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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 D.J. Larkey (916) 341-6154CalRecycle Staff
 Daisy Vargas (916) 323-0728CalRecycle Student
 Dakota Keene (916) 322-6599SWRCB Staff
 Dale Burney (916) 324-0200DPR Staff
 Dale Dailey (213) 576-6782Water/R4 Staff
 Dale Essary (559) 445-5093Water/R5 Supervisor
 Dale Harvey (559) 445-6190Water/R5 Manager
 Dale Hydeman (916) 341-6198CalRecycle Staff
 Dale Payne (530) 542-5464Water/R6 Staff
 Dalia Cotton (916) 322-7305ARB Staff
 Dallas Aicega (916) 341-6749CalRecycle Staff
 Dalma Gomez (916) 341-6095CalRecycle Staff
 Dam Dinh (626) 575-6724ARB Staff
 Damanvir Badyal (916) 319-9436SWRCB Supervisor
 Damon Hess (916) 327-3116SWRCB Staff
 Dan Brown (916) 322-0957CalRecycle Manager
 Dan Cikuth (530) 224-3271SWRCB Staff
 Dan Devine (916) 341-6817CalRecycle Consultant
 Dan Gallagher (916) 255-6536DTSC Staff
 Dan Kim (626) 575-6671ARB Staff
 Dan Kippen (916) 323-6848SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Dan Ligaya (916) 341-6754CalRecycle Staff
 Dan Little (916) 464-4706Water/R5 Staff
 Dan Liu (916) 322-5274SWRCB Staff
 Dan Niles (805) 549-3355Water/R3 Staff
 Dan Pineschi (916) 255-6607DTSC Not Available
 Dan Pirotton (213) 576-6714Water/R4 Staff
 Dan Qiao (916) 327-8345OEHHA Staff
 Dan Roach (916) 327-2955SWRCB Staff
 Dan Wang (916) 324-4201DPR Staff
 Dan Ward (916) 255-3676DTSC Staff
 Dana Cole (213) 576-5733Water/R4 Staff
 Dana Grubaugh (916) 324-0915ARB Staff
 Dana Hachigian (916) 341-5968CalRecycle Staff
 Dana Heinrich (916) 341-5188SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Dana Kulesza (916) 464-4847Water/R5 Staff
 Dana Waters (916) 324-9615ARB Staff
 Dania Jimmerson (916) 464-4742Water/R5 Staff
 Daniel Adame (626) 575-6735ARB Student
 Daniel Alden (916) 445-6802Agency Staff
 Daniel Andrade (916) 322-5041Agency Manager
 Daniel Avila Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Daniel Benas (559) 445-5500Water/R5 Staff
 Daniel Burgett (805) 549-3458Water/R3 Staff
 Daniel Carlson (559) 444-2484Water/R5 Supervisor
 Daniel Chau (916) 323-9968ARB Staff
 Daniel Cordero (714) 484-5428DTSC Staff
 Daniel Del Mazzio (916) 323-0924SWRCB Staff
 Daniel Delgado (916) 341-5437SWRCB Staff
 Daniel Ellis (916) 322-7787SWRCB Staff
 Daniel Garrett (916) 324-0388ARB Staff
 Daniel Hawelti (626) 450-6149ARB Staff
 Daniel Hormozi (626) 575-6744ARB Staff
 Daniel Jidkov (916) 341-6433CalRecycle Staff
 Daniel Knight (916) 323-7811DTSC Not Available
 Daniel Kramer (916) 341-5684SWRCB Staff
 Daniel Martin (916) 440-8248ARB Staff
 Daniel McClure (916) 464-4751Water/R5 Supervisor
 Daniel Mefford (951) 782-4241SWRCB Staff
 Daniel Miller (916) 324-9821DTSC Not Available
 Daniel Moore (916) 324-1003ARB Staff
 Daniel Morales (916) 327-6707ARB Staff
 Daniel Newton (916) 449-5596SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Daniel Pearlman (213) 576-6806Water/R4 Staff
 Daniel Pelikan (805) 549-3880Water/R3 Staff
 Daniel Phillips (916) 229-0356ARB Staff
 Daniel Rubin (916) 324-6895DPR Chief Counsel
 Daniel Sandez (213) 922-5958ARB Staff
 Daniel Schultz (916) 323-9392SWRCB Manager
 Daniel Sciolini (310) 342-6110CalRecycle Staff
 Daniel Sloat (916) 445-6059ARB Staff
 Daniel Sultana (916) 322-5618OEHHA Staff
 Daniel Sussman (530) 542-5466Water/R6 Supervisor
 Daniel Tackett (916) 324-6699ARB Staff
 Daniel Villarreal (916) 327-5603ARB Student
 Daniel Ward (916) 445-0681DPR Staff
 Daniel Warner (530) 224-4848Water/R5 Staff
 Daniel Whitley (530) 224-4203Water/R5 Staff
 Daniel Whitney (916) 445-5514ARB Counsel
 Daniel Worth (916) 341-5324SWRCB Supervisor
 Daniel Ziarkowski (916) 255-6580DTSC Supervisor
 Daniel Zogaib (714) 484-5483DTSC Staff
 Daniel A. Gamon (916) 255-3630DTSC Staff
 Daniel E. Murphy (510) 540-3772DTSC Staff
 Daniela Munoz (916) 322-9850OEHHA Student Assistant E A
 Daniela Tapia-Acosta (916) 229-0321ARB Staff
 Danielle Abila (916) 324-8867CalRecycle Division Liaison
 Danielle Borchmann (760) 241-6583Water/R6 Staff
 Danielle Dawang (916) 322-0952CalRecycle Staff
 Danielle Knaus (916) 324-6341SWRCB Supervisor
 Danielle Lawrence (916) 323-0027ARB Staff
 Danielle Magadia (916) 440-8208ARB Staff
 Danielle Osborne (916) 341-6182CalRecycle Staff
 Danielle Robinson (213) 576-6656Water/R4 Staff
 Danielle Siebal (916) 464-4843Water/R5 Staff
 Danielle Tiopan (916) 464-4627Water/R5 Staff
 Danny Domingo (559) 297-3932DTSC Staff
 Danny Her (916) 341-6133CalRecycle Staff
 Danny Ho (714) 484-5379DTSC Not Available
 Danny Luna (916) 323-6020ARB Staff
 Danny Tran (626) 450-6101ARB Staff
 Daphne Greene (916) 229-0929ARB Staff
 Daphne Molin (916) 445-0572DTSC Not Available
 Daphne Molin (916) 341-6221CalRecycle Supervisor
 Darcy Christoffersen (916) 323-0245DTSC Not Available
 Darey Huo (626) 575-6870ARB Staff
 Darien Pearson (916) 376-1614DPR Staff
 Darin Clark (916) 341-5384SWRCB Staff
 Darin Lam (626) 459-4466ARB Student
 Darin Sprecher (916) 341-6591CalRecycle Staff
 Darin Witt (530) 542-5497Water/R6 Staff
 Darlene Gonzales (626) 459-4460ARB Staff
 Darneka Lewis (916) 322-8196ARB Staff
 Daron Pedroja (916) 323-9391SWRCB Staff
 Daron Terry (916) 341-5205SWRCB Staff
 Darrell Hawkins (916) 229-0382ARB Staff
 Darrell Jennings II (916) 341-5745SWRCB Manager
 Darrell Leu (916) 327-6180ARB Staff
 Darrell Nations (916) 255-6561DTSC Staff
 Darren Bradford (619) 521-3356Water/R9 Staff
 Darren Nguyen (916) 324-6745ARB Staff
 Darren Yan (916) 341-5832SWRCB Supervisor
 Darren T. Tran (916) 341-5388SWRCB Staff
 Darrin Polhemus (916) 341-5045SWRCB Deputy Director
 Darsi Gilani (916) 229-0635ARB Staff
 Dartanion Mims (916) 322-7454ARB Staff
 Daryn Dodge (916) 445-9375OEHHA Staff
 DaShawn Harper (916) 323-0580SWRCB Staff
 Dat Tran (916) 248-2719SWRCB Manager
 Dave Bjostad (213) 576-6712Water/R4 Staff
 Dave Kim (916) 324-4340DPR Staff
 Dave Kirn (916) 464-4761Water/R5 Staff
 Dave Reyna (916) 445-3911DPR Staff
 Dave Spath (510) 325-1401SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Dave Stuck (818) 717-6652DTSC Staff
 David Allgood (916) 445-8238ARB Staff
 David Altare (916) 319-0245SWRCB Staff
 David Barker (619) 521-3007Water/R9 Manager
 David Barr (510) 622-2313Water/R2 Staff
 David Beiler (916) 323-1192ARB Staff
 David Bruglia (916) 449-5640SWRCB Staff
 David Byrd (916) 341-5155SWRCB Staff
 David Cattanach (916) 327-2565ARB Staff
 David Ceccarelli (916) 341-5999SWRCB Manager
 David Chan (916) 341-5441SWRCB Staff
 David Chen (626) 350-6579ARB Manager
 David Clegern (916) 322-8286ARB Staff
 David Cunkelman (916) 323-1168ARB Staff
 David Deaton (916) 341-5840SWRCB Staff
 David Edgar (916) 324-7156ARB Staff
 David Edwards (916) 323-4887ARB Asst. Division Chief
 David Eiges (626) 575-6602ARB Staff
 David Elias (510) 622-2509Water/R2 Supervisor
 David Fowler (707) 576-2756Water/R1 Staff
 David Garcia (916) 322-8520ARB Director
 David Gibson (619) 521-3005Water/R9 Executive Officer
 David Grealish (916) 324-3142DTSC Not Available
 David Herzog (916) 255-6546DTSC Not Available
 David Hill (916) 341-6731CalRecycle Staff
 David Hill (916) 464-4790Water/R5 Staff
 David Hirzel (916) 255-3689DTSC Staff
 David Houston (916) 322-6042SWRCB Staff
 David Hovey (916) 322-3730ARB Staff
 David Hults (916) 322-0362ARB Assistant Chief Counsel
 David Innis (805) 549-3150Water/R3 Staff
 David Johnson Jr. (916) 324-7663DTSC Not Available
 David Kassis (916) 341-5120SWRCB Staff
 David Kereazis (916) 255-6446DTSC Not Available
 David Knight (714) 484-5342DTSC Staff
 David Koo (213) 620-6155Water/R4 Staff
 David Kuszmar (707) 576-2333Water/R1 Supervisor
 David LaBrie (916) 341-5343SWRCB Staff
 David Lancaster (916) 341-5195SWRCB Staff Counsel
 David Lozano (818) 551-2065SWRCB Staff
 David Lynch Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 David Mallory (916) 229-0710ARB Supervisor
 David Maurer (916) 341-5835SWRCB Supervisor
 David Mehl (916) 229-0745ARB Supervisor
 David Miller (916) 322-2712DTSC Not Available
 David Norman (916) 341-5761SWRCB Staff
 David Park (626) 350-6570ARB Staff
 David Pena (714) 558-4410SWRCB Staff
 David Pimentel (916) 323-0572SWRCB Staff
 David Pino (626) 450-6125ARB Staff
 David Quiros (916) 327-7213ARB Supervisor
 David Rasmussen (818) 717-6678DTSC Supervisor
 David Remick (209) 948-3878SWRCB Staff
 David Rice (916) 341-5182SWRCB Staff Counsel
 David Ridley (916) 323-2105ARB Staff
 David Rist (510) 540-3763DTSC Not Available
 David Rosas (916) 319-0943SWRCB Staff
 David Rose (916) 341-5196SWRCB Staff Counsel
 David Ryan (916) 322-5264DTSC Not Available
 David Salardino (626) 575-6679ARB Manager
 David Sholes (599) 445-6279Water/R5 Supervisor
 David Siegel (916) 323-8808OEHHA Retired Annuitant
 David Stavarek (916) 464-4673Water/R5 Staff
 David Tanouye (510) 622-2360Water/R2 Staff
 David Thompson (916) 229-0331ARB Staff
 David Ting (510) 622-3226OEHHA Branch Chief
 David Vu (626) 450-6176ARB Staff
 David Wanjiru (916) 324-6105ARB Contract Personnel
 David Woelfel (951) 782-7960Water/R8 Supervisor
 David Young (213) 576-6733Water/R4 Staff
 David (Kevin) Shipp (916) 255-1761DTSC Not Available
 David K. Shipp (916) 255-1761DTSC Staff
 David M. Boyers (916) 341-5276SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 David P Jones (916) 341-5005SWRCB Specialist
 David P. Coupe (510) 622-2306SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Davie Chang (310) 342-1214CalRecycle Staff
 Davis Alengadan Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Davy Lan (916) 319-9470SWRCB Staff
 Dawit Tadesse (916) 341-5486SWRCB Specialist
 Dawn Bascomb (916) 255-3556DTSC Not Available
 Dawn Carlton (661) 335-7324SWRCB Staff
 Dawn Liang (916) 341-6723CalRecycle Staff
 Dawn Siadatan (916) 323-9755DTSC Not Available
 DawnMarie Lillie (916) 341-6392CalRecycle Staff
 Dayna Cordano (916) 341-5385SWRCB Staff
 Dayne Kendrick (916) 445-2320SWRCB Staff
 Dazhong Yin (916) 324-2028ARB Staff
 Dean Hubbard (559) 445-5179Water/R5 Staff
 Dean Prat (707) 576-2801Water/R1 Supervisor
 Dean Thomas (805) 549-3690Water/R3 Staff
 Dean Wright (916) 255-6528DTSC Staff
 DeAngelo Davis (916) 341-6122CalRecycle Staff
 Deanna Everett (916) 322-2208ARB Staff
 Deanna Garcia (916) 255-6565DTSC Not Available
 DeAnna Gonzales (916) 322-0990CalRecycle Division Liaison
 Deanna Kan (916) 327-7844SWRCB Staff
 Debbi Klossing (626) 350-6574ARB Manager
 Debbie Behnke (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Debbie Cheung (916) 322-5298SWRCB Supervisor
 Debbie Debolt (916) 324-6234ARB Staff
 Debbie Futaba (626) 450-6163ARB Staff
 Debbie Hvidsten (916) 255-6402DTSC Staff
 Debbie Phan (510) 622-2116Water/R2 Staff
 Deborah Brandes (213) 576-6688Water/R4 Staff
 Deborah Kerns (916) 327-9115ARB Counsel
 Deborah Kinnick (619) 525-4273CalRecycle Manager
 Deborah Paselk (916) 323-1534ARB Staff
 Deborah Saito (714) 484-5390DTSC Staff
 Deborah Woodward (619) 521-3353Water/R9 Staff
 Debra Denton (916) 341-5520SWRCB Special Assignment
 Debra Hallis (530) 224-4801Water/R5 Staff
 Debra Kloss (916) 445-3892DPR Staff
 Debra Lynn-Shimasaki (916) 324-2998DTSC Not Available
 Debra Mahnke (559) 445-6281Water/R5 Staff
 Debra Moya (559) 447-3301SWRCB Staff
 Debra Schwartz (818) 717-6649DTSC Staff Counsel
 Debra Taylor (916) 255-6613DTSC Not Available
 Debra Thompson (916) 341-5044SWRCB Staff
 Debra Woolfolk (916) 327-4017DTSC Not Available
 Deisy Rios (916) 322-0522SWRCB Staff
 Delana Jackson (916) 341-5696SWRCB Staff
 Delany Broome (916) 327-8551SWRCB Staff
 Deldi Reyes (916) 322-2569OEHHA Staff
 Deldi Reyes (916) 322-2569Agency Staff
 Deler Ghazi (916) 341-5799SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Della Reyes (916) 323-3986ARB Staff
 Della (TDD) Kramer (916) 464-4610Water/R5 Support Staff
 DeMir Cengiz (916) 341-6376CalRecycle Staff
 Denise Alder (916) 324-3522DPR Staff
 Denise Chelini (916) 322-8842ARB Staff
 Denise French (916) 323-8809DTSC Staff
 Denise Hill (916) 464-4640Water/R5 Staff
 Denise Mendez (916) 255-3772DTSC Staff
 Denise Monahan (916) 255-6634DTSC Staff
 Denise Odenwalder (916) 324-7672ARB Staff
 Denise Perry (916) 341-5945SWRCB Supervisor
 Denise Soria (559) 444-2488Water/R5 Staff
 Denise Tsuji (916) 255-6657DTSC Not Available
 Denise Won (510) 540-2863DTSC Not Available
 Denise D. Walker (916) 341-5952SWRCB Manager
 Dennis Costache (916) 464-4850Water/R5 Staff
 Dennis Guo (916) 327-4494DTSC Not Available
 Dennis Whitley (916) 376-8963DPR Staff
 Denny Tjie (916) 322-0226CalRecycle Staff
 Depinder Paul (626) 450-6232ARB Staff
 Derek Beauduy (510) 622-2348Water/R2 Supervisor
 Derek Carnes (916) 322-2466ARB Staff
 Derek Lee (916) 341-6159CalRecycle Staff
 Derek Link (916) 322-4028CalRecycle Supervisor
 Derek Longacre (916) 327-2700ARB Manager
 Derek Nixon (916) 324-0340ARB Staff
 Derek Ranney (323) 803-2501DTSC Not Available
 Derek Wadsworth Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Derek Winters (626) 450-6276ARB Staff
 Derrick Chow (310) 342-6115CalRecycle Manager
 Desa Donahue (916) 324-5818DTSC Not Available
 Desiree Bingen (916) 322-1866CalRecycle Staff
 Desiree Porzio (916) 322-4257CalRecycle Staff
 Desiree Scott (916) 341-6508CalRecycle Supervisor
 Desirey Wilson (916) 323-1047ARB Staff
 Destinee McGuire (916) 464-4690Water/R5 Staff
 Destiny Bryant (916) 440-8297ARB Staff
 Dev Patel (916) 341-5667SWRCB Staff
 Devan Burke (916) 327-1278SWRCB Staff
 Devender Narala (510) 622-2309Water/R2 Staff
 Devin Galloway Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Devon Jorgenson (707) 576-2701Water/R1 Staff
 Dewayne Debbs (916) 324-7162ARB Staff
 Dhananjay Patel (916) 440-8256ARB Staff
 Dharshani Pearson (510) 622-3194OEHHA Staff
 Diana Almanza (916) 327-8514DTSC Contract Personnel
 Diana Conkle (916) 341-5660SWRCB Staff
 Diana Cozadd (916) 341-6377CalRecycle Staff
 Diana Dragomir Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Diana Fletes (916) 323-9851OEHHA Student
 Diana Gubata (916) 341-6775CalRecycle Staff
 Diana Henrioulle (707) 576-2350Water/R1 Supervisor
 Diana Le (916) 445-4201DPR Staff
 Diana Messina (916) 341-5523SWRCB Chief
 Diana Peebler (510) 540-3866DTSC Staff
 Diana Phelps (916) 445-6130DTSC Not Available
 Diana Suarez-Arguelles (916) 341-6680CalRecycle Staff
 Diane Barclay (916) 341-5797SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Diane Curtis (916) 324-1945OEHHA Supervisor
 Diane Kiyota (916) 327-3004ARB Counsel
 Diane Kukol (805) 542-4637Water/R3 Supervisor
 Diane Masterpole (916) 324-5519OEHHA Staff
 Diane O'Leary (916) 341-6309CalRecycle Staff
 Diane Riddle (916) 341-5297SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Diane Sheridan (916) 322-0481DTSC Not Available
 Diane Shimizu (916) 229-0598ARB Staff
 Diane Vlach (916) 341-6393CalRecycle Supervisor
 Diane West (916) 319-8565SWRCB Staff
 Diane Wilson (916) 445-4151DPR Staff
 Dick Jones (916) 322-3292DTSC Staff
 Dicle Yardimci (916) 324-1818DTSC Not Available
 Diepiriye Albert-Sogules (916) 323-2391OEHHA Student
 Dieynaba Edwards (916) 341-6216CalRecycle Student
 Dilhara Ranasinghe (916) 324-3479DPR Staff
 Dilip Patel (626) 450-6141ARB Manager
 Dillon Miner (916) 322-8283ARB Staff
 Dina Calanchini (916) 464-4740Water/R5 Staff
 Dina Kourda (714) 484-5408DTSC Not Available
 Dinh Quach (626) 350-6485ARB Staff
 Dione Condoll (916) 323-2926ARB Supervisor
 Dionne Faulk (323) 803-2508DTSC Not Available
 Divina Cadiz (916) 323-6029CalRecycle Supervisor
 Divya Reddy (916) 341-6445CalRecycle Consultant
 Dixon Oriola (213) 576-6803Water/R4 Specialist
 Dmitri Smith (916) 324-7901ARB Staff
 Dmitriy Ginzburg (818) 551-2022SWRCB Supervisor
 Dmitriy Kulik (559) 437-1585SWRCB Staff
 Dolly Truong (916) 341-6402CalRecycle Staff
 Dominic Bulone (916) 322-2897ARB Staff
 Dominic Roques (805) 542-4780Water/R3 Supervisor
 Dominique Forrester (916) 255-3613DTSC Not Available
 Dominique Marquez (916) 341-5061SWRCB Staff
 Domokuma Olali (510) 622-2367SWRCB Staff
 Domunique Tyler (916) 322-4163ARB Staff
 Don Eley (805) 542-4626Water/R3 Staff
 Don Ha (916) 956-6423SWRCB Staff
 Don Indermill (818) 717-6561DTSC Staff
 Don Kieu (626) 459-4302ARB Staff
 Don Nguyen (951) 782-3298SWRCB Staff
 Don Tsai (213) 576-6665Water/R4 Staff
 Donald Antonowich (916) 445-3686DPR Staff
 Donald Chernich (916) 229-0366ARB Manager
 Donald Greenlee (818) 717-6594DTSC Not Available
 Donald Hammond (916) 322-5924ARB Staff
 Donald Piring (916) 327-0434SWRCB Staff
 Donald Richmond (916) 445-4192DPR Staff
 Donald Van Dyke (916) 341-6869CalRecycle Staff
 Dongmin Luo (916) 324-8496ARB Manager
 Donielle Jackson (916) 445-9308ARB Staff
 Donna Begay (916) 324-4184SWRCB Supervisor
 Donna Lee (916) 322-1369ARB Manager
 Donna Marciano (916) 445-4163DPR Branch Chief
 Donna Poe (707) 576-2220Water/R1 Staff
 Donna Shaffer (619) 525-4272CalRecycle Support Staff
 Donna Zeinali (619) 525-4355CalRecycle Staff
 Donnaye Palmer (916) 341-6321CalRecycle Staff
 Donnet McFarlane (916) 327-0092CalRecycle Staff
 Dorena Goding (916) 327-8101SWRCB Specialist
 Dorene DAdamo (916) 341-5607SWRCB Board Vice Chair
 Dorian Bellan (916) 341-5502SWRCB Staff
 Dorothy Fibiger (916) 324-8426ARB Staff
 Dot Lofstrom (916) 255-3607DTSC Not Available
 Doug Patteson (559) 445-5577Water/R5 Manager
 Doug Shibberu (951) 782-7959Water/R8 Staff
 Doug Wachtell (559) 445-5114Water/R5 Staff
 Douglas Carey (530) 542-5468Water/R6 Specialist
 Douglas Cross (213) 620-2246Water/R4 Staff
 Douglas Cushman (530) 542-5417Water/R6 Supervisor
 Douglas Dean (916) 449-5633SWRCB Staff
 Douglas Hume (916) 324-3335ARB Staff
 Douglas Jensen (916) 341-6183CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Douglas McDevitt (916) 327-8088SWRCB Contract Personnel
 Douglas Thompson (916) 322-6922ARB Manager
 Douglas Turner (916) 229-0761ARB Staff
 Drew Saruwatari (916) 324-2666DPR Staff Counsel
 Duane White (916) 255-6327DTSC Not Available
 Duartina Johnson (916) 341-6314CalRecycle Staff
 Duc Nguyen (626) 575-6844ARB Manager
 Dulce Del Carmen (818) 717-6665DTSC Not Available
 Duncan Smedley (626) 459-4369ARB Staff
 Duong Trinh (626) 350-6560ARB Staff
 Durin Linderholm (916) 464-4657Water/R5 Staff
 Dustin Goto (916) 327-4757ARB Staff
 Dustin Schell (916) 229-0402ARB Staff
 Dustin Schiavo (916) 341-6485CalRecycle Staff
 Dustin Vo (626) 450-6225ARB Staff
 Duy Bui (916) 323-1109ARB Staff
 Duy L. Pham (916) 322-0462DTSC Staff
 Duyen Kauffman (510) 622-3186OEHHA Staff
 Dwayne Whitten Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Dwight Oda (916) 445-0734ARB Staff
 Dwight Shelor (916) 324-5887DPR Manager
 Dylan Brimer (818) 717-6600DTSC Contract Personnel
 Dylan Clark (916) 255-3731DTSC Staff
 Dylan Estes (916) 229-0908ARB Staff
 Dylan Kojimoto (916) 341-6492CalRecycle Staff
 Dylan Seidner (916) 341-5893SWRCB Supervisor
 Dyllan Depew (916) 324-1175SWRCB Investigator

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards