Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Rachael Dal Porto (916) 323-0887SWRCB Staff
 Rachel Borkowski (916) 341-5030SWRCB Supervisor
 Rachel Hohn (805) 542-4789Water/R3 Staff
 Rachel Prat (707) 576-2542Water/R1 Staff
 Rachel Romero (619) 525-4159SWRCB Staff
 Rachelanne VanderWerf (916) 341-5471SWRCB Staff
 Rachid Ait-Lasri Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Rafael Maestu (916) 322-1838SWRCB Specialist
 Rajaa Hassan (916) 341-5300SWRCB Staff
 Rakel Hairabedian (559) 447-3300SWRCB Staff
 Ralph Carson (916) 341-5213SWRCB Staff
 Ralph Lambert (510) 622-2382Water/R2 Staff
 Ralph Sauceda (559) 445-5563Water/R5 Staff
 Ramesh Samala (916) 709-5048SWRCB Specialist
 Ramesh Sundareswaran (916) 341-5670SWRCB Staff
 Randal Indvik (916) 341-5833SWRCB Staff
 Randell Koen Not AvailableSWRCB Specialist
 Randy Barnard (619) 525-4022SWRCB Supervisor
 Rassam Zarghami (916) 449-5646SWRCB Staff
 Raul Medina (213) 620-2160Water/R4 Staff
 Ravinder Jawanda (916) 341-5865SWRCB Staff
 Ray Akhtarshad (951) 320-2024Water/R8 Staff
 Raymond Bruun (530) 224-3252SWRCB Staff
 Reanna Ennis (916) 323-0889SWRCB Staff
 Rebeca Griner (916) 322-6361SWRCB Staff
 Rebecca Asami (559) 445-5548Water/R5 Staff
 Rebecca Christmann (213) 576-5734Water/R4 Staff
 Rebecca Fitzgerald (916) 341-5775SWRCB Chief
 Rebecca Green (916) 341-5781SWRCB Staff
 Rebecca Greenwood (916) 341-5858SWRCB Staff
 Rebecca Hipp (559) 445-5977Water/R5 Staff
 Rebecca Nordenholt (510) 622-1013Water/R2 Staff
 Rebecca Orr (213) 576-6811Water/R4 Staff
 Rebecca Stewart (619) 516-1977Water/R9 Staff
 Rebecca Tabor (530) 226-3458Water/R5 Staff
 Rebecca Tindell-Hofman (916) 449-5611SWRCB Staff
 Rebekah Kissel Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Reese Crenshaw (530) 224-4861SWRCB Supervisor
 Regan Morey (619) 521-3381Water/R9 Staff
 Regina Cherovsky (916) 341-5714SWRCB Supervisor
 Reginald Tan (760) 776-8944Water/R7 Staff
 Renae Maher (916) 341-5273SWRCB Executive Assistant
 Renan Jauregui (916) 341-5505SWRCB Staff
 Rene Leclerc (916) 622-2410Water/R2 Staff
 Renee Avila (916) 341-5394SWRCB Staff
 Renee Martin-Deputy (916) 341-5938SWRCB Supervisor
 Renee Purdy (213) 576-6622Water/R4 Executive Officer
 Renu Lata (916) 341-5080SWRCB Staff
 Reyna Mendoza (951) 782-4380Water/R8 Staff
 Reza Ghasemizadeh (916) 341-5409SWRCB Staff
 Rhonda Raymond (707) 576-2708Water/R1 Staff
 Ric Roda (818) 551-2009SWRCB Staff
 Rich Breuer (916) 323-0684SWRCB Staff
 Rich Chandler (805) 542-4627Water/R3 Staff
 Rich Fadness (707) 576-6718Water/R1 Staff
 Richard Looker (510) 622-2451Water/R2 Staff
 Richard Muhl (916) 464-4749Water/R5 Specialist
 Richard Nelson (916) 323-1308SWRCB Staff
 Richard Ramirez Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Richard Satkowski (916) 341-5439SWRCB Staff
 Rick Sayakhom (916) 341-5949SWRCB Lead
 Rick Wade (530) 224-2413SWRCB Staff
 Riordan Jerilynn (805) 549-3705Water/R3 Staff
 Robert Brownwood (916) 341-5125SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Robert Busby (916) 464-4666Water/R5 Manager
 Robert Ditto (916) 464-4642Water/R5 Supervisor
 Robert Egel (916) 341-5251SWRCB Legislative Director
 Robert Ehe (213) 576-6740Water/R4 Staff
 Robert Grabowski (916) 341-5136SWRCB Staff
 Robert L'Heureux (916) 464-4736Water/R5 Specialist
 Robert LaCasse (916) 319-0731SWRCB Supervisor
 Robert McCarthy Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Robert Nelson (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Robert Pontureri (916) 341-5828SWRCB Supervisor
 Robert Reeves (916) 319-8254SWRCB Supervisor
 Robert Schlipf (510) 622-2478Water/R2 Supervisor
 Robert Solecki (916) 319-0276SWRCB Staff
 Robert Springborn (916) 449-5572SWRCB Staff
 Robert Tucker (530) 542-5467Water/R6 Supervisor
 Robert.D Pontureri Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Roberto Cervantes (916) 322-6795SWRCB Supervisor
 Roberto Moreno (559) 445-5357SWRCB Staff
 Robin Burke (916) 319-9227SWRCB Staff
 Robin Grove (916) 319-9102SWRCB Staff
 Robin Merod (916) 464-4697Water/R5 Staff
 Robin Shin Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Roger Hoffmore (916) 341-5766SWRCB Supervisor
 Roger Mitchell (619) 521-5898Water/R9 Supervisor
 Roger Papler (510) 622-2435Water/R2 Staff
 Romana Wortell (916) 449-5552SWRCB Supervisor
 Ron Falkowski (530) 224-3227Water/R5 Staff
 Ron Goloubow (510) 622-2442Water/R2 Staff
 Ronald Holcomb (559) 445-6050Water/R5 Supervisor
 Ronna Bowers (530) 224-3214Water/R5 Staff
 Ronnean Lund (530) 224-6505SWRCB Staff
 Rosalyn Fleming Larsen (760) 776-8949Water/R7 Staff
 Rosario Aston (213) 576-6653Water/R4 Staff
 Rose Scott (951) 320-6375Water/R8 Staff
 Rosie Villar (213) 576-6630Water/R4 Lead
 Ross Cooper (916) 341-5583SWRCB Staff
 Ross McCulligan (916) 323-0628SWRCB Staff
 Ross Steenson (510) 622-2445Water/R2 Specialist
 Roxanne McAlpine (916) 322-1409SWRCB Staff
 Roy O'Connor (707) 576-2670Water/R1 Staff
 Roy Sanders (916) 341-5478SWRCB Staff
 Roya Rahab (916) 341-5668SWRCB Staff
 Ruben Mora (916) 341-5387SWRCB Staff
 Ruby Akinsanya (916) 322-6187SWRCB Staff
 Ruby Lau (818) 551-2047SWRCB Staff
 Ruby Torres (916) 449-5610SWRCB Staff
 Ruey-wen Wang (916) 323-6845SWRCB Staff
 Russ Colby (213) 620-6373Water/R4 Manager
 Russell Hernandez (916) 319-9769SWRCB Manager
 Russell Norman (530) 542-5435Water/R6 Staff
 Russell Walls (559) 488-4392Water/R5 Supervisor
 Ryan Babb (916) 341-5410SWRCB Staff
 Ryan Bey (707) 576-2679Water/R1 Staff
 Ryan Cornwall (530) 224-4851Water/R5 Staff
 Ryan DeAnda (916) 341-5770SWRCB Staff
 Ryan Harris (951) 320-2008Water/R8 Staff
 Ryan Icenhower (661) 335-7324SWRCB Staff
 Ryan Lodge (805) 549-3506Water/R3 Supervisor
 Ryan Mallory-Jones (916) 341-5173SWRCB Staff
 Ryan Mitchell (916) 449-5968SWRCB Staff
 Ryan Vitug (213) 576-6663Water/R4 Staff
 Ryan West (559) 488-6188Water/R5 Staff
 Ryan Wilson (916) 341-5143SWRCB Branch Chief

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