Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Jacob Howell (916) 341-6093CalRecycle Staff
 Jacob Soza (951) 782-4989CalRecycle Staff
 Jacqueline Do (310) 342-1247CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jaenna Wessling (562) 981-8473CalRecycle Staff
 Jaimie Huynh (916) 341-6419CalRecycle Staff
 Jamal Staten (916) 341-6885CalRecycle Staff
 James Edwards (916) 341-6618CalRecycle Staff
 James Jen (916) 324-3208CalRecycle Consultant
 James Weeks (916) 341-6316CalRecycle Staff
 Janelle Auyeung (916) 341-6218CalRecycle Staff
 Janelle Heinzler (916) 341-6455CalRecycle Staff
 Janice Giles (916) 327-3043CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Jared Letendre (916) 341-6733CalRecycle Staff
 Jared Weathers (916) 341-6517CalRecycle Staff
 Jarrod Ramsey-Lewis (916) 341-6605CalRecycle Staff
 Jason Johnson (916) 341-6156CalRecycle Staff
 Jason Pagan (916) 324-7092CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jason Smyth (916) 341-6676CalRecycle Supervisor
 Javier Rosales (310) 342-1249CalRecycle Staff
 Jayme Tesser (916) 341-6047CalRecycle Staff
 Jean Estes (916) 341-6149CalRecycle Staff
 Jeanette Jennings (916) 341-6505CalRecycle Staff
 Jeanette Swanson (916) 322-4164CalRecycle Staff
 Jeff Cain (916) 327-7362CalRecycle Staff
 Jeff Catchings (916) 322-8503CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Jeff Dew (916) 327-2909CalRecycle Consultant
 Jeff Diamond (916) 445-2402CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Jeff Hackett (916) 341-6413CalRecycle Manager
 Jeff Kuhn (916) 324-6533CalRecycle Staff
 Jeff Vang-Khue (916) 341-6308CalRecycle Student
 Jeffery Esquivel (916) 341-6337CalRecycle Staff
 Jeffery Heng (916) 322-0617CalRecycle Staff
 Jeffory McDaniel (916) 341-6761CalRecycle Staff
 Jeffrey James (916) 322-0956CalRecycle Staff
 Jeffrey Lin (916) 341-6461CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jeffrey Taylor (562) 981-2392CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jeni Satter (916) 341-6096CalRecycle Staff
 Jennifer Akins (916) 327-8809CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jennifer Bannon (916) 341-6304CalRecycle Staff
 Jennifer Bartholomew (916) 341-6208CalRecycle Division Liaison
 Jennifer Berjikian (916) 341-6448CalRecycle Staff
 Jennifer Caldwell (916) 341-6490CalRecycle Staff
 Jennifer Haynes White (916) 341-6456CalRecycle Staff
 Jennifer Nitta (916) 322-8812CalRecycle Staff
 Jennifer Sheehan (916) 322-1826CalRecycle Staff
 Jennifer Wallin (562) 492-9685CalRecycle Manager
 Jeremy Denbow (916) 341-6267CalRecycle Consultant
 Jeremy Morioka (916) 341-6202CalRecycle Staff
 Jermaine Subia (310) 342-1246CalRecycle Staff
 Jessica Evans (916) 341-6755CalRecycle Staff
 Jessica Landesman (916) 341-6760CalRecycle Student
 Jessica Wingert (916) 322-1829CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jian Choi (916) 323-3414CalRecycle Staff
 Jill Firch (916) 341-6685CalRecycle Staff
 Jill Hayashida (916) 341-6814CalRecycle Staff
 Jill Larner (916) 341-6525CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jim Huck (916) 341-6391CalRecycle Staff
 Jim LaTanner (916) 341-6497CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jim Madden (916) 322-8855CalRecycle Staff
 Jim Yogurtian (619) 525-4329CalRecycle Staff
 JoAnn Jaschke (916) 341-6210CalRecycle Staff
 Joann Sprogis (916) 322-0613CalRecycle Support Staff
 Joanna Chen (916) 341-6124CalRecycle Supervisor
 Joanna Johnson (916) 341-6713CalRecycle Staff
 Joanna Ramirez (916) 341-6231CalRecycle Support Staff
 Joanna Selim (916) 322-4101CalRecycle Staff
 Joaquin Murrieta (916) 341-6212CalRecycle Staff
 Jocelyn Trejo-Arce (916) 341-6349CalRecycle Staff
 Joe Guadagnino (916) 341-6137CalRecycle Staff
 John Duke (916) 341-6712CalRecycle Staff
 John Jacob (916) 322-8504CalRecycle Manager
 John Leng (916) 341-6784CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 John Loane (916) 341-6327CalRecycle Staff
 John Murphy (916) 445-0809CalRecycle Supervisor
 John Phanethay (916) 341-6509CalRecycle Staff
 John Sitts (916) 341-6232CalRecycle Staff
 Jolene Delany (916) 341-6474CalRecycle Staff
 Jon Miltztrey (916) 341-6184CalRecycle Staff
 Jon Whitehill (916) 341-6403CalRecycle Supervisor
 Jonalyn Bajurin (916) 341-6715CalRecycle Staff
 Jonathan Lin (916) 341-6102CalRecycle Staff
 Jonathan Schmidt (916) 341-6475CalRecycle Staff
 Jorge Lopez (310) 342-6119CalRecycle Staff
 Jose Brambila (916) 341-6759CalRecycle Staff
 Joseph Pacheco (916) 341-6534CalRecycle Staff
 Joseph Rasmussen (916) 341-6214CalRecycle Supervisor
 Josephine Panyanouvong (916) 341-6758CalRecycle Supervisor
 Josephine Urban (916) 322-3472CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Joshua Cook (916) 327-8665CalRecycle Staff
 Joshua Levesque (916) 341-6164CalRecycle Staff
 Joshua Wilkinson (916) 341-6204CalRecycle Supervisor
 Joy Isaacson (916) 341-6772CalRecycle Staff
 Joyce Thung (916) 341-6589CalRecycle Staff
 Juan Raudes (916) 323-3508CalRecycle Supervisor
 Juan Vasquez (916) 323-1959CalRecycle Staff
 Judy Garcia (951) 782-4118CalRecycle Staff
 Julia Dolloff (916) 341-6350CalRecycle Staff
 Julie Trueblood (916) 341-6535CalRecycle Manager
 Justin Vlach (916) 341-6178CalRecycle Staff
 Justin Yu (916) 341-6311CalRecycle Staff

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