Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Ka Cheung (916) 229-0955ARB Staff
 Kaishan Zhang (626) 459-4462ARB Staff
 Kaitlyn Hester (916) 322-3947ARB Staff
 Kalie Bonomo (916) 322-8260ARB Staff
 Kam Wan (626) 575-6908ARB Staff
 Kamal Ahuja (916) 327-5604ARB Staff
 Kamran Adili (916) 323-0014ARB Staff
 Kamran (Greg) Gilani (916) 323-2915ARB Manager
 Kanwalpreet Bhatti (916) 323-2730ARB Staff
 Karen Buckley-Huber (916) 322-8474ARB Branch Chief
 Karen Fletcher (916) 322-2430ARB Staff
 Karen Lutter (916) 322-8620ARB Staff
 Karen Magliano (916) 322-7137ARB Division Chief
 Karen Snyder (916) 323-1537ARB Staff
 Karen A. Caesar (626) 575-6728ARB Staff
 Karina Aguilera (916) 322-8957ARB Staff
 Karishma Becha (916) 327-2997ARB Staff
 Kasia Turkiewicz (916) 445-6497ARB Staff
 Katerina Krichevsky (916) 229-0380ARB Staff
 Katherine Estabrook (916) 806-8003ARB Staff
 Katherine Garrison (916) 322-1522ARB Staff
 Katherine Talamantez (916) 322-2891ARB Staff
 Kathleen Gill (916) 445-9483ARB Manager
 Kathleen Kozawa (916) 327-5599ARB Manager
 Kathleen Mead (916) 324-9550ARB Staff
 Kathryn Caldwell (916) 445-7578ARB Staff
 Kathryn Canepa (916) 324-0202ARB Staff
 Kathryn George (916) 322-4738ARB Staff
 Kathryn Gugeler (916) 322-0221ARB Staff
 Kathryn Kynett (916) 322-8598ARB Staff
 Kathy Edwards (661) 334-3997ARB Staff
 Kathy Jaw (916) 322-1720ARB Manager
 Kathy Walton (916) 229-0736ARB Staff
 Katie English (916) 229-0781ARB Staff
 Katie King (916) 445-5430ARB Staff
 Katrina Castellano (916) 324-8026ARB Staff
 Katy Sullivan (916) 322-8195ARB Staff
 Kavita Singh Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Kaycie Yong (916) 324-0595ARB Manager
 Kaylin Huang (916) 322-6924ARB Staff
 Keiko Gee (916) 440-8258ARB Staff
 Keith Clayton Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Keith Kennedy (916) 322-2496ARB Manager
 Keith Lanterman (916) 322-0606ARB Staff
 Keith Macias (626) 350-6522ARB Staff
 Keith Roderick (916) 327-7838ARB Staff
 Kelley Dorning (916) 322-8201ARB Manager
 Kelli Johnson (916) 440-8299ARB Staff
 Kelly Kerber (916) 324-2828ARB Supervisor
 Kelly Peng (916) 445-3750ARB Staff
 Kelly Richards (916) 322-8215ARB Staff
 Kelly Weatherford (916) 229-0864ARB Manager
 Kelly Yonn (916) 324-3332ARB Staff
 Kelsey Craig (916) 440-8291ARB Staff
 Kemal Gurer (916) 323-4406ARB Staff
 Ken Dean (916) 322-7285ARB Staff
 Ken Stark (916) 229-0388ARB Staff
 Kenneth Helgren (626) 575-6850ARB Staff
 Kenneth Lewis (916) 322-8098ARB Staff
 Kenneth Snyder (626) 450-6295ARB Staff
 Kenneth Stroud (916) 324-7630ARB Branch Chief
 Kenny Lee (626) 450-6234ARB Staff
 Kersey Manliclic (916) 324-3500ARB Staff
 Keshav Sahay (626) 575-6946ARB Manager
 Kevin Eslinger (916) 445-2151ARB Staff
 Kevin Forson (916) 229-0387ARB Staff
 Kevin Lee (916) 229-0881ARB Staff
 Kevin Lim (916) 440-8241ARB Staff
 Kevin Robison (916) 445-0098ARB Staff
 Kevin Sothy (626) 575-6751ARB Staff
 Kevin Wokosin (916) 229-0636ARB Staff
 Kevin Yang (916) 322-8524ARB Staff
 Kevin Young (916) 322-8524ARB Staff
 Khadija Williams (626) 350-6496ARB Staff
 Khaled Kheiravar (916) 440-8276ARB Staff
 Kim Berry (916) 327-6185ARB Staff
 Kim Duong (626) 350-6441ARB Staff
 Kim Heroy-Rogalski (916) 327-2200ARB Branch Chief
 Kim Nguyen (916) 229-0353ARB Staff
 Kim Wells (916) 322-1502ARB Staff
 Kimberly Pryor (626) 575-6640ARB Branch Chief
 Kimya Lambert (916) 323-2507ARB Staff
 Kirsten Cayabyab (916) 322-3531ARB Staff
 Kirula Hettigoda (626) 459-4334ARB Staff
 Kishore Papatla Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Klaus Scott (916) 327-0301ARB Staff
 Koki Shimohashi (916) 324-9649ARB Staff
 Krista Eley (916) 322-2333ARB Staff
 Krista Fregoso (916) 445-5035ARB Staff
 Kristen McKinley (916) 229-0748ARB Manager
 Kristina Smith (916) 323-1068ARB Staff
 Kristine VanKeuren (916) 323-4515ARB Staff
 Kriyan Govender (916) 327-8772ARB Staff
 Kumar Muthukumar (626) 575-7040ARB Manager
 Kurt Karperos (916) 322-2739ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Kurt Sanders (916) 322-4342ARB Staff
 Kurt Sincoff (916) 327-5616ARB Staff
 Kwangsam Na (213) 922-5958ARB Staff
 Kyle Bly (916) 229-0335ARB Staff
 Kyle Goff (916) 324-1988ARB Staff
 Kyle Ochoa (661) 334-3992ARB Staff
 Kyle Vagadori (916) 445-9391ARB Staff
 Kyriacos Kyriacou (916) 327-5783ARB Staff

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ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards