Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Kaete King (707) 576-2848Water/R1 Staff
 Kai Dunn (760) 776-8986Water/R7 Supervisor
 Kailyn Ellison (916) 445-9557SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Kaitlin Traver (951) 782-4992Water/R8 Staff
 Kajol Gupta Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Kam Chen (805) 566-1317SWRCB Staff
 Kamal Daniel (916) 327-2127SWRCB Staff
 Kangshi Wang (213) 576-6780Water/R4 Staff
 Kara James Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Karen Black (916) 341-6899SWRCB Staff
 Karen Bolan (707) 576-2730SWRCB Staff
 Karen Gilligan (916) 464-4754Water/R5 Staff
 Karen Hogan (916) 322-7901SWRCB Staff
 Karen Kramer (916) 341-5689SWRCB Supervisor
 Karen Lee (510) 620-3162SWRCB Staff
 Karen McDowell (510) 622-2398Water/R2 Staff
 Karen Mogus (916) 341-5423SWRCB Deputy Director
 Karen Niiya (916) 341-5365SWRCB Staff
 Karen Nishimoto (510) 620-3461SWRCB Supervisor
 Karen O'Haire (916) 341-5179SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Karen Wong (818) 551-2037SWRCB Staff
 Kari Holmes (916) 464-4623Water/R5 Manager
 Kari Holzgang (916) 341-5461SWRCB Staff
 Karin Nguyen (916) 319-8107SWRCB Staff
 Karina Frazier (916) 322-5330SWRCB Staff
 Karmen Sohrabyan (818) 551-2011SWRCB Staff
 Karmina Padgett (916) 341-5642SWRCB Staff
 Kartiki Naik (916) 319-9468SWRCB Staff
 Karyn Steckling (805) 549-3465Water/R3 Staff
 Kason Grady (707) 576-2682Water/R1 Manager
 Kate Burger (530) 223-2081Water/R5 Supervisor
 Kate Cooper (916) 341-5274SWRCB Intern
 Kate Sjoberg (530) 224-4850Water/R5 Staff
 Katelyn Hilty (916) 322-7902SWRCB Staff
 Katharine Buddingh (916) 440-7769SWRCB Staff
 Katharine Carter (707) 576-2290Water/R1 Supervisor
 Katherine Hawken (707) 576-2683Water/R1 Staff
 Katherine Lee (916) 341-5386SWRCB Supervisor
 Katherine Walsh (916) 445-2317SWRCB Supervisor
 Katheryn Landau (916) 341-5588SWRCB Manager
 Kathleen Bindl (530) 542-5487Water/R6 Staff
 Kathleen Fong (951) 774-0114Water/R8 Staff
 Kathleen Hicks (816) 549-3458Water/R3 Staff
 Kathryn Bare (916) 327-3113SWRCB Staff
 Kathryn Dominic (916) 449-5591SWRCB Supervisor
 Kathryn Gaffney (916) 341-5360SWRCB Staff
 Kathryn Hart (510) 622-2356Water/R2 Staff
 Kathy Owen (916) 341-5573SWRCB Deputy Director
 Kathy Truong (805) 549-3293Water/R3 Staff
 Katie Carpenter (559) 445-5551Water/R5 Staff
 Katie Connaughton (530) 224-4870SWRCB Staff
 Katie DiSimone (805) 542-4638Water/R3 Staff
 Katie Duprey (951) 782-4385Water/R8 Staff
 Katie Fong (916) 341-5533SWRCB Staff
 Katie Gilman (530) 224-3212Water/R5 Staff
 Katie McNeill (805) 549-3336Water/R3 Staff
 Katlin Bloom (916) 323-0573SWRCB Staff
 Katrina Fleshman (530) 542-5414Water/R6 Executive Assistant
 Katrina Kaiser (510) 622-2379Water/R2 Staff
 Kayla Spratt (530) 224-4994Water/R5 Staff
 Keara Tuso (916) 324-6655SWRCB Staff
 Keenan Smith (916) 327-3115SWRCB Staff
 Keisha Kelley (916) 341-5665SWRCB Staff
 Keith Bouma-Gregson (916) 322-8430SWRCB Staff
 Keith Elliott (951) 782-4925Water/R8 Staff
 Keith Lichten (510) 622-2380Water/R2 Manager
 Keith Person (951) 782-4997Water/R8 Staff
 Keith Roberson (510) 622-2404Water/R2 Supervisor
 Kelli Garver (916) 464-4602Water/R5 Manager
 Kelly Dorsey (619) 521-3008Water/R9 Manager
 Kelly Hickcox (530) 224-3255Water/R5 Staff
 Kelly Huck (530) 542-5458Water/R6 Staff
 Kelly Martin (559) 445-5643Water/R5 Staff
 Kelly Maurie (916) 327-9530SWRCB Staff
 Kelsey Gerhart (805) 594-6182Water/R3 Staff
 Kelsey Moore (916) 323-0877SWRCB Staff
 Ken Theisen (951) 320-2028Water/R8 Staff
 Ken Williams (951) 782-4496Water/R8 Supervisor
 Kenneth Emanuel (916) 341-5317SWRCB Staff
 Kenneth Jacobs Not AvailableSWRCB Information Officer
 Kenneth Petruzzelli (916) 319-8577SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Kenny Croyle (916) 464-4676Water/R5 Staff
 Kenyatta Dumisani (916) 341-5824SWRCB Staff
 Keri Yee (916) 464-4624Water/R5 Support Staff
 Kerri OKeefe (530) 542-5473Water/R6 Staff
 Kerri Price (916) 341-5715SWRCB Staff
 Kevin Brown (510) 622-2358Water/R2 Staff
 Kevin DeLano (916) 319-0631SWRCB Staff
 Kevin Heinemann (951) 782-4384SWRCB Manager
 Kevin Lin (213) 576-6781Water/R4 Staff
 Kevin Long (916) 341-5346SWRCB Staff
 Kevin Lunde (510) 622-2431Water/R2 Supervisor
 Kevin Nguyen (916) 341-6998SWRCB Staff
 Kevin Nunez (916) 327-3110SWRCB Staff
 Kevin Porzio (916) 341-6914SWRCB Supervisor
 Kevin Sokol (916) 323-0592SWRCB Staff
 Kevin Warring (916) 552-9972SWRCB Staff
 Khalid Abdullah (213) 576-6675SWRCB Staff
 Khoa Hoang (916) 341-5046SWRCB Staff
 KhristinaRae Leyba (916) 341-5796SWRCB Staff
 Kiet Tran (916) 341-5230SWRCB Staff
 Kim Dinh (916) 341-5729SWRCB Supervisor
 Kim Hanagan (916) 323-0624SWRCB Manager
 Kim Sanders (805) 542-4771Water/R3 Staff
 Kim M. Niemeyer (916) 341-5547SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Kimberly Chandler (805) 542-4623Water/R3 Staff
 Kimberly McMurray-Cathcart (619) 521-3919Water/R9 Staff
 Kimberly Pham (916) 322-8429SWRCB Staff
 Kimberly Yee (510) 622-2495Water/R2 Staff
 Kira Smith (916) 319-8257SWRCB Staff
 Kiranmai Kesireddy (916) 323-3222SWRCB Manager
 Kirk Larkin (951) 320-2182Water/R8 Staff
 Kirk Larson (916) 341-5663SWRCB Staff
 Kirt Sandhu Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Kola Olatunbosun (760) 776-8958Water/R7 Staff
 Koreenia Harmon (916) 319-0807SWRCB Staff
 Krista Aschenbrener (530) 224-4994Water/R5 Staff
 Kristen Gangl (916) 323-9389SWRCB Specialist
 Kristen Gomes (559) 445-5108Water/R5 Staff
 Kristen Manzano (916) 341-4718SWRCB Staff
 Kristen Torres (916) 322-9687SWRCB Staff
 Kristen Way (916) 341-5879SWRCB Staff
 Kristi Matal (916) 319-8264SWRCB Staff
 Kristie Kao (213) 620-2283Water/R4 Staff
 Kristin Baer (916) 341-5792SWRCB Staff
 Kristin Schwall (619) 521-3368Water/R9 Staff
 Kristin Shelton (916) 464-4819Water/R5 Staff
 Kristina Olmos (805) 549-3121Water/R3 Staff
 Kristina Yoshida (510) 622-2334Water/R2 Staff
 Kristine Walker (916) 464-4804SWRCB Staff
 Kristyn Abhold (916) 327-5593SWRCB Supervisor
 Krystle Taylor (916) 327-2040SWRCB Staff
 Kulvinder Singh (559) 445-5582Water/R5 Staff
 Kumcha Pak (916) 341-5222SWRCB Staff
 Kun Cheng (818) 551-2019SWRCB Staff
 Kurt Souza (805) 566-4745SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Kurtis Lee (619) 525-4646SWRCB Staff
 Kyle Cockerham (916) 464-4811Water/R5 Staff
 Kyle Johnson Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Kyle McNeil (916) 323-0886SWRCB Staff
 Kyle Mossman (916) 445-9343SWRCB Staff
 Kyle Wooldridge Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Kyle Wright (951) 320-6370Water/R8 Staff

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