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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Pablo Cicero-Fernandez (626) 350-6478ARB Staff
 Pablo Ortiz (916) 445-5919DPR Staff
 Pablo Soria (626) 459-4340ARB Staff
 Page Painter (916) 327-1094OEHHA Special Advisor
 Paige FitzGibbon (916) 464-4837Water/R5 Staff
 Pak Lou (916) 322-5474ARB Staff
 Paloma Abell-Orosco (951) 782-4999Water/R8 Staff
 Pam Driggers (916) 445-6101DPR Staff
 Pamela Downing (916) 341-5154SWRCB Staff
 Pamela Gupta (916) 327-0604ARB Supervisor
 Pamela Niiya (916) 322-2413ARB Staff
 Pamela Vinson (916) 445-2944DTSC Not Available
 Pamela Ybarra (951) 782-4990Water/R8 Staff
 Pansy Yuen (916) 341-5445SWRCB Staff
 Paola Gonzalez (916) 322-8417SWRCB Staff
 Paolo Ison (916) 324-0607DPR Staff
 Parag Shah (510) 540-3827DTSC Not Available
 Parampreet Bhatti (916) 255-6413DTSC Not Available
 Paras Zarrin (916) 322-3877DPR Staff
 Paris Greenlee (916) 323-2274DTSC Not Available
 Paris Richardson (916) 341-6523CalRecycle Staff
 Parisa Khosraviani (916) 255-6559DTSC Not Available
 Parissa Naef (916) 445-6095DPR Supervisor
 Parker Thaler (916) 341-5321SWRCB Supervisor
 Parmdeep Uppal (916) 322-5784SWRCB Staff
 Parth Bhuta (714) 816-6551DTSC Contract Personnel
 Pat Bennett (916) 322-8959ARB Staff
 Pati Brown (916) 323-1061ARB Manager
 Patrice Copeland (760) 241-7404Water/R6 Manager
 Patrice W. Bowen (916) 322-3800DTSC Manager
 Patricia Carlos (916) 322-5594ARB Staff
 Patricia Castleberry (916) 341-5664SWRCB Staff
 Patricia Cortez (818) 717-6664DTSC Not Available
 Patricia Fernandez (916) 319-9141SWRCB Specialist
 Patricia Hannon (951) 782-4498Water/R8 Staff
 Patricia Leary (916) 341-5845SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Patricia Martinez (916) 255-6584DTSC Not Available
 Patricia Moran (916) 323-8749DTSC Not Available
 Patricia Ochoa (323) 803-2516DTSC Staff
 Patricia Orosz (916) 319-0647SWRCB Staff
 Patricia Roman (916) 323-1043ARB Manager
 Patricia Schroeder (916) 319-0213SWRCB Staff
 Patricia Tompkins (916) 341-5119SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Patrick Barclay (916) 255-3701DTSC Staff
 Patrick Bates (916) 322-9259SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Bennett (916) 327-4731ARB Staff
 Patrick Chen (626) 350-6520ARB Staff
 Patrick Decarvalho (530) 224-4786Water/R5 Staff
 Patrick Gaffney (916) 322-7303ARB Staff
 Patrick Henderson (916) 341-5259SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Hsieh (510) 540-3906DTSC Staff
 Patrick Karinja (805) 566-1839SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Lewis (916) 327-0140SWRCB Staff
 Patrick Lewis (916) 322-4596DTSC Not Available
 Patrick Morris (916) 464-4621Water/R5 Supervisor
 Patrick Movlay (714) 484-5378DTSC Staff
 Patrick Otsuji (916) 341-5292SWRCB Specialist
 Patrick Rainey (916) 327-4756ARB Manager
 Patrick Seames (661) 334-3993ARB Staff
 Patrick Snider (916) 324-3753CalRecycle Supervisor
 Patrick Vaca (916) 324-1146ARB Staff
 Patrick Wong (916) 323-1505ARB Manager
 Patrick E. Pulupa (916) 464-4839Water/R5 Executive Officer
 Patti Corsie (707) 576-6730Water/R1 Executive Assistant
