Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Mai Andrews (916) 341-6215CalRecycle Staff
 Mallory Burden (562) 981-3932CalRecycle Staff
 Maly Boonsalat (916) 341-6074CalRecycle Staff
 Manuel Cacho (916) 323-2995CalRecycle Supervisor
 Marc Lorentzen (916) 323-5495CalRecycle Staff
 Marcus Santillano (916) 341-6328CalRecycle Staff
 Margaret Comotto (916) 341-6399CalRecycle Staff
 Margo Flores (916) 327-8811CalRecycle Supervisor
 Maria Bardo (916) 341-6626CalRecycle Staff
 Maria Nevarez-Martinez (310) 342-0626CalRecycle Supervisor
 Maria Salinas (916) 341-6285CalRecycle Staff
 Maria West (916) 341-6625CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Maria Elena Kennedy (916) 341-6228CalRecycle Staff
 Marianne Chigbrow (916) 341-6263CalRecycle Staff
 Marie Nudi (916) 324-0857CalRecycle Staff
 Mariel Zubiaga (916) 322-4178CalRecycle Staff
 Marile Colindres (916) 341-6637CalRecycle Staff
 Marilyn Freeman-Wright (916) 341-6087CalRecycle Staff
 Marisela Chavez (951) 782-4199CalRecycle Staff
 Marissa Cota (916) 341-6671CalRecycle Manager
 Marjorie Dailey-Chadwick (916) 341-6050CalRecycle Support Staff
 Mark Cortez (916) 341-6530CalRecycle Staff
 Mark de Bie (916) 341-6331CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Mark Eubanks (916) 341-6506CalRecycle Manager
 Mark Kahren (916) 341-6652CalRecycle Staff
 Mark Rodriguez (916) 341-6340CalRecycle Staff
 Mark Umfress (916) 341-6261CalRecycle Supervisor
 Marla Harper (916) 323-2558CalRecycle Staff
 Marlon Varela (916) 341-6120CalRecycle Staff
 Marshalle Graham (916) 341-6270CalRecycle Supervisor
 Martin Lung (916) 327-2778CalRecycle Staff
 Martin Perez (916) 323-0834CalRecycle Manager
 Martine Boswell (916) 341-6166CalRecycle Staff
 Marwah Alhaideri (916) 341-6854CalRecycle Staff
 Mary Curry (916) 341-6357CalRecycle Staff
 Mary Tesema (916) 324-2840CalRecycle Staff
 MaryKay Shafer (916) 445-0545CalRecycle Supervisor
 Matt Henigan (916) 322-2969CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Matt Hill (916) 341-6578CalRecycle Consultant
 Matt Luong (916) 341-6604CalRecycle Staff
 Matt Sheehan (916) 341-6344CalRecycle Staff
 Matthew Fong (916) 341-6447CalRecycle Staff
 Matthew Hoang (916) 341-6161CalRecycle Staff
 Matthew Weiss (916) 323-4669CalRecycle Staff
 Meagan Wilson (916) 341-6077CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Megan Emslander (916) 341-6363CalRecycle Staff
 Mel Knight (916) 341-6359CalRecycle Consultant
 Melissa Gomez (562) 595-1950CalRecycle Staff
 Melissa Gray (916) 324-8861CalRecycle Staff
 Melissa Hoover-Hartwick (916) 341-6813CalRecycle Staff
 Melissa Mojonnier (916) 341-6048CalRecycle Staff
 Melissa Parker (916) 341-6398CalRecycle Staff
 Melissa Sanford (916) 341-6104CalRecycle Staff
 Melissa Vargas (916) 341-6271CalRecycle Supervisor
 Mia Hunt (562) 595-8939CalRecycle Staff
 Mia Kawamoto (916) 322-2535CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Borton (916) 322-5125CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Chen (916) 341-7028CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Giles (916) 324-0806CalRecycle Staff
 Michael James (916) 341-6243CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Kuhn (916) 341-6134CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Payan (916) 341-6705CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Turgeon (916) 341-6165CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Uybungco (916) 322-1899CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Vanderburg (916) 327-2769CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Wochnick (916) 341-6289CalRecycle Supervisor
 Michael Yee (916) 341-6179CalRecycle Staff
 Michael Yu (916) 341-6632CalRecycle Staff
 Michelle Caballero (916) 322-4032CalRecycle Staff
 Michelle Carlson (916) 445-5897CalRecycle Staff
 Michelle Cevallos (916) 341-6785CalRecycle Staff
 Michelle Dewey (916) 341-6118CalRecycle Staff
 Michelle Martin (916) 341-6116CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Michelle Slocombe (916) 341-6794CalRecycle Staff
 Mike Miller (916) 323-0713CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Mindy McIntyre (916) 341-6114CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Minjie Du (916) 341-6800CalRecycle Staff
 Mohammed Feroz (916) 341-5066CalRecycle Supervisor
 Mohammed Salim (310) 342-1244CalRecycle Staff
 Monica Gomez (916) 341-6483CalRecycle Student
 Monique Johnson (310) 342-6100CalRecycle Staff
 Monique Wilkerson (916) 323-3555CalRecycle Supervisor
 Monte Smith (916) 327-4401CalRecycle Staff
 Muhammad Alam (916) 324-0387CalRecycle Staff
 Mustafe Botan (916) 341-6367CalRecycle Staff
 Myrtle Maghirang (310) 342-6112CalRecycle Staff

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