Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Raaz Fares (916) 341-6295CalRecycle Supervisor
 Rachel Beck (916) 341-6229CalRecycle Staff
 Rachel Cope (916) 341-6325CalRecycle Staff
 Rachel Manford (916) 341-6381CalRecycle Staff
 Rachel Marthaler (916) 341-6542CalRecycle Student
 Rachel Oakden (916) 445-1834CalRecycle Student
 Rae Carranza (916) 341-6480CalRecycle Staff
 Rafael Martinez (916) 322-1619CalRecycle Staff
 Raju Chatha (916) 341-6197CalRecycle Staff
 Ramon Ruiz (916) 445-4756CalRecycle Staff
 Randy Friedlander (916) 341-6718CalRecycle Supervisor
 Ranee Bennett (916) 319-9633CalRecycle Staff
 Ray Kwan (916) 341-6810CalRecycle Staff
 Ray Ruminski (916) 341-6584CalRecycle Consultant
 Raymund Powell (916) 341-6631CalRecycle Staff
 Rebecca Chavez (916) 341-6264CalRecycle Supervisor
 Rebecca Oliver (916) 341-6088CalRecycle Staff
 Rebecca Wall (916) 341-6837CalRecycle Supervisor
 Reginald Johnson (916) 323-3413CalRecycle Staff
 Renato Lim (916) 322-9711CalRecycle Staff
 Renee Podris (916) 341-6585CalRecycle Staff
 Reshay Henderson (310) 342-1242CalRecycle Staff
 Rhiannon McCollough (916) 341-7314CalRecycle Staff
 Rhoderick Estrada (916) 322-1201CalRecycle Staff
 Rhys Evans (916) 341-6501CalRecycle Student
 Ric DaRosa (916) 323-2577CalRecycle Staff
 Richard Castle (916) 341-6343CalRecycle Supervisor
 Richard Hanniff (310) 342-0521CalRecycle Staff
 Richard Luong (916) 323-5551CalRecycle Staff
 Rob Hammerstad (916) 341-6476CalRecycle Staff
 Robert Carlson (916) 341-6673CalRecycle Supervisor
 Robert Contreras (916) 341-6338CalRecycle Staff
 Robert Guyader (619) 525-4347CalRecycle Staff
 Robert Healy (916) 341-6132CalRecycle Supervisor
 Robert Horowitz (916) 341-6452CalRecycle Supervisor
 Robert Martinez (916) 341-6529CalRecycle Staff
 Roberta Goldenpenny (916) 341-6451CalRecycle Staff
 Roberta Jetter (916) 341-6332CalRecycle Staff
 Robyn Gillum (916) 341-6420CalRecycle Staff
 Rochelle Sherbert (916) 341-6257CalRecycle Staff
 Roger Evans (916) 341-6628CalRecycle Staff
 Ron Darbee (916) 341-6695CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Ronald Lew (916) 323-0040CalRecycle Staff
 Ronnie Haynes (916) 341-6437CalRecycle Student
 Ronold Wahl (916) 341-6055CalRecycle Staff
 Rupinder Bal (916) 341-6290CalRecycle Staff
 Russ Carter (916) 341-6507CalRecycle Staff
 Ryan Donoghue (916) 341-6870CalRecycle Student
 Ryan Egli (916) 341-6072CalRecycle Staff
 Ryan Jones (916) 322-2536CalRecycle Staff

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