 459-4476ARB Staff
 Afshan, Ambreen (916) 322-8522ARB Staff
 Aggarwal, Rajeev (916) 327-8543ARB Contract Personnel
 Aguila, James M. (916) 229-0976ARB Staff
 Aguila, Samantha (916) 229-0868ARB Staff
 Aguilera, Karina (916) 322-8957ARB Staff
 Aguilera, Zenia (916) 327-1266ARB Staff
 Aguirre, Juan (626) 575-7033ARB Staff
 Ahmadi, Payam (916) 322-1954ARB Manager
 Ahmed, Satia (916) 440-8272ARB Staff
 Ahuja, Kamal (916) 327-5604ARB Staff
 Alanis, Alexandra (916) 440-8234ARB Staff
 Alatorre, Salvador (626) 350-6566ARB Staff
 Alcione, Tara (916) 445-1102ARB Staff
 Aleem, Abdul Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Aleto, Feven (916) 322-6149ARB Staff
 Alexiades, Anthy (916) 324-0368ARB Staff
 Alexis, Maureen (916) 322-2408ARB Staff
 Ali, Mainaz (916) 445-2179ARB Staff
 Ali, Saif (916) 322-6731ARB Staff
 Ali, Wasim (916) 322-0571ARB Staff
 Allen, Terry (626) 450-6154ARB Staff
 Allgood, David (916) 445-8238ARB Staff
 Alvarado, Alvaro (916) 445-4843ARB Manager
 Alvarez, Joel (916) 323-9688ARB Student
 Alvarez, Maricela (916) 440-8221ARB Staff
 Amador, Fernando (626) 575-6635ARB Manager
 Amaro, Antonio (626) 350-6538ARB Staff
 Ambrose, Hanjiro (916) 322-8213ARB Staff
 Amini, Seyedmorteza (916) 323-2537ARB Staff
 Amoruso, Amanda (916) 229-0479ARB Staff
 Anderson, Amanda (916) 445-5154ARB Staff
 Anderson, Cari (916) 324-0247ARB Branch Chief
 Anderson, Craig (916) 324-0550ARB Staff
 Anderson, Jodi (916) 229-0340ARB Staff
 Anderson, Theresa (916) 445-2159ARB Staff
 Andrada, Angelito (916) 322-6712ARB Staff
 Andrews, Courtney (916) 229-0330ARB Staff
 Andrews, Paul (916) 327-7609ARB Staff
 Andrews, Thomas (916) 229-0353ARB Staff
 Andujar, Jose (626) 278-3987ARB Staff
 Antcliff, Timothy (626) 459-4387ARB Staff
 Arambula, Alfonso (916) 229-0493ARB Staff
 Aramouni, Claira (626) 459-4327ARB Staff
 Arevalos, Manuel (626) 459-4383ARB Staff
 Arguelles, Jose (626) 459-4321ARB Staff
 Arias, Heather (916) 322-7236ARB Division Chief
 Armas, Jose (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Armendariz, Marcos (626) 350-6488ARB Staff
 Armenta, Valente (626) 459-4422ARB Staff
 Armstrong, Stanley (916) 440-8242ARB Staff
 Arneja, Paul (916) 322-5616ARB Staff
 Artozqui, Zachery (916) 229-0889ARB Staff
 Asay, Anthony (916) 323-4288ARB Staff
 Asay, Leah (916) 323-1413ARB Staff
 Asnaashari, Siamak (916) 322-4748ARB Staff
 Aston, Steve (916) 327-4724ARB Staff
 Atalla, Laila (916) 324-9858ARB Staff
 Atencio, Mayra (626) 450-6228ARB Staff
 Atencio, Ryan (626) 450-6109ARB Staff
 Atwal, Inderdeep (916) 445-0281ARB Staff
 Aung, Hnin Hnin (916) 440-8215ARB Staff
 Austin, Jeff (916) 324-0651ARB Staff
 Avila, Eddy (916) 322-3865ARB Supervisor
 Avila, Juan (626) 575-7098ARB Staff
 Avise, Jeremy (916) 322-7063ARB Branch Chief
 Avlani, Pranay (916) 324-7662ARB Staff
 Ayon, Gabriel (626) 350-6572ARB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards