Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 C. Julie Hernandez (916) 341-5755SWRCB Staff
 Cabe Silverhame (916) 323-0879SWRCB Staff
 Caitlin Gray (213) 576-6647SWRCB Staff
 Caitlin Juarez (559) 447-3395SWRCB Staff
 Cameron Alfving (559) 445-6083Water/R5 Staff
 Camilla Williams (916) 341-5530SWRCB Staff
 Camille Hang (916) 464-4721Water/R5 Support Staff
 CaNara Campbell (510) 620-3474SWRCB Staff
 Candice Levesque (916) 341-5553SWRCB Staff
 Candida Granillo-Dodds (619) 525-4042SWRCB Staff
 Caren Patterson (760) 241-7407Water/R6 Staff
 Carey Nagoda (619) 521-3003Water/R9 Staff
 Carey Wilder (707) 576-2472Water/R1 Staff
 Carl Beckham (916) 323-9396SWRCB Staff
 Carl Bernhardt (951) 782-4495Water/R8 Staff
 Carley Dunleavy (707) 570-3770Water/R1 Staff
 Carlos Angulo (760) 346-2179Water/R7 Staff
 Carlos Cervantez (559) 444-2446Water/R5 Staff
 Carlos Ortez (213) 576-6758Water/R4 Staff
 Carly Nilson (530) 542-5445Water/R6 Staff
 Carmen Harris (916) 322-0178SWRCB Staff
 Carol Berkeley (916) 341-6940SWRCB Staff
 Carol Kolb (805) 542-4625Water/R3 Staff
 Carol Perkins Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Carolyn Cantwell (916) 341-5413SWRCB Staff
 Carolyn Starkey (805) 566-1326SWRCB Staff
 Carrie Austin (510) 622-1015Water/R2 Staff
 Caryl Sheehan (916) 341-5742SWRCB Supervisor
 Casey Satkowski (916) 449-5558SWRCB Staff
 Casey Scott (916) 341-5493SWRCB Staff
 Casey Yearout (916) 341-5629SWRCB Staff
 Cassandra Owens (760) 346-2612Water/R7 Asst. Executive Officer
 Catarina Guillen (916) 341-5653SWRCB Staff
 Catherine Hagan (George) (619) 521-3012SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Catherine Hawe (916) 322-3538SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Catherine Pool (530) 542-5460Water/R6 Supervisor
 Catherine Truong Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Catherine Woody (707) 576-2665SWRCB Staff
 Cathleen Goodwin (707) 576-2687Water/R1 Staff
 Cathy Lay (916) 324-5629SWRCB Staff
 Cathy McDade (916) 341-5859SWRCB Staff
 Cathy Sanford (760) 776-8934Water/R7 Staff
 Cecile Blancarte (805) 542-4782Water/R3 Staff
 Cecilia Lopez (818) 551-2008SWRCB Staff
 Cedric (Steve) Irving (916) 341-6983SWRCB Staff
 Celene Uribe (707) 576-2861Water/R1 Staff
 Celia Pazos (951) 321-4583Water/R8 Staff
 Celina Hernandez (510) 622-2447Water/R2 Staff
 Celina Ortega (916) 319-8573SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Celine Gallon (213) 576-6784Water/R4 Staff
 Chad Fearing (916) 341-5546SWRCB Staff
 Chad Fischer (559) 447-3302SWRCB Supervisor
 Chad Johnson Not AvailableWater/R1 Staff
 Chad Loflen (619) 521-3370Water/R9 Supervisor
 Chad Neptune (559) 445-5584Water/R5 Staff
 Chad Nishida (951) 782-3252Water/R8 Staff
 Chaes Kufis (916) 464-4629Water/R5 Staff
 Chakeina Smith-Gilchrist (916) 341-5084SWRCB Staff
 Chandra Tyler (213) 576-6782Water/R4 Staff
 Chani Hutto (916) 341-5816SWRCB Staff
 Charla Holmes (916) 341-5769SWRCB Chief
 Charlene Herbst (916) 464-4724Water/R5 Supervisor
 Charles Arnold (916) 341-5634SWRCB Staff
 Charles Cardenas (916) 464-4832Water/R5 Staff
 Charles Cheng (619) 521-3359Water/R9 Staff
 Charles Reed (707) 576-2752Water/R1 Manager
 Charles Striplen (707) 576-2689Water/R1 Staff
 Charles R. Delgado (916) 341-5262SWRCB Supervisor
 Charlotte Ely (916) 319-8564SWRCB Specialist
 Charlotte Nohra (916) 464-4858Water/R5 Staff
 Chase Hildeburn (916) 323-0358SWRCB Staff
 Chehreh Komeylyan (619) 521-3366Water/R9 Staff
 Chela Chavez (916) 322-8410SWRCB Staff
 Cheng Vue (916) 319-9284SWRCB Staff
 Cherie McCaulou (510) 622-2342Water/R2 Staff
 Cheryl Blatt (707) 576-2755Water/R1 Staff
 Cheryl Holden (916) 327-0003SWRCB Manager
 Cheryl Prowell (510) 622-2408Water/R2 Supervisor
 Cheryl Thomas (916) 341-5148SWRCB Specialist
 Cheryle Hopper (916) 341-5228SWRCB Supervisor
 Chi Diep (818) 551-2016SWRCB Supervisor
 Chi-Hai Kalita (916) 341-5539SWRCB Staff
 Chiara Clemente (619) 521-3371Water/R9 Supervisor
 Ching-Yin To (213) 576-6696Water/R4 Supervisor
 Chloe Liu (916) 319-8562SWRCB Staff
 Chona Nicolas (916) 341-5818SWRCB Staff
 Chris Beegan (916) 341-5912SWRCB Staff
 Chris Carr (916) 341-5305SWRCB Staff
 Chris Flower (916) 464-4836Water/R5 Supervisor
 Chris Jimmerson (916) 464-4859Water/R5 Staff
 Chris Monary (916) 322-7782SWRCB Staff
 Chris Rose (805) 542-4770Water/R3 Manager
 Chris Stetler (530) 542-5572Water/R6 Specialist
 Chris Watt Not AvailableWater/R1 Staff
 Chris Whittington (916) 341-5323SWRCB Staff
 Christian Bempong (916) 341-5052SWRCB Staff
 Christian Martinez (916) 327-0435SWRCB Staff
 Christian Morgan-Brown (916) 341-5793SWRCB Staff
 Christina Arias (619) 521-3361Water/R9 Staff
 Christina Blank (619) 521-3382Water/R9 Executive Assistant
 Christina Guerra (760) 241-7333Water/R6 Staff
 Christina Humphreys (213) 576-6697Water/R4 Staff
 Christina Raynard (916) 319-9123SWRCB Staff
 Christina Toms (510) 622-2506Water/R2 Staff
 Christine Croyle (916) 464-4852Water/R5 Supervisor
 Christine Hernandez (559) 445-6542Water/R5 Support Staff
 Christine Joab (916) 464-4655Water/R5 Staff
 Christine Rico (Klein) (916) 341-5512SWRCB Staff
 Christine Silken (951) 782-7961Water/R8 Staff
 Christine Sotelo (916) 341-5175SWRCB Manager
 Christopher Avalos (760) 241-7413Water/R6 Staff
 Christopher Bachman (916) 341-5084SWRCB Staff
 Christopher Barber (559) 437-1581SWRCB Staff
 Christopher Borsh (916) 341-5397SWRCB Staff
 Christopher Hand (916) 323-0571SWRCB Staff
 Christopher Law (916) 341-5869SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Christopher Means (619) 521-3365Water/R9 Staff
 Christopher Moskal (916) 341-5184SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Christopher Ryan (916) 322-7903SWRCB Supervisor
 Christopher Sawders (916) 324-9655SWRCB Staff
 Christopher Stevens (916) 341-5698SWRCB Manager
 Christopher VandeWyngard (916) 341-5391SWRCB Staff
 Christopher Walker (916) 341-5672SWRCB Staff
 Christy Glunz (916) 341-5124SWRCB Staff
 Chuck Griffin (951) 782-4996Water/R8 Specialist
 Chun Huang (619) 525-4775SWRCB Staff
 Cindy Au Yeung (916) 464-4730Water/R5 Staff
 Cindy Palomar (916) 323-0597SWRCB Staff
 Cindy Wise (530) 542-5408Water/R6 Staff
 Claire Waggoner (916) 341-5582SWRCB Chief
 Claudia De La Torre Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Claudia Tenorio (213) 576-6761Water/R4 Staff
 Claudia Villacorta (707) 576-2069Water/R1 Asst. Executive Officer
 Clay Rodgers (559) 445-5102Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Clayton Creager (707) 576-2666Water/R1 Specialist
 Clayton Prue (916) 464-4776Water/R5 Staff
 Cleet Carlton (510) 622-2374Water/R2 Staff
 Cleo Munoz (619) 521-3384Water/R9 Staff
 Cliff Cheng (818) 551-2023SWRCB Staff
 Clifford Harvey (916) 558-1709SWRCB Staff
 Clint Snyder (530) 224-3213Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Cody Madaus (916) 324-6894SWRCB Staff
 Cody Walker (707) 576-2642Water/R1 Staff
 Colleen Hunt (707) 576-2831Water/R1 Staff
 Colton Nichelson (661) 335-7346SWRCB Staff
 Connie Floyd (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Conny Mitterhofer (916) 341-5720SWRCB Manager
 Constance Nozuka (916) 324-6831SWRCB Staff
 Corey Dickman (916) 341-5258SWRCB Manager
 Corinne Huckaby (805) 549-3504Water/R3 Staff
 Cosmo Garvin (916) 322-8419SWRCB Staff
 Courtney Kasich (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Courtney Tyler (916) 341-5611SWRCB Staff
 Craig Bunas (530) 224-4887SWRCB Staff
 Craig Carlisle (619) 521-3378Water/R9 Supervisor
 Craig Hunt (707) 570-3767Water/R1 Supervisor
 Craig Sanchez (916) 322-9446SWRCB Staff
 Craig Williams (916) 341-5759SWRCB Supervisor
 Cris Morris (213) 620-2083Water/R4 Manager
 Cristina Knudsen (559) 447-3317SWRCB Staff
 Cristina Ochoa (916) 341-5836SWRCB Manager
 Crystal Hanson (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Crysten Cole (916) 341-5693SWRCB Staff
 Cuiping Ma (916) 341-5748SWRCB Staff
 Curt Charmley (213) 576-6774Water/R4 Staff
 Cynthia White (530) 542-5400Water/R6 Staff
 Cynthia T. Gorham (619) 521-3921Water/R9 Supervisor

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards