Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Madison Mullen (916) 341-5001SWRCB Staff
 Magdalena Gudino (209) 948-7488SWRCB Staff
 Magdy Baiady (213) 576-6699Water/R4 Staff
 Maggie Azer (916) 323-2095SWRCB Staff
 Maggie Robinson (707) 576-2292Water/R1 Staff
 Maher Zaher (951) 782-3204Water/R8 Staff
 Maile Gee (951) 782-4379Water/R8 Staff
 Majd Nima (213) 576-6707Water/R4 Staff
 Malar Perinpanayagam (916) 464-4607Water/R5 Staff
 Mally Vue (916) 449-5621SWRCB Staff
 Man Voong (213) 576-6808Water/R4 Staff
 Manda Au (510) 622-2481Water/R2 Staff
 Mandy Mok (510) 620-3160SWRCB Staff
 Mandy Roman (916) 341-5265SWRCB Specialist
 Manjeet Kaur (818) 551-2010SWRCB Staff
 Manuel Delgado (619) 525-4408SWRCB Staff
 Mara Irby (916) 322-6794SWRCB Staff
 Mara Noelle (916) 319-0745SWRCB Staff
 Marc Brown (909) 321-4584Water/R8 Staff
 Marc Van Camp (916) 319-0466SWRCB Staff
 Marco Alcovendaz (916) 319-8573SWRCB Staff
 Marco Meza (916) 341-5132SWRCB Staff
 Marco Pacheco (510) 620-3454SWRCB Supervisor
 Marcos Delacruz (510) 622-2365Water/R2 Staff
 Marcus Ellison (559) 445-5565Water/R5 Staff
 Marcus Pierce (916) 464-4733Water/R5 Staff
 Margaret Champeny (916) 341-5644SWRCB Staff
 Margaret Crenshaw (510) 620-3464SWRCB Staff
 Margaret Monahan (510) 622-2377Water/R2 Supervisor
 Margarete Beth (510) 622-2338Water/R2 Staff
 Margie Saldana Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Margo Lahey (530) 542-5575Water/R6 Staff
 Maria Bambico (213) 576-6709Water/R4 Support Staff
 Maria Bozionelos (916) 341-5299SWRCB Staff
 Maria Carlson (559) 437-1582SWRCB Staff
 Maria Davydova (760) 776-8947Water/R7 Staff
 Maria Duenas (916) 445-1692SWRCB Supervisor
 Maria Fox (916) 341-5673SWRCB Executive Assistant
 Maria Friedman (818) 551-2014SWRCB Staff
 Maria Nanca (916) 319-0806SWRCB Staff
 Maria Pang (916) 319-8256SWRCB Staff
 Maria de la Paz Carpio-Obeso (916) 341-6029SWRCB Specialist
 Mariadela Hurtado-Brown (559) 447-3134SWRCB Staff
 Marianna Aue (916) 327-4440SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Marianne Watada (707) 576-2076SWRCB Staff
 Maribel Pizano (760) 776-8941Water/R7 Staff
 Marie Thomas (510) 622-2428SWRCB Staff
 Marielle Pinheiro (916) 327-0436SWRCB Staff
 Marilyn Petruescu (916) 464-4708Water/R5 Staff
 Marilyn Rogers (916) 341-7370SWRCB Staff
 Marina Velasquez (916) 341-5428SWRCB Staff
 Marina E Perez (916) 322-4265SWRCB Specialist
 Mario Ramirez (909) 383-4328SWRCB Staff
 Mario Vital (916) 341-5622SWRCB Staff
 Marisa Rodarte (916) 341-5682SWRCB Staff
 Marisa Van Dyke (916) 322-8431SWRCB Staff
 Marisol Gonzalez (530) 224-4204Water/R5 Staff
 Marissa Bosenko (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Marites Era (916) 341-5014SWRCB Staff
 Maritess Albano (818) 551-2028SWRCB Staff
 Mariya Sjostrand (916) 341-5055SWRCB Supervisor
 Marji Arjil (916) 341-5602SWRCB Staff
 Mark Bare (916) 327-2033SWRCB Staff
 Mark Bartson (916) 449-5622SWRCB Manager
 Mark Cassady (805) 549-3689Water/R3 Staff
 Mark Chan (916) 324-4182SWRCB Supervisor
 Mark Chin (916) 319-8287SWRCB Staff
 Mark Clardy (916) 464-4719Water/R5 Staff
 Mark Davis (805) 542-4629Water/R3 Staff
 Mark Denson (916) 341-5028SWRCB Staff
 Mark Emmerson (916) 445-6190SWRCB Staff
 Mark Fong (916) 341-5827SWRCB Staff
 Mark Johnson (510) 622-2493Water/R2 Staff
 Mark Kalashian (916) 319-9151SWRCB Staff
 Mark Lemus (760) 241-3408Water/R6 Staff
 Mark Magtoto (916) 341-5481SWRCB Staff
 Mark Matranga (916) 327-3112SWRCB Staff
 Mark Minsky (530) 542-5446Water/R6 Staff
 Mark Riedel-Bash (916) 322-6046SWRCB Staff
 Mark Smythe (951) 782-4998Water/R8 Manager
 Mark Wymer (916) 322-0756SWRCB Staff
 Marleigh Wood (916) 341-5169SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Marnie Ajello (916) 327-4439SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Marques Tamanaha (916) 449-5645SWRCB Staff
 Martha Monson (916) 341-5020SWRCB Staff
 Martha Pinto (213) 576-6800Water/R4 Staff
 Martin Fletcher (805) 549-3694Water/R3 Staff
 Martin Musonge (510) 622-2396Water/R2 Staff
 Martin Palomar (916) 341-5074SWRCB Staff
 Martin Taylor (916) 341-5416SWRCB Staff
 Mary Bartholomew (951) 321-4586Water/R8 Staff
 Mary Boyd (916) 341-5497SWRCB Supervisor
 Mary Castaneda (760) 346-7491Water/R7 Staff
 Mary Edwards (951) 782-4130Water/R8 Staff
 Mary Fiore-Wagner (530) 542-5425Water/R6 Specialist
 Mary Hamilton (Adams) (805) 542-4768Water/R3 Supervisor
 Mary Nguyen (916) 341-5719SWRCB Staff
 Mary Tappel (916) 341-5491SWRCB Staff
 Mary Yang (916) 322-6507SWRCB Staff
 Maryam Taidy (213) 576-6741Water/R4 Staff
 MaryAnne Rosario (916) 319-7998SWRCB Staff
 Mathew T Boone (530) 224-4129Water/R5 Supervisor
 Matt Foster (805) 566-6625SWRCB Staff
 Matt Pavelchik (916) 319-8258SWRCB Staff
 Matt Scroggins (559) 445-6042Water/R5 Supervisor
 Matt St. John (707) 570-3762Water/R1 Executive Officer
 Matt Wilson (916) 341-5159SWRCB Staff
 Matthew Buffleben (916) 341-5891SWRCB Supervisor
 Matthew Chambers (916) 341-5723SWRCB Staff
 Matthew Cochrane (916) 341-5752SWRCB Staff
 Matthew Cohen (916) 341-5751SWRCB Supervisor
 Matthew Freese (916) 341-5485SWRCB Staff
 Matthew Harlow (559) 445-5562Water/R5 Staff
 Matthew Holland (916) 341-5947SWRCB Manager
 Matthew Jay (916) 341-5396SWRCB Staff
 Matthew Kania (916) 341-5103SWRCB Staff
 Matthew Keeling (805) 549-3685Water/R3 Asst. Executive Officer
 Matthew Krause (916) 464-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Matthew Lovi (707) 576-2511SWRCB Staff
 Matthew McCarthy (916) 341-5310SWRCB Supervisor
 Matthew Metelitz (916) 322-0355SWRCB Staff
 Matthew Shimizu (916) 341-5539SWRCB Staff
 Matthew J. Quint (916) 341-5380SWRCB Staff
 Maurice Washington (707) 576-2831Water/R1 Staff
 Mawj Khammas (916) 327-5594SWRCB Staff
 Max Gomberg (916) 322-3052SWRCB Supervisor
 Maxine Cottrell Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Maxine Freeman (916) 341-5118SWRCB Staff
 Maya Garrett (916) 341-5653SWRCB Staff
 Maya McInerney (510) 622-2373Water/R2 Staff
 Mayumi Okamoto (916) 341-5674SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Mazhar Ali (213) 576-6652Water/R4 Staff
 McLean Reich (916) 323-2095SWRCB Supervisor
 Megan Raisis Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Megan Vang (916) 341-5130SWRCB Staff
 Meghan G. Tosney (916) 341-5458SWRCB Manager
 Mehreen Siddiqui (916) 322-9683SWRCB Staff
 Mehrnoosh Behrooz (951) 782-3237Water/R8 Staff
 Meiling Colombano (916) 341-5369SWRCB Staff
 Meirve Davey (916) 341-5466SWRCB Staff
 Melanie Turner (916) 323-0361SWRCB Staff
 Melinda Jolly (916) 341-5227SWRCB Staff
 Melinda Wong (510) 622-2430Water/R2 Staff
 Melissa Buciak (530) 224-4854Water/R5 Staff
 Melissa Daugherty (805) 542-4643Water/R3 Specialist
 Melissa Gunter (510) 622-2390Water/R2 Staff
 Melissa Hall (916) 323-0373SWRCB Supervisor
 Melissa Harpster (916) 341-5750SWRCB Manager
 Melissa Lane (213) 576-6787Water/R4 Staff
 Melissa Miller (916) 993-3872SWRCB Staff
 Melissa Morris (916) 341-5868SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Melissa Valdovinos (619) 521-8039Water/R9 Staff
 Melky Calderon (916) 341-5646SWRCB Staff
 Melvin Yee (510) 620-3463SWRCB Staff
 Meredith Howard Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Mey Bunte (530) 224-3265SWRCB Staff
 Mia Mayorga (916) 341-5013SWRCB Staff
 Micaela Bush (916) 464-4858Water/R5 Staff
