Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Gabriel Berzamina (916) 319-9325SWRCB Staff
 Gabriel Collins (916) 322-9257SWRCB Staff
 Gabriel Edwards (916) 449-5990SWRCB Staff
 Gabriel Macario (951) 321-4587Water/R8 Staff
 Gagandeep Bhullar (916) 323-0061SWRCB Staff
 Gagandeep Purewal (916) 341-5022SWRCB Staff
 Gail Tsoi-A-Sue (818) 551-2006SWRCB Staff
 Galina Bugreyev (916) 327-8649SWRCB Staff
 Galvin Kauffman (916) 464-4728Water/R5 Staff
 Garrett Lenahan (916) 341-5179SWRCB Staff
 Garrett Solin (916) 341-5537SWRCB Staff
 Garry Camilo (916) 341-5659SWRCB Staff
 Gary Chan (916) 650-6874SWRCB Staff
 Gary Dickenson (916) 341-5424SWRCB Staff
 Gena Farley (209) 948-7488SWRCB Staff
 Gene Coughlin (916) 464-4732SWRCB Staff
 Gensen Kai (213) 576-6651Water/R4 Staff
 Geoff Rader (916) 464-4707Water/R5 Staff
 George Kostyrko (916) 341-7365SWRCB Director
 George Low (530) 224-3208Water/R5 Supervisor
 George Peraza (213) 576-6749Water/R4 Staff
 Gerald Bowes (916) 341-5567SWRCB Supervisor
 Gerald Djuth (916) 464-4677Water/R5 Supervisor
 Gerald Horner (916) 324-6681SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Gerardo Rabelo (213) 576-6671SWRCB Staff
 Gerry Huynh (916) 650-6997SWRCB Staff
 Gesenia Hernandez (916) 341-5371SWRCB Staff
 Gil Falcone (707) 576-2830Water/R1 Supervisor
 Gilbert Penales (916) 322-9603SWRCB Staff
 Gilberto Corral (916) 464-4653Water/R5 Staff
 Gina Morrison (707) 576-2501Water/R1 Staff
 Gina Villalobos (916) 323-3739SWRCB Staff
 Ginachi Amah (213) 576-6685Water/R4 Staff
 Girlie Masauan Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Girma Getachew (916) 464-4851Water/R5 Staff
 Gita Kushwaha (916) 464-4790Water/R5 Staff
 Glen Osterhage (916) 341-5032SWRCB Supervisor
 Glenn Meeks (916) 464-4701Water/R5 Specialist
 Glenn Robertson (951) 782-3259Water/R8 Staff
 Gloria Pak (213) 576-6731Water/R4 Staff
 Grace Ng (951) 782-4434Water/R8 Staff
 Grant Kuroko (916) 341-5676SWRCB Staff
 Grazyna Newton (818) 551-2029SWRCB Staff
 Greg Bishop (805) 549-3132Water/R3 Supervisor
 Greg Brown (916) 323-1847SWRCB Specialist
 Greg Gearheart (916) 341-5892SWRCB Deputy Director
 Greg Hendricks (916) 464-4709Water/R5 Staff
 Greg Issinghoff (559) 488-4390Water/R5 Staff
 Greg Nash (707) 576-2353SWRCB Specialist
 Gregg Crandall (213) 576-6701Water/R4 Staff
 Gretchen Woessner (530) 224-3249Water/R5 Staff
 Griffin Perea (530) 224-3217Water/R5 Supervisor
 Guangyu Wang (213) 576-6639SWRCB Supervisor
 GuiJun Hu (213) 576-6736Water/R4 Supervisor
 Gunawan Wiyono (714) 558-4705SWRCB Staff
 Gurbinder Dhaliwal (916) 464-4601Water/R5 Staff
 Gurgagn Chand (916) 341-5780SWRCB Staff
 Gurleen Bhatia (916) 341-5641SWRCB Staff
 Guy Childs (916) 464-4648Water/R5 Staff
 Guy Gutterman (510) 622-2399Water/R2 Staff
 Guy Schott (707) 576-2732SWRCB Staff
 Gwendolyn Monroe (213) 576-6631Water/R4 Staff
 Gwyneth Granville (916) 341-5568SWRCB Staff

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