Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Paige FitzGibbon (916) 464-4837Water/R5 Staff
 PAKOU LAO Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Paloma Abell-Orosco (951) 782-4999Water/R8 Staff
 Pamela Downing (916) 341-5154SWRCB Staff
 Pamela Ybarra (951) 782-4990Water/R8 Staff
 Pansy Yuen (916) 341-5445SWRCB Staff
 Paola Gonzalez (916) 322-8417SWRCB Staff
 Parker Thaler (916) 341-5321SWRCB Supervisor
 Parmdeep Uppal (916) 322-5784SWRCB Staff
 Patrice Copeland (760) 241-7404Water/R6 Manager
 Patricia Castleberry (916) 341-5664SWRCB Staff
 Patricia Fernandez (916) 319-9141SWRCB Specialist
 Patricia Hannon (951) 782-4498Water/R8 Staff
 Patricia Leary (916) 341-5845SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Patricia Orosz (916) 319-0647SWRCB Staff
 Patricia Schroeder (916) 319-0213SWRCB Staff
 Patricia Tompkins (916) 341-5119SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Patrick Bates (916) 322-9259SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Decarvalho (530) 224-4786Water/R5 Staff
 Patrick Henderson (916) 341-5259SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Karinja (805) 566-1839SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Lewis (916) 327-0140SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Otsuji (916) 341-5292SWRCB Specialist
 Patrick E. Pulupa (916) 464-4839Water/R5 Executive Officer
 Patti Corsie (707) 576-6730Water/R1 Executive Assistant
 Patty Eid (916) 341-5724SWRCB Staff
 Patty Kouyoumdjian (530) 542-5412Water/R6 Executive Officer
 Paul Cho (213) 576-6721Water/R4 Staff
 Paul Ciccarelli (916) 322-3227SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Paul Dotson (559) 445-5525Water/R5 Staff
 Paul Garrison (916) 323-8268SWRCB Staff
 Paul Hann (916) 341-5726SWRCB Chief
 Paul Levy (916) 323-5598SWRCB Staff
 Paul Martinez (916) 322-9214SWRCB Supervisor
 Paul Richter (619) 525-4354SWRCB Staff
 Paul Rowe (530) 224-4866SWRCB Staff
 Paul Sanders (916) 464-4817Water/R5 Staff
 Paul Wadding (916) 464-4826Water/R5 Staff
 Paul Williams (916) 323-0376SWRCB Supervisor
 Paula Rasmussen (760) 776-8981Water/R7 Executive Officer
 Paula Richter (805) 549-3865Water/R3 Specialist
 Pavandeep Phagura (916) 319-8292SWRCB Staff
 Pavlova Vitale (213) 576-6688Water/R4 Supervisor
 Payman Alemi (916) 322-9600SWRCB Staff
 Pete Osmolovsky (805) 549-3699Water/R3 Staff
 Pete Stamas (916) 552-9983SWRCB Staff
 Peter Houpt (916) 341-5286SWRCB Staff
 Peter Meertens (805) 549-3869Water/R3 Staff
 Peter Min Not AvailableWater/R4 Staff
 Peter Minkel (916) 464-4684Water/R5 Staff
 Peter Peterson (916) 327-8233SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Peter Raftery (213) 576-6724Water/R4 Staff
 Peter Santizo Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Peter Von Langen (805) 549-3688Water/R3 Staff
 Phan Le (760) 776-8974Water/R7 Staff
 Phil Hammer (805) 549-3882Water/R3 Supervisor
 Philip Choy (916) 341-5408SWRCB Staff
 Philip Cohen (916) 341-5639SWRCB Staff
 Philip Dutton (916) 327-8669SWRCB Supervisor
 Philip Meyer Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Philip Wyels (916) 341-5178SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Phillip Crader (916) 341-5500SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Phillip Zoucha Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Philson Wong (916) 323-3220SWRCB Staff
 Phoebe Khan (916) 341-5038SWRCB Staff
 Phoua Cha (916) 341-5042SWRCB Staff
 Phyllis Flack (510) 622-2420Water/R2 Staff
 Phyllis Gonzales (916) 445-2365SWRCB Staff
 Poneh Jones (916) 323-3745SWRCB Staff
 Predrag Janjic (916) 341-5935SWRCB Staff
 Puja Vats (213) 576-6611Water/R4 Supervisor
 Pushpa Zachariah (916) 341-5863SWRCB Staff

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