Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Va Vang (916) 341-5024SWRCB Staff
 Vadim Demchuk (916) 319-0975SWRCB Staff
 Valaree St. Mary (916) 319-8576SWRCB Staff
 Valerie Aguirre (213) 576-6808Water/R4 Staff
 Valerie CarrilloZara (213) 576-6759Water/R4 Staff
 Valerie Gregory (916) 341-5741SWRCB Staff
 Valerie Jahn-Bull (951) 782-4903Water/R8 Specialist
 Valerie Petela (916) 323-1308SWRCB Staff
 Valerie Rasmussen (530) 224-6130Water/R5 Staff
 Valerie.L Zimmer (916) 319-0368SWRCB Staff
 Van Phan (916) 341-5649SWRCB Manager
 Van Tsang (510) 620-3602SWRCB Staff
 Van Tu Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Vanessa Earle (916) 341-5127SWRCB Staff
 Vanessa Galindo (916) 341-5983SWRCB Staff
 Venkat Keesara (916) 323-3221SWRCB Contract Personnel
 Vera Fischer (916) 464-4792Water/R5 Staff
 Veronica Cuevas-Alpuche (213) 576-6662Water/R4 Staff
 Veronica Vargas (916) 323-0921SWRCB Staff
 Veronica Vasquez (916) 327-8766SWRCB Staff
 Vic Pal (510) 622-2403Water/R2 Staff
 Vicente Rodriguez (619) 521-3966Water/R9 Staff
 Victor Aelion (510) 622-2093Water/R2 Staff
 Victor Sturdivant (951) 782-3258Water/R8 Staff
 Victor Vasquez (916) 323-9407SWRCB Supervisor
 Victoria Whitney (916) 947-0189SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Vijaya Bhaskar Jonnalagadda (916) 769-8776SWRCB Specialist
 Viki Desai (916) 327-7294SWRCB Staff
 Vilma Ang (831) 655-6939SWRCB Staff
 Vilma B. Correa (213) 576-6794Water/R4 Staff
 Vince Pagpaguitan (510) 622-1008SWRCB Staff
 Vincent Christian (510) 622-2336Water/R2 Staff
 Vincent Vu (916) 323-5669SWRCB Staff
 Vinoo Jain (916) 464-4815Water/R5 Staff
 Vinty Siev (619) 521-3360SWRCB Staff
 Virginia Fujioka (916) 341-5251SWRCB Staff
 Virginia Newbern (916) 341-5735SWRCB Staff
 Vivian Sieu Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Vladimir Rakhamimov (510) 620-3462SWRCB Staff

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