Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Balraj Tammali (559) 445-5156Water/R5 Staff
 Barbara August (916) 341-6952SWRCB Staff
 Barbara Baginska (510) 622-2474Water/R2 Staff
 Barbara Barry (951) 248-0375Water/R8 Supervisor
 Barbara Guia (213) 620-6361Water/R4 Staff
 Barry Pulver (619) 521-3381Water/R9 Staff
 Barry Sutter (530) 224-4875SWRCB Supervisor
 Bayley Toft-Dupuy (916) 341-5165SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Beatriz Juica (916) 341-5072SWRCB Staff
 Beba Maletic (916) 341-5615SWRCB Staff
 Behrooz Etebari (916) 322-0183SWRCB Staff
 Ben Letton (530) 542-5436Water/R6 Manager
 Ben Neill (619) 521-3376Water/R9 Staff
 Ben Zabinsky (707) 576-6750Water/R1 Staff
 Ben R. Wright (916) 323-9690SWRCB Staff
 Benicia Bravo (916) 341-5037SWRCB Staff
 Benjamin Heningburg (916) 449-5605SWRCB Manager
 Benjamin Lehmann (916) 464-4760Water/R5 Staff
 Benjamin Minx (707) 576-2690Water/R1 Staff
 Bert Davis (916) 323-3435SWRCB Staff
 Beth Thayer (916) 464-4671Water/R5 Staff
 Bethany Soto (559) 445-6077Water/R5 Staff
 Beti Girma (916) 322-9602SWRCB Staff
 Betsy Lichti (916) 322-9598SWRCB Manager
 Betty Miles-Carter (916) 341-5116SWRCB Staff
 Bev Anderson-Abbs (916) 322-2014SWRCB Specialist
 Bhupinder Sahota (209) 948-3881SWRCB Supervisor
 BichHien Thach (916) 341-5825SWRCB Staff
 Bill Brasher (916) 341-5871SWRCB Staff
 Bill Brattain (916) 464-4622Water/R5 Staff
 Bill Cook (510) 622-2446Water/R2 Staff
 Bill Damian (916) 341-5144SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Bill Liang (818) 551-2024SWRCB Staff
 Bill Patzelt (916) 323-0874SWRCB Staff
 Bill Rice (951) 782-4459Water/R8 Staff
 Bill Walker (818) 551-2012SWRCB Staff
 Bizuayehu Ayele (213) 576-6623Water/R4 Supervisor
 Blair Robertson (916) 341-5263SWRCB Information Officer
 Blake Nicolas (916) 323-4643SWRCB Staff
 Bob Chow (916) 464-4698SWRCB Supervisor
 Bob Hultquist (916) 449-5556SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Bobbi Valencia (213) 620-6362Water/R4 Staff
 Bonnie Sutherland (916) 449-5629SWRCB Staff
 Brad Shelton (916) 464-1588Water/R5 Supervisor
 Brady Yates (916) 324-7089SWRCB Staff
 Brandi Outwin-Beals (619) 521-5896Water/R9 Supervisor
 Brandon Bushnell Not AvailableWater/R9 Staff
 Brandon Roosenboom (916) 341-5566SWRCB Staff
 Brandon Salazar (559) 445-6278Water/R5 Staff
 Brandon Stevens (707) 576-2377Water/R1 Staff
 Brenda Cabelera Hanson (916) 319-9073SWRCB Staff
 Brenda Pauli (916) 341-5658SWRCB Staff
 Brenda Valdez (916) 341-5233SWRCB Manager
 Brendan Kenny (916) 464-4635Water/R5 Staff
 Brendan Reed (916) 341-5462SWRCB Staff
 Brendan Thompson (707) 576-2699Water/R1 Staff
 Brent Allen (916) 324-7606SWRCB Staff
 Brent Vanderburgh (916) 323-0065SWRCB Specialist
 Brett Braidman (916) 464-4605Water/R5 Supervisor
 Brian Bernados (619) 525-4497SWRCB Staff
 Brian Bustos (916) 552-8707SWRCB Staff
 Brian Cary (916) 449-5624SWRCB Supervisor
 Brian Cheng (916) 341-5575SWRCB Staff
 Brian Coats (916) 341-5389SWRCB Supervisor
 Brian Collins (916) 322-8423SWRCB Staff
 Brian Covellone (951) 782-4382Water/R8 Staff
 Brian Fuller Not AvailableWater/R1 Staff
 Brian Grey (530) 542-5421Water/R6 Staff
 Brian Judge (530) 542-5426Water/R6 Staff
 Brian Kidwell (209) 948-3963SWRCB Supervisor
 Brian Kinney (916) 449-5630SWRCB Supervisor
 Brian McDaniel (619) 521-5897Water/R9 Staff
 Brian Newman (916) 464-4834Water/R5 Manager
 Brian Salvi (916) 319-8289SWRCB Staff
 Brian Schretzmann (916) 445-2118SWRCB Staff
 Brian Taylor (916) 464-4662Water/R5 Staff
 Brian Thompson (510) 622-2422Water/R2 Supervisor
 Brian Wines (510) 622-5680Water/R2 Staff
 Brian D. Ogg (916) 322-8432SWRCB Staff
 Brianna St.Pierre (916) 341-5810SWRCB Supervisor
 Bridget Binning (916) 449-5641SWRCB Supervisor
 Bridget Chase (916) 445-8497SWRCB Manager
 Bridget Freeborn (916) 341-5771SWRCB Supervisor
 Bridget Rittmann Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 BrightMoon Vang Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Brittany Elliott (916) 464-4612Water/R5 Staff
 Brittany Kammerer (916) 327-8482SWRCB Staff
 Bruce Berger (916) 449-5666SWRCB Staff
 Bruce Locken (916) 341-5718SWRCB Staff
 Bruce Ramsden (559) 447-3314SWRCB Staff
 Bruce Warden (530) 542-5416Water/R6 Staff
 Bryan Ayule (916) 341-5676SWRCB Staff
 Bryan Botsford (916) 464-4739Water/R5 Staff
 Bryan Elder (916) 327-8363SWRCB Supervisor
 Bryan Little (805) 549-3704Water/R3 Staff
 Bryan McFadin (707) 576-2751Water/R1 Specialist
 Bryan Moore (916) 341-5280SWRCB Staff
 Bryan Potter (559) 447-3310SWRCB Staff
 Bryan Rinde (916) 449-5666SWRCB Staff
 Bryan Rock (559) 445-5087Water/R5 Staff
 Bryan Smith (530) 226-3425Water/R5 Manager

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