Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Sabrina Rice (530) 542-5578Water/R6 Staff
 Sadie Macali (916) 341-5595SWRCB Staff
 Saeedreza Hafeznezami (818) 551-2972SWRCB Staff
 Sahand Rastegarpour (916) 322-7786SWRCB Staff
 Sahil Pathak (916) 341-5355SWRCB Staff
 Sally Meza (916) 341-5407SWRCB Staff
 Salvador Chaparro (916) 341-5594SWRCB Staff
 Salvador Turrubiartes (916) 552-9998SWRCB Staff
 Sam Sedgwick (916) 323-0883SWRCB Staff
 Samantha Falcon Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Samantha Harper (510) 622-2415Water/R2 Staff
 Samantha Lawton-Wilson (916) 322-8537SWRCB Staff
 Samantha Mak (951) 320-2007Water/R8 Staff
 Samantha Olson (916) 327-8235SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Samantha Parker (916) 464-4654Water/R5 Staff
 Sammantha Mello (916) 464-4603Water/R5 Staff
 Samuel Boland-Brien (916) 322-6797SWRCB Supervisor
 Samuel Cole (916) 341-5345SWRCB Supervisor
 Samuel Newstone (916) 323-0374SWRCB Staff
 Samuel Warner Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Sandeep Kals (916) 341-5647SWRCB Staff
 Sandi Sale (916) 324-0998SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Sandra Jauregui (916) 341-7361SWRCB Staff
 Sandra Lopez (760) 241-7306Water/R6 Staff
 Sandy Cheek (805) 542-4633SWRCB Staff
 Sangavi Pari (951) 782-7962Water/R8 Staff
 Sanjeet Singh (916) 323-0362SWRCB Staff
 Sara Aujla (916) 449-5586SWRCB Staff
 Sara Huber (916) 323-0683SWRCB Staff
 Sara Simpson (760) 346-7491Water/R7 Staff
 Sarabeth George (510) 622-5684Water/R2 Staff
 Sarah Boogay (559) 445-5564Water/R5 Staff
 Sarah Bragg-Flavan (805) 542-4636Water/R3 Staff
 Sarah Fong (916) 341-5129SWRCB Staff
 Sarah Gomez Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Sarah Ho (213) 576-6748Water/R4 Staff
 Sarah Mearon (619) 521-3363Water/R9 Staff
 Sarah Miller (916) 341-5819SWRCB Staff
 Sarah Newcomb (530) 542-5419Water/R6 Staff
 Sarah Ries (916) 322-1103SWRCB Staff
 Sarah Sugar (916) 341-5894SWRCB Specialist
 Sarah Treadwell (805) 549-3695Water/R3 Staff
 Saranya Elankovan (916) 464-4742Water/R5 Staff
 Saul Zamora (559) 447-3397SWRCB Staff
 Savannah Downey (916) 322-1585SWRCB Staff
 Scot Stormo Not AvailableWater/R7 Staff
 Scott Armstrong (916) 464-4616Water/R5 Supervisor
 Scott Coffin (916) 323-0375SWRCB Staff
 Scott Couch (916) 341-5680SWRCB Chief
 Scott Ferguson (530) 542-5432Water/R6 Manager
 Scott Frazier (916) 341-5289SWRCB Supervisor
 Scott Gergus (707) 576-2685Water/R1 Staff
 Scott Gilbreath (530) 224-4876SWRCB Staff
 Scott Hatton (559) 444-2502Water/R5 Supervisor
 Scott Ketcham (619) 525-4395SWRCB Staff
 Scott Ligare (916) 341-5382SWRCB Staff
 Scott Lookingbill (916) 449-5634SWRCB Staff
 Scott McFarland (916) 341-5390SWRCB Supervisor
 Scott Mills (916) 464-4688Water/R5 Support Staff
 Scott Perrou (916) 464-4633Water/R5 Staff
 Scott Seyfried (916) 341-5585SWRCB Supervisor
 Scott Shironaka (916) 322-9255SWRCB Staff
 Scott Weeks (916) 449-5568SWRCB Staff
 Sean Eddy (916) 327-3918SWRCB Staff
 Sean Farrow (916) 324-7493SWRCB Staff
 Sean Lee (213) 620-2122Water/R4 Staff
 Sean Maguire (916) 341-5877SWRCB Board Member
 Sean McCarthy (909) 388-2602SWRCB Chief
 Sean McClain (619) 521-3374Water/R9 Staff
 Sean Sterchi (619) 525-4159SWRCB Supervisor
 Sean Stout (916) 341-5483SWRCB Staff
 Sean Walsh (916) 464-4795Water/R5 Staff
 Selica Potter (916) 327-9534SWRCB Manager
 Selina Cole (916) 464-4683Water/R5 Staff
 Selina Louie (510) 622-2383Water/R2 Staff
 Serena Diaz (916) 341-5880SWRCB Staff
 Serena Liu (916) 341-5177SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Seresa Hartwell (916) 341-5972SWRCB Staff
 Sergey Skoropad (916) 341-5096SWRCB Staff
 Sergio Alonso (760) 243-7324Water/R6 Staff
 Setenay Frucht (510) 622-2388Water/R2 Staff
 Shahla Farahnak (916) 341-5737SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Shaminder Kler (831) 655-6938SWRCB Staff
 Shana Rapoport (213) 576-6763Water/R4 Staff
 Shang Yip (510) 620-3654SWRCB Student
 Shannon Roy Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Shannon Strong (707) 576-2499Water/R1 Staff
 Shannon Utley (707) 576-2684Water/R1 Staff
 Shanta Keeling (805) 549-3464Water/R3 Staff
 Shari Christensen (916) 324-7611SWRCB Staff
 Shari Hollis (916) 341-5111SWRCB Staff
 Sharon Buenafe (916) 341-5509SWRCB Staff
 Sharon Denker (805) 542-4642Water/R3 Staff
 Sharon Mack (916) 341-5235SWRCB Staff
 Sharon Wong (510) 620-3498SWRCB Staff
 Shaun Richards (916) 327-2037SWRCB Staff
 Shavonne Conley (559) 447-3306SWRCB Staff
 Shawn Demmers (599) 447-3136SWRCB Staff
 Shawn Flanagan (916) 341-5950SWRCB Staff
 Shawna Bell (916) 449-5636SWRCB Staff
 Shay Richardson (916) 341-5667SWRCB Staff
 Shayan Vaghefi (916) 341-5948SWRCB Staff
 Sheena Dhillon (916) 322-8547SWRCB Staff
 Sheenam Sen (916) 341-5069SWRCB Manager
 Sheila McQuaid-Moran (619) 521-3383Water/R9 Staff
 Sheila Soderberg (805) 549-3592Water/R3 Supervisor
 Shelby Barker (760) 241-7307Water/R6 Staff
 Shelby Witherby (916) 341-5300SWRCB Staff
 Shelton Gray (559) 445-5508Water/R5 Supervisor
 Shen Huang (619) 525-3774SWRCB Staff
 Sheri Miller (707) 576-2734SWRCB Supervisor
 Sheri Owen Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Sheriska Rogers (916) 341-5841SWRCB Staff
 Sherly Rosilela (916) 341-5578SWRCB Specialist
 Shervin Milani (213) 576-6705Water/R4 Staff
 Shu-Fang Orr (818) 551-2045SWRCB Supervisor
 Shuka Rastegarpour (916) 341-1277SWRCB Staff
 Shyla Hoffman (916) 341-5881SWRCB Manager
 Siddharth Sewalia (916) 464-4658Water/R5 Staff
 Sienna Wheeler (916) 323-4165SWRCB Staff
 Silvia Flores (760) 241-7384Water/R6 Staff
 Simone Halbert (916) 341-5452SWRCB Staff
 Siyang Hou (213) 620-6363Water/R4 Staff
 Skyler Anderson Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Snejana Toneva (213) 576-7159Water/R4 Staff
 Solmaz Marzooghi (916) 323-0890SWRCB Staff
 Sommer Hans (916) 319-9469SWRCB Staff
 Sonia Frazier (916) 341-5685SWRCB Staff
 Sophie Di Campalto (619) 521-8038Water/R9 Staff
 Sophie Froelich (916) 319-8557SWRCB Staff
 Spencer Joplin (916) 341-5636SWRCB Staff
 Sriram Iyer (916) 341-5498SWRCB Supervisor
 Stacey Alexander (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Stacy Denney (805) 549-3686Water/R3 Staff
 Stacy Gillespie (916) 341-5190SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Stacy Gotham (530) 224-4993Water/R5 Staff
 Stanley Mubako Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Stefan Cajina (510) 620-3452SWRCB Chief
 Stefanie Hada (213) 576-5781Water/R4 Staff
 Stel Martinez (916) 341-5511SWRCB Staff
 Stephanie Bucknam (916) 558-1708SWRCB Staff
 Stephanie Lopez (916) 341-5846SWRCB Staff
 Stephanie Miller (916) 341-5789SWRCB Staff
 Stephanie Postal Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Stephanie Tadlock (916) 464-4644Water/R5 Supervisor
 Stephanie Torres (916) 341-5572SWRCB Staff
 Stephanie White (916) 319-9035SWRCB Staff
 Stephanie Young (916) 327-8043SWRCB Specialist
 Stephanie Yu (916) 341-5157SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Stephanie.A Lopez (916) 319-9124SWRCB Staff
 Stephen Burke (916) 319-8535SWRCB Staff
 Stephen Klein (559) 445-5558Water/R5 Staff
 Stephen Louie (916) 323-5173SWRCB Staff
 Stephen Rooklidge (530) 224-2413SWRCB Staff
 Stephen Severon (916) 341-5354SWRCB Staff
 Steve Barnett (916) 341-5231SWRCB Supervisor
 Steve Boggs (916) 449-5616SWRCB Specialist
 Steve Camacho (916) 341-5561SWRCB Staff
 Steve Cheung (916) 341-5688SWRCB Staff
 Steve Marquez (916) 341-5350SWRCB Staff
 Steve Rowe (213) 576-6755Water/R4 Staff
 Steve Saiz (805) 549-3879Water/R3 Staff
 Steve Watson (530) 224-4828SWRCB Staff
 Steven Book (916) 449-5556SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Steven Coe (707) 576-2422SWRCB Staff
 Steven Giguere (916) 341-5503SWRCB Supervisor
 Steven Gonzales (916) 327-1708SWRCB Staff
 Steven McMasters (916) 341-5518SWRCB Supervisor
 Steven Meeks (916) 464-4678Water/R5 Supervisor
 Steven Mullery (916) 341-5850SWRCB Staff
 Steven Thompson (916) 464-4803Water/R5 Support Staff
 Steven Webb (213) 576-6793Water/R4 Specialist
 Steven Westhoff (916) 327-7295SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Steven Williams (619) 525-4580SWRCB Supervisor
 Stewart Black (916) 464-4842Water/R5 Supervisor
 Stormer Feiler (916) 323-0063SWRCB Supervisor
 Stormy Hinkley (916) 552-9123SWRCB Executive Assistant
 Su Han (213) 576-6735Water/R4 Supervisor
 Suada Delic (916) 323-3737SWRCB Staff
 Subir Saha (916) 341-5432SWRCB Staff
 Sudarshan Poudyal (559) 447-3038SWRCB Staff
 Sue McConnell (916) 464-4798Water/R5 Manager
 Sue Yang (559) 445-5644Water/R5 Staff
 SueAnn Neal (951) 782-4468Water/R8 Staff
 Suhas Chakraborty (760) 776-8961Water/R7 Staff
 Sumera Kandhro (916) 464-4627Water/R5 Staff
 Sunil Ramdass (916) 341-5757SWRCB Staff
 Susan Beeson (951) 782-4902Water/R8 Staff
 Susan Fregien (916) 464-4813Water/R5 Supervisor
 Susan Glendening (510) 622-2462Water/R2 Staff
 Susan Johnson (916) 341-5197SWRCB Staff
 Susan Kelly (916) 341-5218SWRCB Staff
 Susan Stewart (707) 576-2657Water/R1 Staff
 Susana Lagudis (213) 576-6694Water/R4 Staff
 Sushil Arora (916) 341-5300SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Sutida Bergquist (818) 551-2048SWRCB Supervisor
 Suzanna Moreno (916) 341-5079SWRCB Staff
 Suzanne Barton (559) 447-3300SWRCB Staff
 Suzanne Kline (209) 948-7696SWRCB Staff
 Syreeta Rock (916) 322-9691SWRCB Staff

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