Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 E. Joaquin Esquivel (916) 341-5603SWRCB Board Chair
 Ed Hancock (530) 542-5574Water/R6 Staff
 Ed Kashak (951) 782-3292Water/R8 Staff
 Edith Viera (707) 576-2664Water/R1 Supervisor
 Edward Ortiz (916) 327-8239SWRCB Staff
 Eileen Sobeck (916) 341-5599SWRCB Executive Director
 Elaine Sahl (805) 542-4645Water/R3 Supervisor
 Elano Galvez (818) 551-2013SWRCB Staff
 Elayna Rodriguez (916) 341-5294SWRCB Staff
 Elda Solis-Thompson (916) 341-5281SWRCB Staff
 Elena Wilson (916) 323-5671SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Elena Joy Pelen (510) 620-3467SWRCB Staff
 Eli McFarland (559) 447-7101SWRCB Staff
 Elia Estasy (661) 335-7322SWRCB Staff
 Elias Scott (707) 576-2610Water/R1 Staff
 Elisabeth Brown (916) 341-5375SWRCB Staff
 Elizabeth Beryt (916) 327-7507SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Elizabeth Betancourt (530) 224-4995Water/R5 Supervisor
 Elizabeth Esquivel (818) 551-2988SWRCB Staff
 Elizabeth Ginise (916) 341-5194SWRCB Staff
 Elizabeth Haven (916) 799-5365SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Elizabeth Lee (916) 464-4787Water/R5 Supervisor
 Elizabeth Morrison (510) 622-2330Water/R2 Supervisor
 Elizabeth Payne (916) 341-5579SWRCB Supervisor
 Elizabeth Peters (916) 341-5772SWRCB Staff
 Elizabeth Reece (916) 464-4710Water/R5 Staff
 Elizabeth Solorzano (707) 576-2046SWRCB Staff
 Elizabeth Thomsen (916) 322-2934SWRCB Staff
 Elizabeth vanDiepen (530) 542-5492Water/R6 Staff
 Elizabeth Welch (559) 445-6127Water/R5 Staff
 Elizabeth Wells (510) 622-2440Water/R2 Staff
 Ella Golovey (916) 341-5576SWRCB Staff
 Ellen Brooks (916) 341-5150SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Ellen Lennon (559) 447-3039SWRCB Staff
 Ellen Mendoza (805) 566-1326SWRCB Staff
 Elnaz Nasaei (916) 319-9283SWRCB Staff
 Eloise Berryman (916) 341-5347SWRCB Supervisor
 Elvira Reyes (916) 327-4838SWRCB Staff
 Elyse Heilshorn (510) 622-2329Water/R2 Staff
 Ember Christensen (916) 341-5489SWRCB Staff
 Emel Wadhwani (916) 322-3622SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Emily Cushman (530) 542-5598Water/R6 Staff
 Emily Duff (916) 341-5788SWRCB Staff
 Emily Duncan (213) 576-6679Water/R4 Specialist
 Emily Houlihan (916) 445-9187SWRCB Staff
 Emily Wong (213) 576-6736Water/R4 Staff
 Enessa Rodriguez (916) 319-0805SWRCB Staff
 Enrique Casas (213) 620-2299Water/R4 Staff
 Enrique Loera (213) 620-2244Water/R4 Staff
 Eric Baggs Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Eric Becker (619) 521-3364Water/R9 Supervisor
 Eric Gillman (916) 322-8421SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Eric Lacy (510) 620-3453SWRCB Supervisor
 Eric Lindberg (951) 782-3219Water/R8 Supervisor
 Eric Maag (916) 445-9260SWRCB Staff
 Eric Manzano (916) 323-0627SWRCB Staff
 Eric Miguelino (916) 449-5556SWRCB Staff
 Eric Oppenheimer (916) 445-5960SWRCB Chief Deputy Director
 Eric Rapport (530) 224-4998Water/R5 Supervisor
 Eric Shay (530) 542-5428Water/R6 Supervisor
 Eric Swing (510) 620-3604SWRCB Staff
 Eric Taxer (530) 542-5434Water/R6 Supervisor
 Eric Warren (559) 445-5035Water/R5 Staff
 Eric Wu (213) 576-6683Water/R4 Supervisor
 Eric Yee (916) 341-6028SWRCB Staff
 Eric Zuniga (909) 383-4327SWRCB Supervisor
 Erica Gonzales (916) 341-5325SWRCB Manager
 Erica Ryan (619) 521-8051Water/R9 Staff
 Erick Burres (213) 576-6788SWRCB Specialist
 Erik Ekdahl (916) 341-5316SWRCB Deputy Director
 Erin Foresman (916) 203-5367SWRCB Supervisor
 Erin Garner (916) 327-3123SWRCB Specialist
 Erin Mahaney (916) 341-5187SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Erin Mustain (916) 445-9379SWRCB Specialist
 Erin Ragazzi (916) 322-9634SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Erling Rockwell (916) 341-5826SWRCB Staff
 Ernest Mona (916) 341-5359SWRCB Staff
 Errick Llamas (213) 576-6783Water/R4 Staff
 Erum Razzak (213) 620-2095Water/R4 Staff
 Esther Brewer (909) 383-5468SWRCB Staff
 Eugene Leung (510) 620-3460SWRCB Staff
 Evan Fau (916) 327-5613SWRCB Staff
 Evan Markstrum (916) 327-8553SWRCB Staff
 Evangelina Rodriguez Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Evelyn Reynolds (707) 576-2220Water/R1 Staff
 Ezekiel Lebron (916) 341-5756SWRCB Staff

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