Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Aaron Yue (714) 484-5439DTSC Staff
 Abbe Ramirez (916) 323-2666DTSC Staff
 Abdalin ASINAS (916) 255-6562DTSC Staff
 Abigail Noble (916) 322-3816DTSC Not Available
 Abraham Bilal (916) 255-3778DTSC Staff
 Abraham Zhan (916) 445-5651DTSC Not Available
 Adam Calvillo-Cain (916) 323-3395DTSC Staff
 Adam Daniels (818) 717-6582DTSC Not Available
 Adam Palmer (916) 322-2844DTSC Supervisor
 Adam N. Xiong (999) 999-9999DTSC Staff
 Adriana Aldana (916) 255-6594DTSC Staff
 Adrianna Hernandez (818) 717-6673DTSC Not Available
 Ainie Ali (916) 327-4509DTSC Staff
 Ajit Vaidya (916) 255-3683DTSC Not Available
 Alan Ito (916) 322-4068DTSC Not Available
 Alan Korematsu (916) 323-3706DTSC Not Available
 Albert Hernandez (916) 869-5071DTSC Not Available
 Alejandra Rivera (714) 484-5324DTSC Not Available
 Alejandro Galdamez (510) 540-3933DTSC Staff
 Alejandro Vivas (510) 540-3911DTSC Not Available
 Alex F. Woodward (510) 540-4121DTSC Staff
 Alexander Mayer (916) 445-2966DTSC Not Available
 Alexander Soin (510) 540-3609DTSC Staff
 Alexander E. Morelan II (714) 484-5440DTSC Staff
 Alexandria White (510) 540-3968DTSC Staff
 Alfred Wong (510) 540-3946DTSC Staff
 Alfredo Rios (858) 637-5538DTSC Supervisor
 Alfredo Zanoria (714) 484-5420DTSC Supervisor
 Ali Liberman (323) 803-2510DTSC Staff
 Alice Campbell (818) 717-6623DTSC Staff
 Alice Jeung (916) 324-2993DTSC Not Available
 Allan Fone (510) 540-3836DTSC Staff
 Allan Plaza (818) 717-6609DTSC Supervisor
 Allison Dutra (916) 322-8670DTSC Not Available
 Allison Lyman (916) 324-3095DTSC Not Available
 Allison McKee (916) 445-0424DTSC Not Available
 Allison Saldana (818) 717-6583DTSC Staff
 Allison Shirer (818) 717-6583DTSC Not Available
 Allison Wescott (916) 324-6544DTSC Staff
 Allissa Maurer (916) 322-8669DTSC Not Available
 Alyssa Espiritu (714) 484-5310DTSC Contract Personnel
 Alyssa R. Golchert (916) 255-6584DTSC Staff
 Amanda Alvarez (714) 484-5456DTSC Staff
 Amanda Carley (714) 484-5378DTSC Staff
 Amanda Dominguez (818) 717-6581DTSC Not Available
 Amanda Irwin (916) 327-8514DTSC Staff
 Amanda Priest (916) 323-3506DTSC Contract Personnel
 Amanda Ritson (916) 324-1819DTSC Not Available
 Amelia Hicks (916) 324-0064DTSC Not Available
 Amilia Glikman (916) 322-5837DTSC Not Available
 Amit Pathak (714) 484-5468DTSC Staff
 Amit Sarang (916) 324-4841DTSC Not Available
 Amy T. Pham (916) 324-3125DTSC Staff
 Ana Mascarenas (916) 956-1896DTSC Not Available
 Anantaramam Peddada (714) 484-5418DTSC Staff
 Andre Algazi (916) 324-2659DTSC Not Available
 Andrea Drushell (916) 255-3571DTSC Not Available
 Andrea Kopecky (916) 255-6423DTSC Not Available
 Andres Martinez (323) 803-2506DTSC Not Available
 Andrew Chang Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Andrew Collada (916) 327-1192DTSC Not Available
 Andrew Reimanis (916) 255-4976DTSC Staff
 Andrew Sturmfels (916) 322-7856DTSC Staff
 Andy Burow (916) 255-6568DTSC Staff
 Andy Cano (818) 717-6620DTSC Staff
 Angela Garcia (714) 484-5463DTSC Not Available
 Angela Montez (916) 322-1295DTSC Not Available
 Angela Pimentel (916) 327-4500DTSC Not Available
 Angela Singh (916) 255-6616DTSC Staff
 Angela Turner (714) 484-5477DTSC Not Available
 Angela Yoshida (916) 445-2542DTSC Not Available
 Angelica Villar (818) 717-6517DTSC Staff
 Angelina Garcia (916) 445-5640DTSC Not Available
 Angella Brown (916) 322-3810DTSC Not Available
 Angie Alfaro (916) 255-3646DTSC Staff
 Anh-Duong Vu (916) 324-3150DTSC Not Available
 Ann Baker (714) 484-5344DTSC Staff
 Ann Carberry (916) 255-3644DTSC Not Available
 Ann Reeser (510) 540-2735DTSC Not Available
 Anna Gross (916) 322-4062DTSC Not Available
 Anna Toma (626) 304-2711DTSC Staff
 Anne Ekker (714) 484-5309DTSC Not Available
 Anne Nguyen (916) 255-3795DTSC Staff
 Anne Cooper Doherty (916) 324-1088DTSC Not Available
 Annette Stark (916) 324-9821DTSC Staff
 Anthony Chiang (510) 540-3770DTSC Student
 Anthony D'Arcangelo (916) 324-2991DTSC Not Available
 Anthony Vasquez (916) 324-2423DTSC Not Available
 Antoinette Brown (510) 540-2855DTSC Staff
 Antonette Cordero (818) 885-3307DTSC Not Available
 Antonia Becker (510) 540-3889DTSC Staff
 Antonio Natera (510) 540-3757DTSC Staff
 April Ranney (559) 297-3943DTSC Not Available
 Arax Gharibian (818) 717-6540DTSC Staff
 Arishma Prakash (916) 324-5845DTSC Not Available
 Arletra Duroncelet-Hutchinson (916) 323-3215DTSC Not Available
 Armeen Etemad (916) 327-7586DTSC Not Available
 Armen Minassian (818) 717-6585DTSC Staff
 ASAHI OKADA (510) 540-2687DTSC Not Available
 Asha Arora (510) 540-3874DTSC Staff
 Asha Setty (510) 540-3910DTSC Not Available
 Ashley Gage (510) 540-3906DTSC Not Available
 Aslam Ahmed Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Aslam Shareef (714) 484-5308DTSC Staff

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