Department of Pesticide Regulation Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Ahmed Elhawary (714) 279-7683DPR Staff
 Aisha Iqbal (916) 324-9847DPR Staff
 Ajay Kumar (916) 445-6941DPR Staff
 Alayna Kane (916) 445-5489DPR Staff
 Alberto Marin (916) 603-7713DPR Staff
 Alejandro Merchan (916) 324-0116DPR Staff
 Aletha Vengco (916) 323-7692DPR Staff
 Alex Magliano (916) 445-0026DPR Staff
 Alex Poulos (916) 322-0424DPR Staff
 Alex Shih (714) 957-3511DPR Staff
 Alex (Shucheng) Jiang (916) 445-3879DPR Staff
 Alexander Gomez (916) 445-6189DPR Scientific Aid
 Alexander Kolosovich (916) 324-3914DPR Staff
 Alexis Carriker (916) 445-1523DPR Manager
 Alexis Leyva (916) 323-5149DPR Staff
 Alfonso Garcia (559) 297-5427DPR Staff
 Alfredo DaSilva (559) 297-5404DPR Staff
 Alfredo (Alex) Cadenas (916) 323-2837DPR Staff
 Alicia Imbrogna (916) 603-7790DPR Staff
 Alicia Scott (916) 603-7712DPR Staff
 Alveena Prasad (916) 445-4400DPR Staff
 Alyssa Knudsen (916) 322-0290DPR Staff
 Amanda Bartell (916) 445-3051DPR Staff
 Amanda Kaufmann (916) 445-3887DPR Staff
 Amaryl Griggs (916) 322-0344DPR Staff
 Amber Rousseau (916) 603-7784DPR Staff
 Ameneh Tavakol (916) 445-3677DPR Staff
 Amir Omer (916) 324-3555DPR Staff
 Amy Duran (916) 445-2047DPR Manager
 Andi Cameron (916) 445-7372DPR Staff
 Andrea Grant (916) 445-0038DPR Staff
 Andrew Hawkins (916) 445-8675DPR Staff
 Andrew Turcotte (916) 445-4403DPR Staff
 Andria Giorgi (916) 324-9978DPR Staff
 Andy Rubin (916) 324-3477DPR Staff
 Aniela Burant (916) 445-2799DPR Staff
 Anise Severns (916) 650-6957DPR Assistant Director
 Ann Downing (714) 279-7693DPR Supervisor
 Ann Hanger (916) 324-3535DPR Supervisor
 Ann Schaffner (916) 445-0111DPR Supervisor
 Anna Bellini (916) 445-3270DPR Staff
 Anna Kalashnikova (916) 324-3517DPR Staff
 Anson Main (916) 322-0496DPR Staff
 Anthony Cantrell (916) 445-0029DPR Staff
 Anthony Silva (916) 445-3793DPR Staff
 April Gatling (916) 324-2666DPR Senior Staff Counsel
 Aron Lindgren (916) 324-3563DPR Staff
 Ashley Fitzwater (916) 603-7736DPR Staff
 Ashley Maderos (916) 603-7847DPR Staff
 Atac Tuli (916) 324-4264DPR Staff
 Atefeh Mousavi Nik (916) 445-2509DPR Staff
 Austin Eaker (916) 323-1885DPR Staff

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Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards