Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Nabiul Afrooz (916) 323-9322SWRCB Staff
 Nadim Shukry-Zeywar (760) 776-8942Water/R7 Supervisor
 Naeem Ahmad (916) 323-3432SWRCB Staff
 Naila Malik (916) 323-3740SWRCB Staff
 Naira Ghukasyan (818) 551-2021SWRCB Staff
 Najah Amin (951) 320-6362Water/R8 Staff
 Nam Nguyen (951) 321-4582Water/R8 Staff
 Namiraj Jain (213) 576-6003Water/R4 Staff
 Nancy Olson-Martin (951) 782-4497Water/R8 Staff
 Nancy Ritter (916) 449-5651SWRCB Staff
 Naomi Kaplowitz (916) 341-5677SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Naresh Damodar (916) 341-5004SWRCB Staff
 Natalie Stork (916) 341-5336SWRCB Supervisor
 Natasha Dietz (916) 327-1708SWRCB Staff
 Natasha Ocegueda (559) 445-6187Water/R5 Staff
 Natasha Vidic (916) 464-4614Water/R5 Staff
 Nathan Casebeer (916) 341-5377SWRCB Staff
 Nathan Cullen (530) 224-4847Water/R5 Staff
 Nathan Dean (916) 341-5469SWRCB Staff
 Nathan Fisch (916) 323-0625SWRCB Staff
 Nathan Jacobsen (916) 341-5181SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Nathan King (510) 622-3966Water/R2 Supervisor
 Navdeep Brar (916) 324-4211SWRCB Staff
 Neal Funston (916) 341-5131SWRCB Staff
 Neeva Benipal (916) 341-6030SWRCB Staff
 Nerissa Schrader (213) 620-2237Water/R4 Supervisor
 Nhan Bao (213) 576-6703Water/R4 Staff
 Nhat Nguyen (916) 323-3434SWRCB Staff
 Nhat Tran (916) 449-5585SWRCB Staff
 Nhi Au (916) 341-5931SWRCB Staff
 Nicholas Martorano (916) 341-5514SWRCB Specialist
 Nicholas Smaira (805) 549-3467Water/R3 Staff
 Nicholas White (916) 464-4856Water/R5 Staff
 Nicholas Wong (916) 341-5733SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Nichole Morgan (916) 341-5822SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Nick Amini (951) 782-7958Water/R8 Supervisor
 Nick Chudeau (916) 341-5559SWRCB Staff
 Nickolaus Knight (916) 327-0169SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Nico Chapman (916) 341-5522SWRCB Intern
 Nicolas Denton (707) 576-6714SWRCB Staff
 Nicole Abney (916) 322-1686SWRCB Staff
 Nicole Alkov (213) 576-6677Water/R4 Staff
 Nicole Damin (916) 464-4785Water/R5 Staff
 Nicole DiCamillo (916) 440-7795SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Nicole Fairley (510) 622-2424Water/R2 Staff
 Nicole Fry (510) 622-5047Water/R2 Staff
 Nicole Gergans (619) 521-3969Water/R9 Staff
 Nicole Kuenzi (916) 322-4142SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Nicole Mullen (916) 341-6941SWRCB Staff
 Nicole Williamson (916) 319-8202SWRCB Supervisor
 Nicolette Dentoni (559) 444-2505Water/R5 Staff
 Nilkant Lal (916) 322-8410SWRCB Staff
 Nirmal Sandhar (916) 341-5571SWRCB Staff
 Noah Henry (916) 464-4821Water/R5 Staff
 Nobuaki Masutsubo (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Noel Carolipio (916) 449-5694SWRCB Staff
 Noel Gordon (916) 445-7290SWRCB Supervisor
 Noman Chowdhury (213) 576-6792Water/R4 Staff
 Noori Alavi (951) 782-3292Water/R8 Staff
 Nubia Santos (916) 341-5109SWRCB Supervisor
 Nushin Safaverdi (916) 341-5344SWRCB Lead
 Nzubechukwu Okemiri (916) 449-5651SWRCB Staff

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