 Micahel Sandecki (805) 549-3372Water/R3 Staff
 Michael Buckman (916) 341-5448SWRCB Supervisor
 Michael Burgess (530) 224-6506SWRCB Staff
 Michael Chee (510) 622-2333Water/R2 Staff
 Michael Collins (530) 224-4785Water/R5 Staff
 Michael Contreras (916) 341-5307SWRCB Staff
 Michael Crook (530) 224-4115Water/R5 Staff
 Michael D'Anna (916) 341-5328SWRCB Staff
 Michael Downey (916) 324-8404SWRCB Supervisor
 Michael Fischer (916) 464-4663Water/R5 Staff
 Michael George (916) 445-5962SWRCB Supervisor
 Michael Hanks (916) 341-5558SWRCB Staff
 Michael Huma (707) 576-6707Water/R1 Staff
 Michael Johnson (916) 341-5339SWRCB Staff
 Michael Kashak (951) 782-4469Water/R8 Staff
 Michael Lauffer (916) 341-5183SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Michael Macintosh (916) 341-5338SWRCB Staff
 Michael Macon Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Michael McKibben (619) 525-4023SWRCB Staff
 Michael Meza (916) 341-5427SWRCB Staff
 Michael Montgomery (510) 622-2314Water/R2 Executive Officer
 Michael Morones (916) 327-7846SWRCB Staff
 Michael Napolitano (510) 622-2397Water/R2 Staff
 Michael Ngai (916) 319-9060SWRCB Staff
 Michael Nilsen (530) 224-4853Water/R5 Staff
 Michael Parra (916) 341-5725SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Michael Perez (951) 782-4306Water/R8 Staff
 Michael Pfister (559) 444-2418Water/R5 Supervisor
 Michael Reubens (916) 323-0876SWRCB Staff
 Michael Rochette (510) 622-2411Water/R2 Staff
 Michael Rohner (916) 449-5649SWRCB Staff
 Michael Suglian (530) 542-5447Water/R6 Staff
 Michael Tanamachi (916) 323-3524SWRCB Staff
 Michael Tolin (916) 552-9995SWRCB Staff
 Michael D. Godwin (805) 549-3886Water/R3 Staff
 Micheale Easley (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Michele Fortner (707) 576-6706Water/R1 Staff
 Michele Stebbins (916) 319-9069SWRCB Staff
 Michelle Avila (530) 542-5400Water/R6 Staff
 Michelle Beckwith (951) 782-4433Water/R8 Supervisor
 Michelle Frederick (831) 655-6933SWRCB Supervisor
 Michelle Mata (619) 521-3369Water/R9 Staff
 Michelle Siebal (916) 322-8465SWRCB Staff
 Michelle Snapp (916) 464-4824Water/R5 Staff
 Michelle Tang (916) 341-5504SWRCB Staff
 Michelle Taylor (916) 341-6929SWRCB Supervisor
 Miguel Oviedo (951) 782-3238Water/R8 Staff
 Miguelita Arcana (818) 551-2005SWRCB Staff
 Mike Grill (559) 445-6083Water/R5 Staff
 Mike McNamara (530) 224-4800SWRCB Supervisor
 Mike Porter (619) 521-3967Water/R9 Staff
 Milagros Alora (818) 551-2026SWRCB Staff
 Milasol Gaslan (213) 576-6776Water/R4 Manager
 Mina Ziaei (916) 341-5644SWRCB Staff
 Minji Lu (916) 327-8675SWRCB Staff
 Minliang Shih (714) 547-0430SWRCB Staff
 Mireille Garcia (619) 521-8041Water/R9 Staff
 Misha Anderson (707) 576-2728SWRCB Staff
 Mitchell Moody (916) 341-5383SWRCB Staff
 Moani Greer (916) 324-0998SWRCB Staff
 Mohammad Farhad (916) 464-1181Water/R5 Staff
 Mohammad Sohrabi (916) 327-8513SWRCB Staff
 Mohammad Zaidi (213) 576-6732Water/R4 Staff
 Mohammed Khan (916) 341-5243SWRCB Staff
 Moises Moreno-Rivera (916) 341-5261SWRCB Staff
 Mona Dougherty (707) 570-3761Water/R1 Supervisor
 Monet Dyson Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Monica Ammann (760) 776-8972Water/R7 Staff
 Monica Barricarte (805) 549-3881Water/R3 Staff
 Monique Gaido (530) 224-4205Water/R5 Staff
 Montarat Reilly (916) 449-5973SWRCB Staff
 Montie Easter Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Morgan Johnson (916) 319-8563SWRCB Staff
 Muhammad Bashir (951) 320-6396Water/R8 Staff
 My Nai Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 MyLinh Dunn (916) 341-5206SWRCB Staff
 Myriam Zech (510) 622-5684Water/R2 Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards