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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Aanchal Kohli (916) 323-1510ARB Staff
 Aaron Bali (916) 327-5623ARB Staff
 Aaron Hilliard (916) 322-4781ARB Manager
 Aaron Plasencia (916) 322-9192ARB Staff
 Abajh Singh (916) 322-8276ARB Staff
 Abby Dela Cruz (916) 322-0514ARB Staff
 Abdul Aleem Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Abdul Howlader (626) 350-6466ARB Staff
 Abdullah Mahmud (916) 323-5122ARB Staff
 Abeer Hajeer (916) 445-5596ARB Staff
 Abhilash Vijayan (916) 324-0621ARB Manager
 Abhishek Dhiman (916) 440-8271ARB Staff
 Abigail May (916) 323-9075ARB Counsel
 Abigail Trowbridge (916) 327-4725ARB Staff
 Abraham Dohwon Lee (626) 350-6543ARB Staff
 Adam Curtis (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Adam Edwards (626) 575-6690ARB Manager
 Adam Gerber (916) 322-7456ARB Staff
 Adam Gomez (916) 229-0440ARB Staff
 Adam Moreno (916) 322-7141ARB Staff
 Adam Yang (916) 327-8885ARB Manager
 Adil Mahmood (626) 575-6842ARB Staff
 Adolfo Garcia (626) 575-6701ARB Manager
 Adrian Cayabyab (916) 327-1515ARB Staff
 Adriana Smith (916) 323-5450ARB Staff
 Adriane Chiu (626) 350-6453ARB Staff
 Adrienne Richey (916) 323-9591ARB Staff
 Ahmed Mehadi (916) 327-4730ARB Staff
 Aiko Matsunaga (626) 575-6831ARB Staff
 Aimee Davis (916) 322-3289ARB Manager
 Ajay Mangat (916) 324-2718ARB Supervisor
 Ajith Kaduwela (916) 327-3955ARB Staff
 Alan Chow (626) 575-6703ARB Staff
 Alan Talhelm (916) 324-5548ARB Staff
 Alanzandra Heslep (626) 575-7095ARB Staff
 Alberto Larios (916) 440-8292ARB Staff
 Aldo Chaney (626) 350-6577ARB Staff
 Alejandra Cervantes (916) 327-5790ARB Staff
 Alejandra Mendez (916) 440-8289ARB Staff
 Aleksandr Babchanik (916) 440-8290ARB Staff
 Alex Barber (626) 350-6414ARB Staff
 Alex Stockton (916) 322-8493ARB Staff
 Alex Weaver (916) 323-1697ARB Staff
 Alex Yiu (916) 322-1922ARB Staff
 Alexa Barron (916) 445-3263ARB Manager
 Alexander Huth (916) 324-6917ARB Staff
 Alexander Mitchell (916) 327-1513ARB Supervisor
 Alexander Wang (916) 323-9610ARB Counsel
 Alexandra Alanis (916) 440-8234ARB Staff
 Alexandra Boris (916) 322-8919ARB Staff
 Alexandra Kamel (916) 445-5506ARB Counsel
 Alexis Hudson (916) 322-4560ARB Staff
 Alfonso Arambula (916) 229-0493ARB Staff
 Alfredo R. Ortiz (626) 450-6112ARB Staff
 Ali Barahmani (626) 459-4407ARB Staff
 Ali Koohestani (916) 324-1590ARB Staff
 Alice Tong (626) 450-6146ARB Staff
 Alicia Adams (916) 323-0668ARB Staff
 Alicia Violet (916) 322-6403ARB Staff
 Alisa Beckwith (916) 327-9480ARB Staff
 Allen Lyons (626) 575-6973ARB Division Chief
 Allen T. Pham (626) 450-6233ARB Staff
 Alodie Yang (916) 322-4098ARB Staff
 Alvaro Alvarado (916) 445-4843ARB Manager
 Alvaro Gutierrez (626) 350-6549ARB Manager
 Alyssa Green (916) 445-1034ARB Staff
 Alyssa Rhodes (916) 440-8232ARB Staff
 Aman Bains (916) 323-0032ARB Staff
 Amanda Amoruso (916) 229-0479ARB Staff
 Amanda Anderson (916) 445-5154ARB Staff
 Amanda Dworkin Not AvailableARB Student
 Amanda Phillips (916) 323-1517ARB Staff
 Ambreen Afshan (916) 322-8522ARB Staff
 Amritpal Dhaliwal (916) 322-4762ARB Staff
 Amritpal Sandhu (916) 440-8275ARB Staff
 Amy Cooper (916) 324-3335ARB Supervisor
 Amy Klug (916) 445-5592ARB Staff
 Amy Macpherson (916) 324-2080ARB Staff
 Amy Ng (916) 445-3865ARB Staff
 Amy Slockbower (916) 440-8227ARB Staff
 Ana Stewart (916) 322-7467ARB Staff
 Analisa Bevan (916) 323-8966ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Andre Freeman (916) 322-1504ARB Staff
 Andrea Garman (916) 322-4740ARB Staff
 Andrea Juarez (626) 450-6158ARB Staff
 Andrea McStocker (916) 322-3267ARB Staff
 Andrea Morgan (916) 323-6169ARB Staff
 Andrei Brezoica (760) 768-0132ARB Staff
 Andrew Damiano (916) 327-1503ARB Staff
 Andrew King (916) 322-3387ARB Staff
 Andrew Martinez (916) 322-8449ARB Staff
 Andrew Mrowka (916) 324-0330ARB Staff
 Andrew Muffett (916) 324-7316ARB Staff
 Andrew Panson (916) 323-2809ARB Staff
 Andrew Post (916) 322-8866ARB Staff
 Andrew Robertson (916) 322-8211ARB Branch Chief
 Andrew Tsiu (916) 324-0317ARB Staff
 Andrey Rybikov (916) 440-8251ARB Staff
 Andrey Zagaynov Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Andy Ho (626) 350-6556ARB Staff
 Angela Csondes (916) 323-4882ARB Supervisor
 Angela Vasconcellos (916) 229-0501ARB Staff
 Angelito Andrada (916) 322-6712ARB Staff
 Angie Polanco (916) 323-1415ARB Staff
 Anhely Estrada (916) 323-2559ARB Staff
 Anil Baral (916) 327-6913ARB Staff
 Anil Prabhu (916) 445-9227ARB Supervisor
 Anil Suri Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Ann Beegan (916) 323-9631ARB Staff
 Anna Davtyan Not AvailableARB Student
 Anna Desai (916) 445-9335ARB Staff
 Anna Ivanov (916) 323-5928ARB Staff
 Anna Malubay (916) 229-0398ARB Staff
 Anna Scodel (916) 327-1505ARB Staff
 Anna Wong (916) 323-2410ARB Staff
 Annalisa Schilla (916) 322-8514ARB Manager
 Anne Klein (916) 324-9552ARB Staff
 Annemarie Flores (916) 324-6749ARB Staff
 Annette Hebert (916) 323-2803ARB Asst. Executive Officer
 Annie Nguyen (626) 350-6586ARB Staff
 Annmarie Rodgers (916) 322-1855ARB Branch Chief
 Anny Huang (916) 323-8475ARB Manager
 Anthony Asay (916) 323-4288ARB Staff
 Anthony Esparza (916) 445-0616ARB Staff
 Anthony Grandov (916) 322-2411ARB Staff
 Anthony Lee (916) 323-1279ARB Staff
 Anthony Ly Not AvailableARB Staff
 Anthony Marin (916) 445-5569ARB Staff
 Anthony Oliver (916) 322-9148ARB Staff
 Anthony Poggi (916) 324-9424ARB Staff
 Anthy Alexiades (916) 324-0368ARB Staff
 Antonio Amaro (626) 350-6538ARB Staff
 Antonio Franco (916) 327-2751ARB Staff
 Antonio Morales (916) 322-5031ARB Staff
 Antony Marshall (916) 322-0347ARB Staff
 Anudeep Tummala Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Ao Lin (626) 575-6962ARB Staff
 Aparna Jain Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 April Molinelli (916) 324-1440ARB Counsel
 April Schmitz (916) 323-0025ARB Staff
 Aria Berliner (916) 322-7156ARB Staff
 Ariel Fideldy (916) 324-8622ARB Staff
 Arlmon Vanzant (916) 229-0384ARB Staff
 Arman Lal (916) 322-4346ARB Manager
 Armando DeAnda (916) 322-8176ARB Staff
 Arnold Wu (626) 459-4393ARB Staff
 Aron Livingston (916) 327-8406ARB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Arpit Soni (916) 323-2661ARB Manager
 Arthur Lee (916) 323-1681ARB Staff
 Arthur Marsh (805) 795-4227ARB Staff
 Ashley Cooper (916) 322-7053ARB Staff
 Ashley Farrell (916) 322-8205ARB Staff
 Ashley Georgiou (916) 440-8223ARB Staff
 Ashley Mann (916) 445-9483ARB Staff
 Ashley Prado (916) 445-9562ARB Intern
 Ashley Rhinehart (916) 322-6962ARB Staff
 Ashley Wilson (916) 323-0321ARB Staff
 Ashneil Randhawa (916) 445-9562ARB Student
 Aubrey Gonzalez (916) 324-3334ARB Staff
 Aubrey Steinhart (916) 327-8097ARB Staff
 Austin Hicks (916) 322-8279ARB Staff
 Ava Yaghoobirad (916) 324-2304ARB Staff
 Avedis Chrakyan (626) 575-6813ARB Staff
 Axel Salas Not AvailableARB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards