Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Tahsa Sturgis (510) 622-2316Water/R2 Staff
 Tajanee Ford-Whelan (916) 322-9258SWRCB Seasonal Clerk
 Tam M. Doduc (916) 341-5602SWRCB Board Member
 Tamara Anderson (805) 549-3334Water/R3 Staff
 Tamarin Austin (916) 341-5171SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Tami Frazier Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Tammie Olson (805) 549-3140Water/R3 Executive Assistant
 Tammy Silva (916) 341-5089SWRCB Staff
 Tara Albertoni (916) 341-5370SWRCB Staff
 Taro Murano (916) 341-5399SWRCB Manager
 Tatyana Isupov (916) 341-5549SWRCB Staff
 Tavish Sturdivant (951) 320-2053Water/R8 Staff
 Taylor Stevens (916) 323-4720SWRCB Staff
 Taylor Zentner (530) 542-5469Water/R6 Staff
 Teagan Singer (805) 566-9767SWRCB Staff
 Teddy Reinhardt (916) 327-1708SWRCB Staff
 Teklewold Ayalew (213) 576-6739Water/R4 Staff
 Teresita Sablan (916) 341-5174SWRCB Staff
 Teri Hagans (559) 447-3033SWRCB Staff
 Terrence Kim (818) 551-2044SWRCB Staff
 Terri Cia (707) 576-2668Water/R1 Staff
 Terri Reeder (951) 782-4995Water/R8 Supervisor
 Terry Bechtel (916) 464-4720Water/R5 Staff
 Terry Seward (510) 622-2416Water/R2 Manager
 Terry Wilson (916) 449-5569SWRCB Staff
 Tessa Fojut (916) 341-5220SWRCB Supervisor
 Tessa Opalach (916) 341-5150SWRCB Staff
 Thaddeus Hunt (916) 341-5007SWRCB Staff
 Thanhloan Nguyen (213) 620-6122Water/R4 Staff
 Thea Tryon (805) 542-4776Water/R3 Asst. Executive Officer
 Thera Hearne (916) 552-9999SWRCB Supervisor
 Theresa Donahoe (510) 622-2463Water/R2 Staff
 Theresa Kimsey (760) 776-8971Water/R7 Staff
 Therese Barakatt (916) 341-5186SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Therisa Brechtel (510) 622-2414Water/R2 Staff
 Thizar Williams (213) 576-6723Water/R4 Supervisor
 Thomas Browne (760) 241-7391Water/R6 Staff
 Thomas Grossman (916) 323-0062SWRCB Staff
 Thomas Lawrence (916) 341-5051SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Thomas Livensparger (209) 948-7696SWRCB Staff
 Thomas Mumley (510) 622-2395Water/R2 Asst. Executive Officer
 Thomas Sayles (805) 542-4640Water/R3 Staff
 Thomas Schumann Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Thomas Tsui (818) 551-2036SWRCB Staff
 Thomas Williams (707) 576-2030Water/R1 Staff
 Thomas J. Siebels (213) 576-6671Water/R4 Staff
 Tiffany Adorno (916) 341-5396SWRCB Staff
 Tiffany Racz (530) 542-5424Water/R6 Staff
 Tiffany Steinert (760) 241-7305Water/R6 Staff
 Tim Post (916) 341-5652SWRCB Manager
 Tim Regan (916) 341-5172SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Timothy Chow (916) 341-5435SWRCB Staff
 Timothy Gere (916) 341-5760SWRCB Supervisor
 Timothy Middlemis-Clark (530) 542-5463Water/R6 Staff
 Timothy Murphy (916) 650-0188SWRCB Staff
 Timothy Nelson (916) 445-5987SWRCB Staff
 Timothy Walcott (707) 576-2663Water/R1 Staff
 Tina Bauer (916) 341-5785SWRCB Staff
 Tina Leahy (916) 319-8559SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Tina Low (510) 622-5682Water/R2 Staff
 Tina Tu (916) 341-5067SWRCB Staff
 Tina Ures (916) 341-5749SWRCB Staff
 Tirunesh Futassa (916) 341-5023SWRCB Supervisor
 Tiwana Cypress (916) 341-5133SWRCB Staff
 Tod Rasmussen Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Todd Battey (760) 241-7340Water/R6 Staff
 Todd Del Frate (916) 464-4737Water/R5 Staff
 Todd Howe Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Todd Stanley (805) 542-4769Water/R3 Staff
 Tom Alo (619) 521-3375Water/R9 Staff
 Tom Gavigan (530) 542-5422Water/R6 Staff
 Tom Henderson (916) 319-9128SWRCB Staff
 Tom Lavy (916) 464-4854SWRCB Staff
 Tom Magney (707) 576-2030Water/R1 Staff
 Tomas Eggers (916) 327-8039SWRCB Staff
 Toni Marshall (916) 322-2518SWRCB Staff
 Tonya Rogers (916) 323-0357SWRCB Staff
 Tonya Russi (916) 327-8195SWRCB Staff
 Tonya Weiper (707) 576-2549Water/R1 Staff
 Tracy Lotz (916) 324-6572SWRCB Staff
 Tracy Wassif (909) 383-5184SWRCB Staff
 Tranecia Smith (916) 341-5713SWRCB Staff
 Trang Le (916) 341-5875SWRCB Staff
 Travis Marshall Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Travis Young (559) 447-3035SWRCB Staff
 Trevor Miller (530) 542-5430Water/R6 Staff
 Tricia Carter (916) 319-8258SWRCB Staff
 Tricia Lee (916) 323-0875SWRCB Staff
 Tricia Wathen (559) 447-3398SWRCB Supervisor
 Trinh Pham (916) 341-5517SWRCB Staff
 Truc Le (916) 464-4617Water/R5 Staff
 True Khang (916) 464-4608Water/R5 Staff
 Tryston Cruz (916) 319-8579SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Tsungchu Chien (707) 576-2971SWRCB Staff
 Tuba Ertas (619) 525-4493SWRCB Staff
 Tyson Pelkofer (916) 464-4775Water/R5 Staff

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