 Patty Donnel (916) 255-3560DTSC Not Available
 Patty Eid (916) 341-5724SWRCB Staff
 Patty Kouyoumdjian (530) 542-5412Water/R6 Executive Officer
 Patty Quisenberry (916) 324-3577CalRecycle Staff
 Patty Soulsby (916) 255-3564DTSC Staff
 Patty Wong (916) 323-2627OEHHA Supervisor
 Paul Adnani (626) 459-4476ARB Staff
 Paul Andrews (916) 327-7609ARB Staff
 Paul Arneja (916) 322-5616ARB Staff
 Paul Baranich (818) 717-6676DTSC Staff
 Paul Boyajian Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Paul Brainin (916) 341-6251CalRecycle Staff
 Paul Carpenter (916) 255-3691DTSC Staff
 Paul Cheng (916) 445-6243ARB Staff
 Paul Cho (213) 576-6721Water/R4 Staff
 Paul Ciccarelli (916) 322-3227SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Paul Curtis (916) 445-4155DPR Supervisor
 Paul De Luca (916) 323-3415CalRecycle Staff
 Paul Dotson (559) 445-5525Water/R5 Staff
 Paul Galyen (916) 341-6271CalRecycle Staff
 Paul Garrison (916) 323-8268SWRCB Staff
 Paul Hann (916) 341-5726SWRCB Chief
 Paul Henderick (626) 350-6440ARB Staff
 Paul Kewin (916) 255-4330DTSC Staff
 Paul Levy (916) 323-5598SWRCB Staff
 Paul Martinez (916) 322-9214SWRCB Supervisor
 Paul Marzilli (916) 445-7431ARB Staff
 Paul Meranian (916) 322-6923ARB Staff
 Paul Pongetti (714) 484-5481DTSC Staff
 Paul Richter (619) 525-4354SWRCB Staff
 Paul Rowe (530) 224-4866SWRCB Staff
 Paul Ruffin (916) 255-6677DTSC Staff
 Paul Ryan (916) 376-8970DPR Staff
 Paul Saldana (916) 322-2194CalRecycle Supervisor
 Paul Sanders (916) 464-4817Water/R5 Staff
 Paul Tayler (999) 999-9999DTSC Staff
 Paul Thalken (916) 445-9499ARB Staff
 Paul Van Brocklin (916) 440-8216ARB Staff
 Paul Vang (916) 322-0279DTSC Not Available
 Paul Verke (916) 445-4300DPR Assistant Director
 Paul Wadding (916) 464-4826Water/R5 Staff
 Paul Wellendorf (916) 341-6191CalRecycle Support Staff
 Paul Williams (916) 323-0376SWRCB Supervisor
 Paul Young (626) 575-6605ARB Staff
 Paula Ferguson (916) 341-5029SWRCB Staff
 Paula Rasmussen (760) 776-8981Water/R7 Executive Officer
 Paula Richter (805) 549-3865Water/R3 Specialist
 Paula Simms Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Paulette Gonzalez (818) 717-6577DTSC Staff
 Paulette Missakian (818) 717-6505DTSC Staff
 Paulette Penton (818) 717-6577DTSC Staff
 Paulina Kolic (916) 341-6258CalRecycle Staff
 Paulina Lawrence (916) 341-6521CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Pauline Totten (916) 341-6583CalRecycle Staff
 Paulino Luna (916) 341-6412CalRecycle Staff
 Pavandeep Phagura (916) 319-8292SWRCB Staff
 Pavlova Vitale (213) 576-6688Water/R4 Supervisor
 Payam Hojjat (916) 926-9052DTSC Not Available
 Payman Alemi (916) 322-9600SWRCB Staff
 Pedro Peterson (916) 440-8277ARB Staff
 Peggy Byerly (916) 445-5774DPR Staff
 Pei Pei (916) 445-3889DPR Staff
 Peishi Gu (916) 323-7047ARB Staff
 Peng Lin (626) 350-6411ARB Staff
 Penny Fong (916) 229-0336ARB Staff
 Penporn Hubbard (916) 322-9327DTSC Not Available
 Perry Myers (916) 255-3708DTSC Staff
 Pete Cooke (818) 717-6555DTSC Staff
 Pete Osmolovsky (805) 549-3699Water/R3 Staff
 Pete Stamas (916) 552-9983SWRCB Staff
 Peter Bailey (916) 255-3602DTSC Staff
 Peter Barnes (916) 445-9989SWRCB Supervisor
 Peter Chau (916) 341-6511CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Peter Christensen (916) 322-1520ARB Manager
 Peter Garcia (714) 484-5310DTSC Supervisor
 Peter Gathungu (916) 255-6662DTSC Not Available
 Peter Houpt (916) 341-5286SWRCB Staff
 Peter Jan (916) 341-6315CalRecycle Staff
 Peter Leung (916) 324-3470DPR Supervisor
 Peter Li (916) 445-9219ARB Staff
 Peter Lohstroh (916) 445-2665DPR Supervisor
 Peter MacNicholl (916) 255-3713DTSC Staff
 Peter Meertens (805) 549-3869Water/R3 Staff
 Peter Min Not AvailableWater/R4 Staff
 Peter Minkel (916) 464-4684Water/R5 Staff
 Peter Nguyen (626) 575-6615ARB Staff
 Peter Peterson (916) 327-8233SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Peter Raftery (213) 576-6724Water/R4 Staff
 Peter Ruttan (916) 255-3630DTSC Staff
 Peter Samra (916) 327-0055ARB Staff
 Peter Santizo Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Peter Staklis (916) 341-6230CalRecycle Staff
 Peter Thyberg (916) 255-3246DTSC Not Available
 Peter Von Langen (805) 549-3688Water/R3 Staff
 Petra Rodriguez (916) 324-1231CalRecycle Staff
 Phan Le (760) 776-8974Water/R7 Staff
 Phanessa Fong (916) 341-6689CalRecycle Staff
 Pheng Lee (916) 323-3231ARB Staff
 Phil Hammer (805) 549-3882Water/R3 Supervisor
 Phil Wilson (916) 445-3531DPR Staff
 Philip Bornt (916) 319-8463SWRCB Staff
 Philip Chandler (818) 717-6608DTSC Supervisor
 Philip Choy (916) 341-5408SWRCB Staff
 Philip Cohen (916) 341-5639SWRCB Staff
 Philip Dutton (916) 327-8669SWRCB Supervisor
 Philip Mcphaul (714) 484-5488DTSC Not Available
 Philip Meyer Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Philip Wyels (916) 341-5178SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Phillip Blum (818) 717-6544DTSC Supervisor
 Phillip Crader (916) 341-5500SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Phillip Kovacs (916) 341-6620CalRecycle Staff
 Philson Wong (916) 323-3220SWRCB Staff
 Phoebe Khan (916) 341-5038SWRCB Staff
 Phoua Cha (916) 341-5042SWRCB Staff
 Phuong Ho (916) 322-4687ARB Staff
 Phyllis Flack (510) 622-2420Water/R2 Staff
 Phyllis Gargas (916) 341-6318CalRecycle Staff
 Phyllis Gonzales (916) 445-2365SWRCB Staff
 Pinar Kose (916) 341-6536CalRecycle Staff
 Pingkuan Di (916) 322-6040ARB Manager
 Piotr Kostecki (951) 360-6450DTSC Not Available
 Pippin Brehler (916) 445-8239ARB Counsel
 Pippin L. Mader (916) 327-5601ARB Staff
 Poneh Jones (916) 323-3745SWRCB Staff
 Poonam Acharya (818) 717-6558DTSC Staff
 Poorni Iyer (916) 323-5646OEHHA Staff
 Pragya Pandey (510) 540-3932DTSC Not Available
 Pranay Avlani (916) 324-7662ARB Staff
 Prasanna Jayalath (916) 322-8699ARB Staff
 Precious Orji (626) 450-6243ARB Staff
 Predrag Janjic (916) 341-5935SWRCB Staff
 Premila Carleson (916) 445-9529DTSC Not Available
 Primitivo Nunez (562) 492-9687CalRecycle Supervisor
 Priyanka Talanki (916) 341-6409CalRecycle Staff
 Puja Vats (213) 576-6611Water/R4 Supervisor
 Pushpa Zachariah (916) 341-5863SWRCB Staff
 Puttappa Dodmane (916) 324-3465DPR Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards