Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Aaron Holt (916) 324-1374CalRecycle Staff
 Aaron Martinez (916) 322-5787CalRecycle Staff
 Aaron Olsen (916) 319-9600CalRecycle Staff
 Abel Martinez-Centeno (916) 341-6724CalRecycle Staff
 Abraham Meyers (916) 341-6355CalRecycle Staff
 Adam St. Clair (916) 341-6469CalRecycle Staff
 Adam Tauber (916) 323-6888CalRecycle Assistant Director
 Adrianna Saliot (916) 324-4437CalRecycle Staff
 Akemi Myers (916) 341-6265CalRecycle Staff
 Akisha Anderson Marshall (916) 341-6622CalRecycle Staff
 Alan Ilusorio (916) 322-1896CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alan Zamboanga (916) 341-6450CalRecycle Staff
 Albert Johnson (916) 341-6687CalRecycle Staff
 Alberto Paz (916) 323-0733CalRecycle Staff
 Alejandro Hernandez (951) 782-4121CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alex Byrne (916) 323-2271CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alex Grewal (916) 322-0177CalRecycle Staff
 Alex Souza (916) 341-6537CalRecycle Staff
 Alex Talpasanu (916) 341-6262CalRecycle Staff
 Alexandra Rosado (916) 341-6459CalRecycle Staff
 Alexis Arenz (916) 322-4692CalRecycle Staff
 Alexis Robison (916) 323-0729CalRecycle Staff
 Alfred Worcester (916) 341-6353CalRecycle Staff
 Ali Hocheimi (951) 782-7129CalRecycle Staff
 Alicia Davenport (916) 322-1439CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alicia Nguyen (916) 445-8091CalRecycle Staff
 Alison Lara (916) 322-4022CalRecycle Staff
 Alkarim Dhanji (310) 342-6108CalRecycle Supervisor
 Allegra Curiel (916) 341-6330CalRecycle Staff
 Allyson Williams (916) 341-6219CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alonso Silva (310) 342-1230CalRecycle Staff
 Alyssa Williams (916) 341-6066CalRecycle Staff
 Aman DeGeorge (916) 322-1637CalRecycle Staff
 Amanda Sanders (916) 323-1692CalRecycle Staff
 Amy Franz (916) 341-6099CalRecycle Staff
 Amy Nelson (916) 341-6486CalRecycle Staff
 Amy Yhnell (916) 324-5036CalRecycle Staff
 Ana-Maria Stoian-Chu (916) 341-6368CalRecycle Manager
 Andres Torres (916) 341-6428CalRecycle Staff
 Andrew Hurst (916) 323-2872CalRecycle Supervisor
 Andrew Parrish (916) 341-6458CalRecycle Staff
 Andrew Smyth (916) 341-6526CalRecycle Staff
 Andria Torres (916) 327-2898CalRecycle Staff
 Andy Marino (916) 341-6366CalRecycle Staff
 Angel Fong (916) 341-6752CalRecycle Staff
 Angela Gomez (916) 445-3638CalRecycle Staff
 Angela Vincent (916) 323-1796CalRecycle Supervisor
 Angelica Ibarra (310) 342-0624CalRecycle Supervisor
 Anissa Henry (916) 341-6292CalRecycle Staff
 Anna Cassada (916) 341-6820CalRecycle Staff
 Annabel Farrall (916) 341-6296CalRecycle Staff
 Anne Snider (916) 341-6629CalRecycle Staff
 Anthony Balestreri (916) 341-6081CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Anthony Johnson (916) 341-6252CalRecycle Support Staff
 Anthony Rodriguez (916) 341-6322CalRecycle Staff
 Anthony Toto (916) 445-9415CalRecycle Staff
 Anthony VanderSchaaf (916) 341-6266CalRecycle Staff
 Apollo Fraidany (562) 981-3954CalRecycle Staff
 April Agan (916) 341-6369CalRecycle Student
 April Gomez (916) 341-6606CalRecycle Staff
 Arishma Lal (916) 341-6616CalRecycle Staff
 Arlene Iwahiro (916) 322-8000CalRecycle Staff
 Arman Wiley (619) 525-4340CalRecycle Staff
 Armida Mejia (562) 981-9295CalRecycle Support Staff
 Arti Lal (916) 341-6434CalRecycle Staff
 Ashlee Yee (916) 327-8824CalRecycle Staff
 Ashraf Batavia (916) 341-6205CalRecycle Staff
 Asma Variawa (310) 342-6125CalRecycle Staff
 Audrey Vorametsanti (916) 323-0034CalRecycle Staff

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