Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Kami Jan (916) 319-9939CalRecycle Staff
 Kamrun Zargar (916) 341-6548CalRecycle Staff
 Kaoru Cruz (916) 341-6249CalRecycle Supervisor
 Karen Veliz (916) 322-1580CalRecycle Support Staff
 Karina Cruz (916) 341-6582CalRecycle Staff
 Karisa Carlos (916) 341-6373CalRecycle Staff
 Karla Miller (916) 327-8804CalRecycle Supervisor
 Karla Mondo (916) 341-6195CalRecycle Staff
 Karthik Kushala (916) 341-6617CalRecycle Consultant
 Karyn Gardner (916) 445-2148CalRecycle Staff
 Kassandra Pizzi (916) 322-3909CalRecycle Staff
 Kate Whitney (916) 341-6477CalRecycle Staff
 Katherine Chau (916) 341-6518CalRecycle Staff
 Katherine Wilkins (916) 322-2503CalRecycle Staff
 Kathleen Nitta (916) 341-6067CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Kathleen Strickley (916) 322-1848CalRecycle Staff
 Kathryn Ferrer (562) 595-1344CalRecycle Staff
 Kathy Bare (916) 341-6765CalRecycle Staff
 Katie Garrison (916) 341-6524CalRecycle Supervisor
 Katie Nystrom (916) 341-6823CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Kelley St. Clair (916) 341-6287CalRecycle Staff
 Kelly Doda (916) 324-5050CalRecycle Staff
 Kelsey Leet (916) 341-6797CalRecycle Student
 Kelsey Orr (916) 341-6801CalRecycle Staff
 Ken DaRosa (916) 341-6544CalRecycle Chief Deputy Director
 Ken Decio (916) 341-6313CalRecycle Supervisor
 Ken Scott (916) 327-2779CalRecycle Staff
 Kenneth King (916) 323-0574CalRecycle Staff
 Kenneth Yee (916) 341-6532CalRecycle Manager
 Kevin Campbell (916) 445-3356CalRecycle Manager
 Kevin Filipich (916) 341-6533CalRecycle Staff
 Kevin Laird (916) 341-6425CalRecycle Staff
 Kevin Manfred (916) 322-1238CalRecycle Volunteer
 Kevin Webb (916) 341-6172CalRecycle Staff
 Kiersten Woods (916) 341-6732CalRecycle Consultant
 Kim Curry Goldsby (951) 782-7130CalRecycle Staff
 Kim Sellards (916) 341-6150CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Kimberly Smith (916) 341-6615CalRecycle Staff
 Kimberly Walton (916) 322-2582CalRecycle Staff
 Kirby Garrett (916) 341-6380CalRecycle Supervisor
 Kirk Amato (916) 341-6762CalRecycle Staff
 Kishore Lodhia (916) 322-1827CalRecycle Staff
 Kori Arbis (916) 327-3044CalRecycle Manager
 Kris Chisholm (916) 322-2404CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Krishna Rodriguez (916) 322-4149CalRecycle Supervisor
 Kristen Pidcock (916) 341-6026CalRecycle Staff
 Kristina Chambers (916) 341-6103CalRecycle Executive Assistant
 Krysty Emery (916) 341-6684CalRecycle Manager
 Kyle Emery (916) 341-6362CalRecycle Supervisor
 Kyle Pogue (916) 341-6246CalRecycle Manager
 Kyle Vlach (916) 322-1825CalRecycle Staff

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