Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Jack Gregg (510) 622-2437Water/R2 Staff
 Jack Singrasabout Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Jackie Carry (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Jacob Iversen (916) 341-5479SWRCB Staff
 Jacob Kaplan (916) 341-5596SWRCB Staff
 Jacob Mendoza (916) 323-0680SWRCB Staff
 Jacob Shannon (707) 576-2673Water/R1 Staff
 Jacob Walker Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Jacqueline Gonzales (559) 445-6541Water/R5 Support Staff
 Jacqueline Huynh (916) 341-5650SWRCB Staff
 Jacqueline Tkac (805) 542-6163Water/R3 Staff
 Jacques Lord (916) 341-5651SWRCB Staff
 Jaime Favila (916) 341-5482SWRCB Staff
 Jaime Marotte (916) 449-5615SWRCB Staff
 Jaime Ricci (916) 323-0584SWRCB Staff
 Jake Gallant (916) 327-8597SWRCB Staff
 Jamari McMahan (916) 341-5300SWRCB Staff
 Jameela Zaghmouri (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 James Bishop (805) 542-4628Water/R3 Staff
 James Burke (707) 576-2289Water/R1 Supervisor
 James Carolan (530) 542-5477Water/R6 Staff
 James Garcia (916) 341-5647SWRCB Supervisor
 James Garrett (916) 445-4218SWRCB Supervisor
 James Harms (916) 322-9215SWRCB Consultant
 James Hoffman (916) 730-3236SWRCB Staff
 James Jablonski (714) 558-1852SWRCB Staff
 James Kang (213) 576-6807Water/R4 Staff
 James Ko (818) 551-2007SWRCB Staff
 James Muller (510) 622-2406Water/R2 Staff
 James Nachbaur (916) 322-6509SWRCB Director
 James Nguyen (916) 341-5814SWRCB Staff
 James Parrish (510) 622-2381Water/R2 Staff
 James Ponton (510) 622-2492Water/R2 Supervisor
 James Reade (530) 224-2485SWRCB Staff
 James Ryan (213) 576-6711Water/R4 Staff
 James Smith (619) 521-3006Water/R9 Asst. Executive Officer
 James Taylor (916) 464-4669Water/R5 Specialist
 James Willis (818) 551-2031SWRCB Staff
 James Young (916) 341-7373SWRCB Staff
 James D Marshall (916) 464-4772Water/R5 Supervisor
 Jami Ferguson (916) 322-3235SWRCB Supervisor
 Jamie Johnson (916) 327-8622SWRCB Staff
 Jamie Little (916) 341-5035SWRCB Manager
 Jamie Nichols (916) 341-5106SWRCB Staff
 Jamie Pratt (805) 549-3761Water/R3 Staff
 Jan Alfson (559) 488-4345Water/R5 Staff
 Jan Stepek (916) 341-5777SWRCB Staff
 Jan Sweigert (831) 655-6934SWRCB Supervisor
 Jan Zimmerman (760) 241-7376Water/R6 Supervisor
 Janae Fried (530) 224-4129Water/R5 Staff
 Jane Farwell (916) 341-5349SWRCB Staff
 Jane Hauptman (818) 551-2988SWRCB Staff
 Jane Jensen (510) 620-3174SWRCB Staff
 Jane Ling (916) 341-5335SWRCB Specialist
 Jane Slaga (510) 620-3159SWRCB Staff
 Janelle Brown (916) 464-4745Water/R5 Support Staff
 Janet Hernandez (916) 323-0377SWRCB Staff
 Janet Mack (510) 622-2507Water/R2 Staff
 Janet O'Hara (510) 622-5681Water/R2 Supervisor
 Janice Chang (916) 449-5628SWRCB Staff
 Janice Nishita (916) 341-5679SWRCB Staff
 Janice Oakley (707) 576-2006SWRCB Supervisor
 Janice Wu (916) 445-5968SWRCB Staff
 Janice Zinky (916) 341-5897SWRCB Supervisor
 Janine Albertoni (916) 319-9071SWRCB Staff
 Janis Cooke (916) 464-4672Water/R5 Staff
 Jarma Bennett (916) 341-5532SWRCB Supervisor
 Jasmin Mostafa (559) 445-5125Water/R5 Staff
 Jasmine Ho (818) 551-2027SWRCB Staff
 Jasmine Oaxaca (916) 341-5460SWRCB Acting Supervisor
 Jason Autry (559) 447-3138SWRCB Staff
 Jason Baker (916) 341-5519SWRCB Supervisor
 Jason Bill (951) 782-3295Water/R8 Staff
 Jason Carter (707) 570-3761SWRCB Staff
 Jason Cunningham (805) 566-6625SWRCB Staff
 Jason Dunn (916) 322-7785SWRCB Staff
 Jason Freshwater (951) 321-4576Water/R8 Staff
 Jason Schroeder (530) 224-4788Water/R5 Staff
 Jaspreet Gill Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Jatin Khandwala (916) 341-5787SWRCB Staff
 Jau Ren Chen (213) 576-6656Water/R4 Staff
 Javier Gonzalez (213) 576-6632Water/R4 Staff
 Jawed Shami (951) 782-3288Water/R8 Staff
 Jay Mirpour (760) 776-8959Water/R7 Staff
 Jay (Joseph) Simi (916) 464-4833Water/R5 Staff
 Jayanthi Gooty Agraharam (916) 341-5015SWRCB Staff
 Jayne Joy (951) 782-3284Water/R8 Asst. Executive Officer
 Jean Bandura (916) 322-7781SWRCB Staff
 Jean McCue (916) 341-5351SWRCB Supervisor
 Jean Nguyen (916) 341-5656SWRCB Staff
 Jean-Pierre Hodge (916) 324-0291SWRCB Staff
 Jeanette Liu (213) 576-6731Water/R4 Staff
 Jeanie Mascia (916) 323-2871SWRCB Supervisor
 Jeanine Townsend (916) 341-5600SWRCB Clerk to the Board
 Jeannie Aguilar (951) 782-3285Water/R8 Executive Assistant
 Jeff Brooks (530) 542-5420Water/R6 Supervisor
 Jeff Delgado (916) 341-5695SWRCB Staff
 Jeff Densmore (805) 566-9021SWRCB Supervisor
 Jeff Geraci (760) 776-8935Water/R7 Specialist
 Jeff Kapellas (916) 324-9685SWRCB Specialist
 Jeff O'Connor (916) 341-5671SWRCB Staff
 Jeff O'Keefe (818) 551-2054SWRCB Chief
 Jeff Parks (916) 341-5319SWRCB Staff
 Jeff Recht (916) 341-5234SWRCB Staff
 Jeff Robins (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Jeff Tierney (916) 464-4841Water/R5 Staff
 Jeff Wetzel (916) 323-9390SWRCB Supervisor
 Jeff White (510) 622-2375Water/R2 Staff
 Jeffrey Albrecht (916) 445-6625SWRCB Staff
 Jeffrey Fitzsimmons (760) 241-4942Water/R6 Staff
 Jeffrey Hannel (559) 445-6193Water/R5 Staff
 Jeffrey Huggins (916) 464-4639Water/R5 Staff
 Jeffrey Pyle (559) 445-5145Water/R5 Staff
 Jeffrey Sanchez (916) 322-1675SWRCB Staff
 Jeffrey Yeazell (916) 341-5322SWRCB Specialist
 Jehiel Cass (760) 241-2434Water/R6 Supervisor
 Jelena Hartman Not AvailableSWRCB Specialist
 Jenalyn Guzman (916) 322-4266SWRCB Staff
 Jenifer L. Julian-Nakamura (916) 327-8090SWRCB Staff
 Jenna Yang (916) 464-4764Water/R5 Staff
 Jennie Catalano (916) 319-8464SWRCB Staff
 Jennie Snyder (760) 776-8936Water/R7 Staff
 Jennifer Chen (916) 322-1687SWRCB Staff
 Jennifer Epp (805) 594-6181Water/R3 Supervisor
 Jennifer Evpak (916) 341-5033SWRCB Staff
 Jennifer Fearing (916) 341-5257SWRCB Staff
 Jennifer Fordyce (916) 324-6682SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Jennifer Fuller (916) 464-4646Water/R5 Staff
 Jennifer Gonzalez (559) 445-6187Water/R5 Staff
 Jennifer Hernandez (916) 341-5300SWRCB Staff
 Jennifer Marion (916) 341-5506SWRCB Staff
 Jennifer McClaren Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Jennifer McGovern (916) 341-5728SWRCB Staff
 Jennifer Russo (916) 322-8525SWRCB Supervisor
 Jennifer Salisbury (916) 319-0232SWRCB Staff
 Jennifer Toney (916) 319-8246SWRCB Supervisor
 Jennifer Watts (530) 542-5491Water/R6 Staff
 Jenny Chen (916) 341-5570SWRCB Staff
 Jenny Newman (213) 576-6622Water/R4 Asst. Executive Officer
 Jenny Yang (916) 464-4612Water/R5 Staff
 Jeong-Hee Lim (213) 576-6616Water/R4 Supervisor
 Jeremiah Puget (707) 576-2835Water/R1 Supervisor
 Jeremiah Rose (213) 576-6760Water/R4 Staff
 Jeremy Haas (619) 521-3009Water/R9 Manager
 Jeremy Hughes (916) 464-4696Water/R5 Staff
 Jeremy Pagan (530) 224-4850Water/R5 Supervisor
 Jerred Ferguson (530) 224-4851Water/R5 Staff
 Jerrold Bruns (916) 464-4831Water/R5 Volunteer
 Jesse Dhaliwal (661) 335-7318SWRCB Supervisor
 Jesse Flores Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Jesse Jankowski (916) 327-8482SWRCB Staff
 Jessica Bagby (760) 776-8972Water/R7 Staff
 Jessica Bean (916) 341-5849SWRCB Specialist
 Jessica Birkman (916) 341-5929SWRCB Supervisor
 Jessica Botsford (916) 341-7338SWRCB Staff
 Jessica Jahr (916) 341-5168SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Jessica Laborin (916) 341-5107SWRCB Staff
 Jessica Law (951) 782-4381Water/R8 Staff
 Jessica Leonard (916) 341-5980SWRCB Staff
 Jessica Mullane (916) 464-4691Water/R5 Staff
 Jessica Nadolski (916) 341-5290SWRCB Supervisor
 Jessica Pao (213) 576-6729Water/R4 Staff
 Jessica Pearson (916) 445-0936Water/R4 Staff
 Jessica Sanchez (916) 341-5691SWRCB Staff
 Jessica Watkins (510) 622-2349Water/R2 Supervisor
 Jessie Hacinas (916) 323-0583SWRCB Staff
 Jill North (916) 327-8683SWRCB Staff
 Jillian Ames (916) 341-5194SWRCB Staff
 Jillian Ly (213) 576-6664Water/R4 Supervisor
 Jim Covin (213) 620-2229Water/R4 Staff
 Jim Maughan (916) 341-5694SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Jim Schroeder (916) 327-8367SWRCB Staff
 Jimmie Woo (213) 576-6723Water/R4 Staff
 Jing-Tying Chao (619) 525-4834SWRCB Specialist
 Jingyu Miao (213) 620-2267Water/R4 Staff
 Jinhui Luo (916) 341-5951SWRCB Staff
 Joann Lim (619) 521-3362Water/R9 Staff
 Joanne Lee (951) 782-3291Water/R8 Staff
 Jodi Pontureri (916) 341-5306SWRCB Staff
 Jody Ebsen (619) 521-3965Water/R9 Staff
 Jody Hack (916) 341-5811SWRCB Staff
 Joe Emond (916) 322-9599SWRCB Staff
 Joe Karkoski (916) 341-5618SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Joe Luera (213) 576-6706Water/R4 Staff
 Joe Mello (916) 464-4661Water/R5 Supervisor
 Joel Greathouse (559) 447-3481SWRCB Staff
 Joelle Geppert (707) 576-2346Water/R1 Staff
 Joey Sisk (559) 445-5975Water/R5 Staff
 John Baum (916) 464-4656Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 John Borkovich (916) 341-5779SWRCB Chief
 John Collins (916) 445-5963SWRCB Staff
 John Elkins (916) 327-2031SWRCB Supervisor
 John Holcombe (916) 449-5639SWRCB Staff
 John Hurley (916) 341-5313SWRCB Staff
 John Isberner (916) 319-9393SWRCB Staff
 John Jang (510) 622-2366Water/R2 Staff
 John Licatesi (916) 341-5210SWRCB Staff
 John Madigan (510) 622-2405Water/R2 Staff
 John Marcell (916) 445-1091SWRCB Staff
 John Moody (916) 464-4641Water/R5 Staff
 John Morales (760) 241-7366Water/R6 Staff
 John Murphy (916) 464-4636Water/R5 Supervisor
 John Odermatt (619) 521-5906Water/R9 Supervisor
 John Prager (916) 341-5542SWRCB Staff Counsel
 John Russell (916) 341-5353SWRCB Deputy Director
 John Steude (530) 542-5571Water/R6 Staff
 John Vanhmachack (916) 445-9502SWRCB Staff
 John Wheeler (916) 323-0882SWRCB Staff
 John Whiting (559) 445-5504Water/R5 Staff
 John Wolfenden (510) 622-2444Water/R2 Supervisor
 JohnPaul Blanco (916) 445-2495SWRCB Staff
 Jon Rokke (805) 549-3892Water/R3 Staff
 Jon Strutzel (916) 319-9063SWRCB Specialist
 Jonathan Bishop (916) 341-5820SWRCB Chief Deputy Director
 Jonathan Dolan (916) 323-0880SWRCB Staff
 Jonathan Florez (916) 323-0596SWRCB Contract Personnel
 Jonathan Meurer (916) 464-4626Water/R5 Staff
 Jonathan Miras (916) 319-9323SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Jonathan Pham (916) 319-9416SWRCB Staff
 Jonathan Warmerdam (707) 576-2468Water/R1 Manager
 Jonathan Weininger (831) 655-6932SWRCB Staff
 Jonelle Scott (916) 323-0923SWRCB Staff
 Jong Han (559) 488-4389Water/R5 Staff
 Jonnel Medina (916) 341-5472SWRCB Staff
 Joran Kreiss (916) 341-5209SWRCB Staff
 Jordan Baser (916) 327-3114SWRCB Staff
 Jordan Haserot (805) 542-4781Water/R3 Staff
 Jordan Hensley (916) 464-4812Water/R5 Staff
 Jordan Smith (916) 323-3645SWRCB Staff
 Jordan St. John (707) 576-2145SWRCB Staff
 Jorge Baca (559) 445-6076Water/R5 Staff
 Jorge Beltran (916) 464-4794Water/R5 Staff
 Jose Cortez (760) 776-8963Water/R7 Supervisor
 Jose Figueroa-Acevedo (760) 776-8967Water/R7 Staff
 Jose Lozano (510) 620-3459SWRCB Staff
 Jose Morales (951) 782-3252Water/R8 Staff
 Jose Robledo (559) 447-3300SWRCB Supervisor
 Jose Rodarte (916) 341-5291SWRCB Specialist
 Joseph Avila (707) 576-2145SWRCB Staff
 Joseph Carrasco (213) 576-6731Water/R4 Staff
 Joseph Crisologo (818) 551-2046SWRCB Staff
 Joseph Escobar (916) 445-5124SWRCB Supervisor
 Joseph Lovesee (916) 341-5872SWRCB Staff
 Joseph Quilatan (916) 322-9671SWRCB Staff
 Joseph Westhouse (916) 341-5283SWRCB Staff
 Joshua Curtis (707) 576-2695Water/R1 Asst. Executive Officer
 Joshua Cwikla (213) 576-6713Water/R4 Staff
 Joshua Fegurgur (916) 341-5699SWRCB Staff
 Joshua Luders (707) 576-2551Water/R1 Staff
 Joshua Mahoney (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Joshua Munn (916) 341-5813SWRCB Staff
 Joshua Palmer (916) 464-4674Water/R5 Supervisor
 Joshua Ruehlig (916) 445-3579SWRCB Staff
 Joshua Ziese (916) 445-9501SWRCB Manager
 Jovel Vossler (916) 341-5204SWRCB Staff
 Joy Van Ostrand-Waters (916) 341-5075SWRCB Supervisor
 Joy Wildflower (707) 576-2818SWRCB Staff
 Juan Arriola (818) 551-2034SWRCB Staff
 Juan Chen (916) 322-6361SWRCB Staff
 Juan De La Fuente (916) 319-8294SWRCB Staff
 Judith Anderson (916) 322-6595SWRCB Staff
 Judith Pittman-Logue (916) 341-5002SWRCB Staff
 Judith Salazar (916) 445-0827SWRCB Staff
 Jule Rizzardo (916) 341-5368SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Julia Beals (916) 327-5661SWRCB Staff
 Julia Broughton (916) 319-8292SWRCB Staff
 Julia Dyer (805) 542-4624Water/R3 Specialist
 Julia Hooten (916) 322-6010SWRCB Staff
 Julia Nick (916) 341-5189SWRCB Staff
 Juliana Spector (916) 323-3649SWRCB Staff
 Julie Johnson (916) 341-5687SWRCB Staff
 Julie Macedo (916) 323-6847SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Julie Martin (916) 341-5122SWRCB Staff
 Julie Nguyen (916) 322-6599SWRCB Staff
 Julie Osborn (916) 341-5176SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Julio Lara (951) 782-4901Water/R8 Supervisor
 Jun Zhu (213) 576-6681Water/R4 Supervisor
 Justin Davis (916) 449-5670SWRCB Staff
 Justin Lam (916) 341-5521SWRCB Staff
 Justin LaNier (530) 224-2050Water/R5 Staff
 Justin Lewis (707) 576-2145SWRCB Staff
 Justin McSmith (707) 576-2082Water/R1 Staff
 Justin Reyes (916) 322-9632SWRCB Staff
 Justine Herrig (916) 323-5176SWRCB Specialist
 Justine Taylor (916) 319-9423SWRCB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards