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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 F. Reber Brown (510) 540-3322DTSC Staff
 Fabian Hernandez (916) 341-5795SWRCB Staff
 Fabian Ramos (916) 449-5985SWRCB Staff
 Fabio Sartori (916) 327-7479DPR Staff
 Fadel Balkis (916) 323-3736SWRCB Staff
 Fady Mina (916) 341-6244CalRecycle Staff
 Fang Yan (916) 324-6971ARB Manager
 Farah Esfandiari (916) 255-6431DTSC Not Available
 Faraz Asad (714) 558-4708SWRCB Staff
 Farhad Ghodrati (510) 622-2331Water/R2 Staff
 Farhad Navaei (916) 440-8213ARB Contract Personnel
 Farida Khan (916) 341-5018SWRCB Specialist
 Faridoon Ferhut (916) 341-6482CalRecycle Staff
 Farla Kaufman (916) 322-8807OEHHA Staff
 Farnaz Soheili (916) 324-5932ARB Staff
 Farrah Fadrigon (916) 341-6180CalRecycle Staff
 Farrah Scheidel (916) 255-3729DTSC Not Available
 Farrokh Hormazdi (916) 341-6515CalRecycle Staff
 Farshid Mojaver (916) 323-7043ARB Staff
 Farshid Safayipour (916) 341-6237CalRecycle Staff
 Fatemah Bradley-Martinez (916) 341-5979SWRCB Staff
 Fatima Carrera (818) 717-6545DTSC Not Available
 Femi Olaluwoye (626) 459-4427ARB Manager
 Feng Tsai (510) 622-4122OEHHA Staff
 Feng-Chiao Su (916) 440-8245ARB Staff
 Fernando Amador (626) 575-6635ARB Manager
 Fernando Merin (916) 327-1190DTSC Contract Personnel
 Fernando Silva (916) 323-2697ARB Staff
 Fernando A. Amador (916) 255-3737DTSC Supervisor
 Feven Aleto (916) 322-6149ARB Staff
 Fidel Perez (916) 376-1933DPR Supervisor
 Fiona Humphrey (916) 445-6809Agency Staff
 Firas Abu-Sneneh (916) 323-1009ARB Staff
 Florence Amin (916) 341-6158CalRecycle Staff
 Florence Howard (916) 324-1806DTSC Staff
 Florentino Gamboa (619) 521-8053SWRCB Staff
 Florian Geiger-Taussig (510) 540-3936DTSC Contract Personnel
 Florrie Matsueda (916) 322-4162CalRecycle Manager
 Forest Fortescue (707) 576-2595Water/R1 Staff
 Fozia Haroon (916) 319-8293SWRCB Staff
 Frances Davis (510) 540-2732DTSC Not Available
 Frances McChesney (916) 341-5174SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Francesca Negri (916) 322-4064DTSC Not Available
 Francie Bishop (916) 324-4251DPR Supervisor
 Francine Baker (626) 575-6665ARB Staff
 FrancineAnne Fua (916) 322-9682SWRCB Staff
 Francis Pangilinan (714) 484-5322DTSC Not Available
 Francisca Rodriguez (916) 341-5309SWRCB Staff
 Francisco Costa (760) 776-8937Water/R7 Staff
 Francisco Montalvan (510) 540-2189DTSC Not Available
 Francisco Moran (916) 324-6470OEHHA Staff
 Francisco Pineda (213) 576-6722Water/R4 Staff
 Francisco Rodriguez (916) 323-1158ARB Staff
 Francisco Silvas (916) 322-0216ARB Staff
 Frank Banuelos (916) 319-9467SWRCB Supervisor
 Frank Davies, Jr. (916) 341-6721CalRecycle Staff
 Frank Mammano (916) 322-7243ARB Staff
 Frank Melbourn (619) 521-3372Water/R9 Staff
 Frank Parr (818) 717-6592DTSC Supervisor
 Frank Roddy (916) 341-5379SWRCB Staff
 Frank Saylor (530) 224-4874SWRCB Staff
 Frank Severson (916) 341-6259CalRecycle Staff
 Frankie Leon (559) 297-5418DPR Staff
 Franklin Mark (916) 255-3584DTSC Staff
 Franklin Stieringer (818) 551-2055SWRCB Staff
 Frederick Thomas (916) 322-0560CalRecycle Staff
 Frederico Garza (626) 575-6731ARB Staff
 Frederik Zavala (916) 341-5755SWRCB Staff
 Freya Mello (559) 297-5426DPR Staff
 Fue Xiong (916) 255-6589DTSC Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards