Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 L.B. Nye (213) 576-6785Water/R4 Manager
 Lala Kabadaian (213) 620-6370Water/R4 Staff
 Laleh Rastegarzadeh (916) 341-5490SWRCB Staff
 Lalitha Thotakura (619) 521-3002Water/R9 Staff
 Lance Le (707) 576-6727Water/R1 Staff
 Lance Lister (916) 341-5090SWRCB Branch Chief
 Lance Reese (916) 449-5625SWRCB Manager
 Lang Khang (916) 341-5412SWRCB Staff
 Lani Andam (916) 464-4723Water/R5 Staff
 Larry Harlan (805) 594-6195Water/R3 Staff
 Lauma Willis (951) 782-4920Water/R8 Manager
 Laura Drabandt (916) 341-5180SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Laura Fisher (916) 341-5870SWRCB Supervisor
 Laura Korman (530) 542-5443Water/R6 Staff
 Laura Lavallee (916) 341-5422SWRCB Supervisor
 Laura McLellan (916) 319-8288SWRCB Supervisor
 Laura Shook (916) 322-9444SWRCB Staff
 Laurel Firestone (916) 341-5607SWRCB Board Member
 Laurel Warddrip (916) 341-6904SWRCB Supervisor
 Lauren Adams (916) 327-8564SWRCB Staff
 Lauren Gordon (805) 549-3698Water/R3 Staff
 Lauren Marshall (916) 323-5670SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Lauren Smitherman (916) 464-4668Water/R5 Supervisor
 Laurent Meillier (510) 622-3277Water/R2 Supervisor
 Laurie Scribe (530) 542-5465Water/R6 Staff
 Laurie Taul (510) 622-2508Water/R2 Staff
 Laurie Walsh (619) 521-3373Water/R9 Supervisor
 Lawrence Sanchez (818) 551-2017SWRCB Staff
 Leah Lemoine (805) 549-3159Water/R3 Staff
 Leah Vang (916) 323-7903SWRCB Supervisor
 Leanne Evans (916) 341-5058SWRCB Branch Chief
 Lee Barclay Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Lei Li (818) 551-2024SWRCB Staff
 Len Schiedel (916) 319-8465SWRCB Specialist
 Lenore Gamez (951) 782-4905Water/R8 Supervisor
 Leo Cosentini (916) 341-5524SWRCB Staff
 Les Grober (916) 319-0466SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Leslie Bierwirth-Douglas (916) 341-5110SWRCB Staff
 Leslie Ferguson (510) 622-2344Water/R2 Staff
 Leslie Hart (916) 341-5473SWRCB Staff
 Leslie Laudon (916) 341-5499SWRCB Deputy Director
 Leslie Perry (510) 622-2312Water/R2 Staff
 Letticia Gilmore (916) 323-0340SWRCB Staff
 Levi Warr (916) 574-1434SWRCB Staff
 Lewis Lummen (559) 445-5561Water/R5 Staff
 Lilibeth Rodriguez (916) 341-5739SWRCB Scientific Aid
 Lillian Luong (818) 551-2038SWRCB Staff
 Lily Lee (916) 445-2816SWRCB Staff
 Lily Weaver (916) 341-5184SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Linda Candelaria (951) 782-4906Water/R8 Staff
 Linda Flanagan (916) 341-5117SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Linda Louie (510) 620-3171SWRCB Staff
 Linda Newson (916) 341-5114SWRCB Staff
 Linda Ramirez (559) 447-3392SWRCB Staff
 Linda Stone (530) 542-5471Water/R6 Staff
 Lindsay DeFazio (916) 341-5282SWRCB Staff
 Lindsay Kammeier (916) 445-5961SWRCB Staff
 Lindsay Whalin (510) 622-2363Water/R2 Staff
 Lindsay Wright (916) 341-5922SWRCB Staff
 Linsey Shariq (916) 341-5655SWRCB Staff
 Lisa Bernard (707) 576-2677Water/R1 Supervisor
 Lisa Holmes (916) 341-5557SWRCB Staff
 Lisa Hong (916) 323-5175SWRCB Staff
 Lisa Honma (619) 521-3367Water/R9 Staff
 Lisa Jensen (916) 341-5453SWRCB Staff
 Lisa Labrado (916) 341-5638SWRCB Supervisor
 Lisa Machado Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Lisa Marzan (916) 327-2414SWRCB Staff
 Lisa McCann (510) 622-2441Water/R2 Asst. Executive Officer
 Lisa Ransom (530) 224-4800SWRCB Staff
 Lisa Scoralle (530) 542-5452Water/R6 Staff
 Lisa Wilson (916) 464-4844Water/R5 Staff
 Lisseth Anaya (916) 319-8245SWRCB Staff
 Lixin Fu (916) 464-4689Water/R5 Staff
 Logan Raub (760) 776-8966Water/R7 Staff
 Lola Barba (916) 341-5009SWRCB Supervisor
 Lolito Bagtasos (818) 551-2035SWRCB Staff
 Lora Krenzler (916) 341-5085SWRCB Staff
 Lora Lyons (831) 655-6942SWRCB Staff
 Lori Foster (707) 576-2656Water/R1 Staff
 Lori Hanson (707) 576-2604SWRCB Staff
 Lori Konecny (916) 445-9777SWRCB Staff
 Lori Rodgers (916) 445-5126SWRCB Staff
 Lori Schmitz (916) 449-5285SWRCB Staff
 Lori Webber (916) 341-5736SWRCB Supervisor
 Lorin Sutton (559) 445-6086Water/R5 Staff
 Lourdes Mertens (559) 447-3300SWRCB Staff
 Lourin Hubbard (559) 445-9653Water/R5 Staff
 Lovdeep Singh (559) 445-6186Water/R5 Staff
 Lu-Ying Lin (213) 576-6654Water/R4 Staff
 Lucas Sharkey (805) 594-6144Water/R3 Staff
 Lucero Guillen (916) 449-5295SWRCB Staff
 Lucia Neri (916) 341-5095SWRCB Branch Chief
 Lucinda Flores (213) 576-6633Water/R4 Staff
 Lucio Orellana (916) 445-2493SWRCB Staff
 Lucy Singletary (916) 341-5021SWRCB Manager
 Lucy Tran-Ruelas (916) 552-9127SWRCB Supervisor
 Luis Changkuon (213) 576-6667Water/R4 Staff
 Luyue Zhang (213) 620-2229Water/R4 Staff
 Luz Vargas (213) 620-2219Water/R4 Staff
 Lydia Montgomery Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Lynette Shipsey (707) 576-2460Water/R1 Staff
 Lynn Coster (530) 224-2437Water/R5 Supervisor
 Lynnette Fischer (916) 327-3119SWRCB Staff

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