CalEPA-Wide Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Aanchal Kohli (916) 323-1510ARB Staff
 Aaron Bali (916) 327-5623ARB Staff
 Aaron Button (916) 341-5577SWRCB Staff
 Aaron Feldhaus (916) 341-5367SWRCB Staff
 Aaron Hilliard (916) 322-4781ARB Manager
 Aaron Holt (916) 324-1374CalRecycle Staff
 Aaron Inocelias Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Aaron Katona (805) 542-4649Water/R3 Staff
 Aaron Martinez (916) 322-5787CalRecycle Staff
 Aaron Olsen (916) 319-9600CalRecycle Staff
 Aaron Plasencia (916) 322-9192ARB Staff
 Aaron Rachels Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Aaron Taylor (559) 447-3485SWRCB Staff
 Aaron Wisch (916) 327-7948DTSC Staff
 Aaron Yue (714) 484-5439DTSC Staff
 Aayush Khurana (619) 525-4646SWRCB Staff
 Abajh Singh (916) 322-8276ARB Staff
 Abbe Ramirez (916) 323-2666DTSC Staff
 Abbott Dutton (916) 324-2997DTSC Staff
 Abby Cazier (530) 542-5429Water/R6 Staff
 Abby Dela Cruz (916) 322-0514ARB Staff
 Abbygayle Britton (916) 322-0355SWRCB Staff
 Abdalin ASINAS (916) 255-6562DTSC Staff
 Abdel Shurbaji (661) 335-7317SWRCB Staff
 Abdi Haile (760) 776-8939Water/R7 Manager
 Abdul Aleem Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Abdul Howlader (626) 350-6466ARB Staff
 Abdullah Mahmud (916) 323-5122ARB Staff
 Abe Waggoner (916) 341-5895SWRCB Staff
 Abeer Hajeer (916) 445-5596ARB Staff
 Abel Martinez-Centeno (916) 341-6724CalRecycle Staff
 Abhilash Vijayan (916) 324-0621ARB Manager
 Abhishek Dhiman (916) 440-8271ARB Staff
 Abid Khalaf (760) 674-8142Water/R7 Staff
 Abigail Asuncion (916) 341-5025SWRCB Staff
 Abigail May (916) 323-9075ARB Counsel
 Abigail Noble (916) 322-3816DTSC Not Available
 Abigail Smith (510) 622-2413Water/R2 Staff
 Abigail Trowbridge (916) 327-4725ARB Staff
 Abraham Aghazeynali (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Abraham Bilal (916) 255-3778DTSC Staff
 Abraham Meyers (916) 341-6355CalRecycle Staff
 Abraham Zhan (916) 445-5651DTSC Staff
 Abraham Dohwon Lee (626) 350-6543ARB Staff
 Adam Calvillo-Cain (916) 323-3395DTSC Staff
 Adam Curtis (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Adam Daniels (818) 717-6582DTSC Not Available
 Adam Edwards (626) 575-6690ARB Manager
 Adam Fischer (951) 320-6363Water/R8 Supervisor
 Adam Forbes (559) 447-3137SWRCB Staff
 Adam Gerber (916) 322-7456ARB Staff
 Adam Gomez (916) 229-0440ARB Staff
 Adam Henriques (530) 542-5439Water/R6 Staff
 Adam Laputz (916) 464-4726Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Adam Moreno (916) 322-7141ARB Staff
 Adam Palmer (916) 322-2844DTSC Supervisor
 Adam Petkus (916) 341-5860SWRCB Staff
 Adam St. Clair (916) 341-6469CalRecycle Staff
 Adam Taing (213) 576-6752Water/R4 Staff
 Adam Tauber (916) 323-6888CalRecycle Assistant Director
 Adam Weinberg (916) 319-0217SWRCB Staff
 Adam Yang (916) 327-8885ARB Manager
 Adam Zettel (916) 327-8359OEHHA Branch Chief
 Adam N. Xiong (999) 999-9999DTSC Staff
 Adelina Aguilar (916) 341-5063SWRCB Staff
 Adil Mahmood (626) 575-6842ARB Staff
 Adnan Siddiqui (213) 576-6812Water/R4 Specialist
 Adolfo Garcia (626) 575-6701ARB Manager
 Adona White (707) 576-2672Water/R1 Staff
 Adrian Cayabyab (916) 327-1515ARB Staff
 Adrian Delacalzada Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Adrian Jackson (951) 782-3282Water/R8 Staff
 Adrian Perez (916) 322-9686SWRCB Staff
 Adriana Aldana (916) 255-6594DTSC Staff
 Adriana Constantinescu (510) 622-2353Water/R2 Staff
 Adriana Godinez Not AvailableWater/R7 Staff
 Adriana Nunez (916) 322-3313SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Adriana Renteria Not AvailableSWRCB Director
 Adriana Smith (916) 323-5450ARB Staff
 Adriana Yanez (916) 324-8508SWRCB Staff
 Adriane Chiu (626) 350-6453ARB Staff
 Adrianna Crowl (916) 341-5156SWRCB Staff
 Adrianna Hernandez (818) 717-6673DTSC Staff
 Adrianna Saliot (916) 327-5412SWRCB Staff
 Adrianna Saliot (916) 324-4437CalRecycle Staff
 Adrien Abeyta (916) 449-5681SWRCB Staff
 Adrienne Richey (916) 323-9591ARB Staff
 Afrooz Farsimadan (916) 341-5544SWRCB Supervisor
 Agnes Farres (510) 622-2401Water/R2 Staff
 Ahana Ghosh Not AvailableOEHHA Staff
 Ahmad Kashkoli (916) 341-5855SWRCB Manager
 Ahmad J. Lamaa (213) 576-6716Water/R4 Staff
 Ahmed Elhawary (714) 279-7683DPR Staff
 Ahmed Mehadi (916) 327-4730ARB Staff
 Aide Ortiz (916) 327-5590SWRCB Staff
 Aiko Matsunaga (626) 575-6831ARB Staff
 Ailene Voisin (916) 324-4775SWRCB Information Officer
 Aimee Davis (916) 322-3289ARB Manager
 Aimee Phiri (916) 464-4746Water/R5 Staff
 Ainie Ali (916) 327-4509DTSC Staff
 Aisha Iqbal (916) 324-9847DPR Staff
 Aja McGee (916) 341-5789SWRCB Staff
 Ajay Kumar (916) 445-0003DPR Staff
 Ajay Mangat (916) 324-2718ARB Supervisor
 Ajit Vaidya (916) 255-3683DTSC Staff
 Ajith Kaduwela (916) 327-3955ARB Staff
 Akemi Myers (916) 341-6265CalRecycle Staff
 Akiko Masuda (916) 319-9417SWRCB Staff
 Akira Vasquez (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Akisha Anderson Marshall (916) 341-6622CalRecycle Staff
 Alan Buehler (916) 464-4615Water/R5 Staff
 Alan Chow (626) 575-6703ARB Staff
 Alan Friedman (510) 622-2347Water/R2 Staff
 Alan Ilusorio (916) 322-1896CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alan Ito (916) 322-4068DTSC Not Available
 Alan Korematsu (916) 323-3706DTSC Not Available
 Alan Kuoch (951) 782-4962Water/R8 Staff
 Alan Lilly (916) 341-5614SWRCB Director
 Alan Monji (619) 521-3968Water/R9 Staff
 Alan Talhelm (916) 324-5548ARB Staff
 Alan Tell (619) 645-2573SWRCB Staff
 Alan Zamboanga (916) 341-6450CalRecycle Staff
 Alanna Misico (530) 542-5579Water/R6 Staff
 Alanzandra Heslep (626) 575-7095ARB Staff
 Alayna Kane (916) 445-5489DPR Staff
 Albert Hernandez (916) 869-5071DTSC Not Available
 Albert Johnson (916) 341-6687CalRecycle Staff
 Albert Wang (916) 327-8356OEHHA Staff
 Alberto Larios (916) 440-8292ARB Staff
 Alberto Marin (916) 603-7713DPR Staff
 Alberto Paz (916) 323-0733CalRecycle Staff
 Aldo Chaney (626) 350-6577ARB Staff
 Alec Naugle (510) 622-2510Water/R2 Manager
 Alejandra Cervantes (916) 327-5790ARB Staff
 Alejandra Espinoza (916) 464-3291Water/R5 Staff
 Alejandra Lopez (559) 445-6071Water/R5 Staff
 Alejandra Mendez (916) 440-8289ARB Staff
 Alejandra Nunez (916) 449-5156SWRCB Staff
 Alejandra Rivera (714) 484-5324DTSC Not Available
 Alejandra Taylor (916) 323-0922SWRCB Staff
 Alejandro Galdamez (510) 540-3933DTSC Staff
 Alejandro Hernandez (951) 782-4121CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alejandro Merchan (916) 324-0116DPR Staff
 Alejandro Vivas (510) 540-3911DTSC Not Available
 Aleksandr Babchanik (916) 440-8290ARB Staff
 Alessandra Rigo de Righi (916) 323-0891SWRCB Staff
 Alessia SiclariMelchor (916) 341-5376SWRCB Staff
 Aletha Vengco (916) 323-7692DPR Staff
 Alex Alimohammadi (213) 620-2034Water/R4 Staff
 Alex Barber (626) 350-6414ARB Staff
 Alex Byrne (916) 323-2271CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alex Carlos (213) 576-6726Water/R4 Staff
 Alex Gole (916) 319-0971SWRCB Staff
 Alex Grewal (916) 322-0177CalRecycle Staff
 Alex Huang (916) 341-5903SWRCB Staff
 Alex MacDonald (916) 464-4625Water/R5 Specialist
 Alex Magliano (916) 445-0026DPR Staff
 Alex Poulos (916) 322-0424DPR Staff
 Alex Shih (714) 957-3511DPR Staff
 Alex Souza (916) 341-6537CalRecycle Staff
 Alex Spencer (530) 542-5488Water/R6 Staff
 Alex Stockton (916) 322-8493ARB Staff
 Alex Talpasanu (916) 341-6262CalRecycle Staff
 Alex Weaver (916) 323-1697ARB Staff
 Alex Yiu (916) 322-1922ARB Staff
 Alex (Shucheng) Jiang (916) 445-3879DPR Staff
 Alex F. Woodward (510) 540-4121DTSC Staff
 Alexa Barron (916) 445-3263ARB Manager
 Alexander Chang (510) 622-3228OEHHA Staff
 Alexander Gomez (916) 445-6189DPR Scientific Aid
 Alexander Huth (916) 324-6917ARB Staff
 Alexander Kolosovich (916) 324-3914DPR Staff
 Alexander Lopez (916) 327-8117SWRCB Staff
 Alexander Mayer (916) 445-2966DTSC Staff
 Alexander Mitchell (916) 327-1513ARB Supervisor
 Alexander Mushegan (559) 488-4397Water/R5 Staff
 Alexander Soin (510) 540-3609DTSC Staff
 Alexander Sweat (916) 319-0724SWRCB Staff
 Alexander Wang (916) 323-9610ARB Counsel
 Alexander E. Morelan II (714) 484-5440DTSC Staff
 Alexandra Alanis (916) 440-8234ARB Staff
 Alexandra Boris (916) 322-8919ARB Staff
 Alexandra Coblentz (816) 542-4786Water/R3 Staff
 Alexandra Kamel (916) 445-5506ARB Counsel
 Alexandra Rosado (916) 341-6459CalRecycle Staff
 Alexandre Balcerzak (916) 323-5174SWRCB Staff
 Alexandria White (510) 540-3968DTSC Staff
 Alexandria Wilson (510) 620-3474SWRCB Staff
 Alexis Arenz (916) 322-4692CalRecycle Staff
 Alexis Carriker (916) 445-6054DPR Manager
 Alexis Hudson (916) 322-4560ARB Staff
 Alexis Leyva (916) 323-5149DPR Staff
 Alexis Robison (916) 323-0729CalRecycle Staff
 Alfonso Arambula (916) 229-0493ARB Staff
 Alfonso Garcia (559) 297-5427DPR Staff
 Alfred Wong (510) 540-3946DTSC Staff
 Alfred Worcester (916) 341-6353CalRecycle Staff
 Alfredo DaSilva (559) 297-5404DPR Staff
 Alfredo Rios (858) 637-5538DTSC Supervisor
 Alfredo Zanoria (714) 484-5420DTSC Supervisor
 Alfredo (Alex) Cadenas (916) 323-2837DPR Staff
 Alfredo R. Ortiz (626) 450-6112ARB Staff
 Ali Barahmani (626) 459-4407ARB Staff
 Ali Dunn (916) 319-8458SWRCB Supervisor
 Ali Hocheimi (951) 782-7129CalRecycle Staff
 Ali Koohestani (916) 324-1590ARB Staff
 Ali Liberman (323) 803-2510DTSC Staff
 Ali Rezvani (916) 445-2585SWRCB Supervisor
 Ali Tohami (818) 717-6682DTSC Staff
 Alice Campbell (818) 717-6623DTSC Staff
 Alice Jeung (916) 324-2993DTSC Staff
 Alice Lopes (916) 464-4649Water/R5 Staff
 Alice Tong (626) 450-6146ARB Staff
 Alice Tran (916) 322-2099SWRCB Staff
 Alice Webber (916) 449-5642SWRCB Supervisor
 Alicia Adams (916) 323-0668ARB Staff
 Alicia Borchmann (760) 241-7325Water/R6 Staff
 Alicia Davenport (916) 322-1439CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alicia Ersen (916) 341-5031SWRCB Staff
 Alicia Imbrogna (916) 603-7790DPR Staff
 Alicia Nguyen (916) 445-8091CalRecycle Staff
 Alicia Scott (916) 603-7712DPR Staff
 Alicia Violet (916) 322-6403ARB Staff
 Alicyn Chappelle (916) 341-5225SWRCB Staff
 Alina Fortune (916) 324-3797OEHHA Staff
 Alireza Rahmani (213) 620-2122Water/R4 Staff
 Alisa Beckwith (916) 327-9480ARB Staff
 Alisha Wenzel (916) 464-4717Water/R5 Staff
 Alison Lara (916) 322-4022CalRecycle Staff
 Alkarim Dhanji (310) 342-6108CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alla Lebich (916) 324-5629SWRCB Staff
 Alla Lilichenko (510) 620-3601SWRCB Staff
 Allan Fone (510) 540-3836DTSC Staff
 Allan Hirsch (916) 327-7345OEHHA Chief Deputy Director
 Allan Laca (916) 322-8469SWRCB Staff
 Allan Plaza (818) 717-6609DTSC Supervisor
 Allegra Curiel (916) 341-6330CalRecycle Staff
 Allegra Kim (510) 622-3187OEHHA Staff
 Allen Lyons (626) 575-6973ARB Division Chief
 Allen T. Pham (626) 450-6233ARB Staff
 Allison Dutra (916) 322-8670DTSC Staff
 Allison Lyman (916) 324-3095DTSC Staff
 Allison McKee (916) 445-0424DTSC Not Available
 Allison Saldana (818) 717-6583DTSC Staff
 Allison Shirer (818) 717-6583DTSC Not Available
 Allison Wescott (916) 324-6544DTSC Staff
 Allissa Maurer (916) 322-8669DTSC Staff
 Allysen Calalang (916) 341-5516SWRCB Staff
 Allyson Swain (805) 542-4787Water/R3 Staff
 Allyson Williams (916) 341-6219CalRecycle Supervisor
 Alodie Yang (916) 322-4098ARB Staff
 Alonso Silva (310) 342-1230CalRecycle Staff
 Alonzo Poach (760) 241-7365Water/R6 Staff
 Alpa Keerthy (916) 323-4165SWRCB Staff
 Alvaro Alvarado (916) 445-4843ARB Manager
 Alvaro Alvarado (916) 324-7441OEHHA Staff
 Alvaro Gutierrez (626) 350-6549ARB Manager
 Alveena Prasad (916) 445-4400DPR Staff
 Alvin Hom (916) 324-1775OEHHA Staff
 Alydda Mangelsdorf (707) 576-6735Water/R1 Manager
 Alyssa Bucci (805) 549-3333Water/R3 Staff
 Alyssa Campbell (916) 323-3648SWRCB Staff
 Alyssa Espiritu (714) 484-5310DTSC Contract Personnel
 Alyssa Green (916) 445-1034ARB Staff
 Alyssa Knudsen (916) 322-0290DPR Staff
 Alyssa Rhodes (916) 440-8232ARB Staff
 Alyssa Wible (916) 341-5844SWRCB Staff
 Alyssa Williams (916) 341-6066CalRecycle Staff
 Alyssa R. Golchert (916) 255-6584DTSC Staff
 Alyx Karpowicz (510) 622-2427Water/R2 Staff
 Aman Bains (916) 323-0032ARB Staff
 Aman DeGeorge (916) 322-1637CalRecycle Staff
 Amanda Alvarez (714) 484-5456DTSC Staff
 Amanda Amoruso (916) 229-0479ARB Staff
 Amanda Anderson (916) 445-5154ARB Staff
 Amanda Bartell (916) 445-3051DPR Staff
 Amanda Benitez (916) 341-5494SWRCB Staff
 Amanda Carley (714) 484-5378DTSC Staff
 Amanda Chapman (909) 383-4320SWRCB Staff
 Amanda Corpuz (916) 341-5119SWRCB Staff
 Amanda Dominguez (818) 717-6581DTSC Not Available
 Amanda Dworkin Not AvailableARB Student
 Amanda Elliott (916) 341-5108SWRCB Staff
 Amanda Ford (916) 445-5607SWRCB Supervisor
 Amanda Irwin (916) 327-8514DTSC Staff
 Amanda Kaufmann (916) 445-3887DPR Staff
 Amanda Lopez (760) 241-7373Water/R6 Staff
 Amanda Magee (916) 322-8569SWRCB Supervisor
 Amanda Montgomery (916) 341-5438SWRCB Manager
 Amanda Palumbo (916) 324-6476OEHHA Staff
 Amanda Pearson (916) 324-0145SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Amanda Phillips (916) 323-1517ARB Staff
 Amanda Piscitelli Not AvailableWater/R1 Staff
 Amanda Priest (916) 323-3506DTSC Contract Personnel
 Amanda Ritson (916) 324-1819DTSC Not Available
 Amanda Rosenblum (213) 576-6619Water/R4 Staff
 Amanda Sanders (916) 323-1692CalRecycle Staff
 Amanda Solin Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Amantha Henkel (916) 341-5551SWRCB Supervisor
 Amaryl Griggs (916) 322-0344DPR Staff
 Amber Canchola (916) 341-5142SWRCB Staff
 Amber Rousseau (916) 603-7784DPR Staff
 Amber Schaffner (916) 341-5079SWRCB Staff
 Amber Sellinger (815) 549-3866Water/R3 Staff
 Amber Wike (530) 542-5406Water/R6 Staff
 Ambreen Afshan (916) 322-8522ARB Staff
 Amelia Gomez (916) 341-5147SWRCB Staff
 Amelia Hicks (916) 324-0064DTSC Not Available
 Ameneh Tavakol (916) 445-3677DPR Staff
 Amilia Glikman (916) 322-5837DTSC Staff
 Amir Omer (916) 324-3555DPR Staff
 Amit Pathak (714) 484-5468DTSC Staff
 Amit Sarang (916) 324-4841DTSC Not Available
 Amor Moskaira (916) 449-5627SWRCB Staff
 Amritpal Dhaliwal (916) 322-4762ARB Staff
 Amritpal Sandhu (916) 440-8275ARB Staff
 Amy Arcus-Arth (510) 622-3199OEHHA Staff
 Amy Blunk (916) 341-5308SWRCB Staff
 Amy Budahn (510) 622-3049OEHHA Staff
 Amy Chiang (916) 449-5618SWRCB Staff
 Amy Cooper (916) 324-3335ARB Supervisor
 Amy Dunn (510) 622-3183OEHHA Volunteer
 Amy Duran (916) 445-2047DPR Manager
 Amy Franz (916) 341-6099CalRecycle Staff
 Amy Grove (619) 521-3920Water/R9 Staff
 Amy Ha (916) 464-4682Water/R5 Staff
 Amy Kauba (916) 341-5607SWRCB Administrative Assistant
 Amy Klug (916) 445-5592ARB Staff
 Amy Kronson (916) 341-5552SWRCB Staff
 Amy Little (707) 576-2147SWRCB Staff
 Amy Macpherson (916) 324-2080ARB Staff
 Amy Musial Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Amy Nelson (916) 341-6486CalRecycle Staff
 Amy Ng (916) 445-3865ARB Staff
 Amy Slockbower (916) 440-8227ARB Staff
 Amy Sunahara (916) 319-9216SWRCB Staff
 Amy Yhnell (916) 324-5036CalRecycle Staff
 Amy T. Pham (916) 324-3125DTSC Staff
 Ana Mascarenas (916) 956-1896DTSC Staff
 Ana Stewart (916) 322-7467ARB Staff
 Ana Townsend (213) 576-6738Water/R4 Staff
 Ana Vega (916) 323-3741SWRCB Staff
 Ana Maria Saenz (916) 341-5480SWRCB Staff
 Ana-Maria Stoian-Chu (916) 341-6368CalRecycle Manager
 Anabel Ruiz (916) 445-5172SWRCB Supervisor
 Analisa Bevan (916) 323-8966ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Anantaramam Peddada (714) 484-5418DTSC Staff
 Anatoly Soshilov (916) 322-0508OEHHA Staff
 Andi Cameron (916) 445-7372DPR Staff
 Andre Algazi (916) 324-2659DTSC Not Available
 Andre De Stefano (916) 323-0892SWRCB Staff
 Andre Freeman (916) 322-1504ARB Staff
 Andrea Drushell (916) 255-3571DTSC Not Available
 Andrea Garman (916) 322-4740ARB Staff
 Andrea Grant (916) 445-0038DPR Staff
 Andrea Juarez (626) 450-6158ARB Staff
 Andrea Kopecky (916) 255-6423DTSC Not Available
 Andrea McStocker (916) 322-3267ARB Staff
 Andrea Morgan (916) 323-6169ARB Staff
 Andrea Sellers (916) 327-8449SWRCB Staff
 Andrei Brezoica (760) 768-0132ARB Staff
 Andres Aguirre (909) 383-4308SWRCB Staff
 Andres Martinez (323) 803-2506DTSC Not Available
 Andres Torres (916) 341-6428CalRecycle Staff
 Andrew Altevogt (916) 341-6027SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Andrew Chang Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Andrew Choi (213) 576-6791Water/R4 Staff
 Andrew Collada (916) 327-1192DTSC Not Available
 Andrew Damiano (916) 327-1503ARB Staff
 Andrew Deeringer (916) 322-3575SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Andrew Forbes (559) 447-3313SWRCB Staff
 Andrew Hamilton (916) 323-3427SWRCB Staff
 Andrew Hawkins (916) 445-8675DPR Staff
 Andrew Hill (916) 323-0360SWRCB Staff
 Andrew Hoekstra (916) 319-9167SWRCB Staff
 Andrew Hurst (916) 323-2872CalRecycle Supervisor
 Andrew King (916) 322-3387ARB Staff
 Andrew Martinez (916) 322-8449ARB Staff
 Andrew Mrowka (916) 324-0330ARB Staff
 Andrew Muffett (916) 324-7316ARB Staff
 Andrew Nevis (916) 341-6873SWRCB Staff
 Andrew Panson (916) 323-2809ARB Staff
 Andrew Parrish (916) 341-6458CalRecycle Staff
 Andrew Post (916) 322-8866ARB Staff
 Andrew Redden (916) 341-5430SWRCB Staff
 Andrew Reimanis (916) 255-4976DTSC Staff
 Andrew Robertson (916) 322-8211ARB Branch Chief
 Andrew Sawyer (916) 341-5191SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Andrew Slocombe (916) 327-0606OEHHA Staff
 Andrew Smyth (916) 341-6526CalRecycle Staff
 Andrew Stoltenberg (916) 341-5686SWRCB Staff
 Andrew Sturmfels (916) 322-7856DTSC Staff
 Andrew Tauriainen (916) 341-5889SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Andrew Tsiu (916) 324-0317ARB Staff
 Andrew Turcotte (916) 445-4403DPR Staff
 Andrey Rybikov (916) 341-5080SWRCB Staff
 Andrey Rybikov (916) 440-8251ARB Staff
 Andrey Zagaynov Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Andria Giorgi (916) 324-9978DPR Staff
 Andria Torres (916) 327-2898CalRecycle Staff
 Andy Burow (916) 255-6568DTSC Staff
 Andy Cano (818) 717-6620DTSC Staff
 Andy Coyle Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Andy Dang (916) 341-5073SWRCB Staff
 Andy Ho (626) 350-6556ARB Staff
 Andy Marino (916) 341-6366CalRecycle Staff
 Andy Rubin (916) 324-3477DPR Staff
 Andy Yu (213) 576-1364Water/R4 Staff
 Angel Fong (916) 341-6752CalRecycle Staff
 Angel Ramsey (916) 341-5078SWRCB Supervisor
 Angela Anand (818) 551-2043SWRCB Acting Supervisor
 Angela Csondes (916) 323-4882ARB Supervisor
 Angela Garcia (714) 484-5463DTSC Staff
 Angela Gomez (916) 445-3638CalRecycle Staff
 Angela Kwon (916) 323-5177SWRCB Staff
 Angela Montez (916) 322-1295DTSC Staff
 Angela Murvine (916) 322-7904SWRCB Staff
 Angela Nguyen (510) 622-3223OEHHA Staff
 Angela Nguyen-Tan (916) 464-0335Water/R5 Staff
 Angela Pimentel (916) 327-4500DTSC Not Available
 Angela Ramirez (916) 341-5212SWRCB Staff
 Angela Sandoval (916) 464-4609Water/R5 Staff
 Angela Schroeter (805) 542-4644Water/R3 Manager
 Angela Singh (916) 255-6616DTSC Staff
 Angela Turner (714) 484-5477DTSC Not Available
 Angela Vasconcellos (916) 229-0501ARB Staff
 Angela Vincent (916) 323-1796CalRecycle Supervisor
 Angela Wilson (530) 224-4856Water/R5 Manager
 Angela Yoshida (916) 445-2542DTSC Not Available
 Angelica Castaneda (213) 576-6755Water/R4 Staff
 Angelica Ibarra (310) 342-0624CalRecycle Supervisor
 Angelica Soto (760) 241-6467Water/R6 Staff
 Angelica Torres-Olazaba (559) 447-3300SWRCB Staff
 Angelica Villar (818) 717-6517DTSC Staff
 Angelina Garcia (916) 445-5640DTSC Not Available
 Angelina McGann (916) 341-5364SWRCB Staff
 Angelito Andrada (916) 322-6712ARB Staff
 Angella Brown (916) 322-3810DTSC Not Available
 Angie Alfaro (916) 255-3646DTSC Staff
 Angie Noorda (916) 319-9226SWRCB Staff
 Angie Polanco (916) 323-1415ARB Staff
 Angineh Shahnazarian (213) 576-6617Water/R4 Staff
 Anh-Duong Vu (916) 324-3150DTSC Not Available
 Anhely Estrada (916) 323-2559ARB Staff
 Aniela Burant (916) 445-2799DPR Staff
 Anil Baral (916) 327-6913ARB Staff
 Anil Prabhu (916) 445-9227ARB Supervisor
 Anil Suri Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Anise Severns (916) 650-6957DPR Assistant Director
 Anissa Henry (916) 341-6292CalRecycle Staff
 Ann Baker (714) 484-5344DTSC Staff
 Ann Beegan (916) 323-9631ARB Staff
 Ann Carberry (916) 255-3644DTSC Not Available
 Ann Chang (213) 620-6122Water/R4 Staff
 Ann Downing (714) 279-7693DPR Supervisor
 Ann Hanger (916) 324-3535DPR Supervisor
 Ann Lin (213) 576-6781Water/R4 Supervisor
 Ann Palmer (916) 464-4825Water/R5 Staff
 Ann Reeser (510) 540-2735DTSC Not Available
 Ann Schaffner (916) 445-0111DPR Supervisor
 Ann Sturdivant (951) 782-4904Water/R8 Manager
 Ann Marie Ore (916) 319-9387SWRCB Manager
 Anna Bellini (916) 445-3270DPR Staff
 Anna Cassada (916) 341-6820CalRecycle Staff
 Anna Davtyan Not AvailableARB Student
 Anna Desai (916) 445-9335ARB Staff
 Anna Ferrera (916) 324-8425Agency Deputy Secretary
 Anna Gross (916) 322-4062DTSC Not Available
 Anna Holder (916) 341-5545SWRCB Intern
 Anna Ivanov (916) 323-5928ARB Staff
 Anna Kalashnikova (916) 324-3517DPR Staff
 Anna Kutsapalava (916) 464-4855Water/R5 Staff
 Anna Malubay (916) 229-0398ARB Staff
 Anna Perez (916) 341-5848SWRCB Staff
 Anna Petrosyan (916) 319-9068SWRCB Staff
 Anna Scodel (916) 327-1505ARB Staff
 Anna Toma (626) 304-2711DTSC Staff
 Anna Torres (510) 622-2496Water/R2 Manager
 Anna Wong (916) 323-2410ARB Staff
 Annabel Farrall (916) 341-6296CalRecycle Staff
 Annalisa Kihara (916) 324-6786SWRCB Chief
 Annalisa Schilla (916) 322-8514ARB Manager
 Anne Ekker (714) 484-5309DTSC Staff
 Anne Hartridge (916) 341-5166SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Anne Holden (530) 542-5450Water/R6 Staff
 Anne Klein (916) 324-9552ARB Staff
 Anne Littlejohn (916) 464-4840Water/R5 Supervisor
 Anne Nguyen (916) 255-3795DTSC Staff
 Anne Snider (916) 341-6629CalRecycle Staff
 Anne Cooper Doherty (916) 324-1088DTSC Staff
 Annelisa Moe (213) 576-6620Water/R4 Staff
 Annemarie Flores (916) 324-6749ARB Staff
 Annette Caraway (916) 449-5620SWRCB Manager
 Annette Hebert (916) 323-2803ARB Asst. Executive Officer
 Annette Stark (916) 324-9821DTSC Staff
 AnnGee Jackson (916) 322-5297SWRCB Staff
 Annie Nguyen (626) 350-6586ARB Staff
 Annmarie Rodgers (916) 322-1855ARB Branch Chief
 Anny Huang (916) 323-8475ARB Manager
 Anson Main (916) 322-0496DPR Staff
 Anthony Asay (916) 323-4288ARB Staff
 Anthony Balestreri (916) 341-6081CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Anthony Cantrell (916) 445-0029DPR Staff
 Anthony Chiang (510) 540-3770DTSC Student
 Anthony D'Arcangelo (916) 324-2991DTSC Staff
 Anthony Duval (916) 341-5094SWRCB Staff
 Anthony Esparza (916) 445-0616ARB Staff
 Anthony Felix (619) 521-5921Water/R9 Staff
 Anthony Grandov (916) 322-2411ARB Staff
 Anthony Hardin Sr. (916) 323-7904SWRCB Staff
 Anthony Johnson (916) 341-6252CalRecycle Support Staff
 Anthony LaChapelle (916) 324-6581SWRCB Supervisor
 Anthony Lee (916) 323-1279ARB Staff
 Anthony Ly Not AvailableARB Staff
 Anthony Marin (916) 445-5569ARB Staff
 Anthony Nhan (714) 567-7261SWRCB Staff
 Anthony Oliver (916) 322-9148ARB Staff
 Anthony Picciano (916) 323-6500OEHHA Staff
 Anthony Poggi (916) 324-9424ARB Staff
 Anthony Rodriguez (916) 341-6322CalRecycle Staff
 Anthony Silva (916) 445-3793DPR Staff
 Anthony Southwood (916) 323-0593SWRCB Staff
 Anthony Toto (916) 445-9415CalRecycle Staff
 Anthony Trujillo Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Anthony VanderSchaaf (916) 341-6266CalRecycle Staff
 Anthony Vasquez (916) 324-2423DTSC Not Available
 Anthony Wohletz (916) 341-5334SWRCB Staff
 Anthy Alexiades (916) 324-0368ARB Staff
 Antoinette Brown (510) 540-2855DTSC Staff
 Antonette Cordero (818) 885-3307DTSC Not Available
 Antonia Becker (510) 540-3889DTSC Staff
 Antonio Aguilar (916) 341-5114SWRCB Staff
 Antonio Amaro (626) 350-6538ARB Staff
 Antonio Barrales (916) 341-5398SWRCB Staff
 Antonio Franco (916) 327-2751ARB Staff
 Antonio Morales (916) 322-5031ARB Staff
 Antonio Natera (510) 540-3757DTSC Staff
 Antony Marshall (916) 322-0347ARB Staff
 Anudeep Tummala Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Ao Lin (626) 575-6962ARB Staff
 Aparjeet Rangi (916) 319-8255SWRCB Staff
 Aparna Jain Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Apollo Fraidany (562) 981-3954CalRecycle Staff
 April Agan (916) 341-6369CalRecycle Student
 April Freeman (916) 341-5755SWRCB Staff
 April Gatling (916) 324-2666DPR Senior Staff Counsel
 April Gomez (916) 341-6606CalRecycle Staff
 April Molinelli (916) 324-1440ARB Counsel
 April Ranney (559) 297-3943DTSC Not Available
 April Schmitz (916) 323-0025ARB Staff
 Araceli Palomino (916) 341-5140SWRCB Staff
 Arax Gharibian (818) 717-6540DTSC Staff
 Archana Bachhar (916) 322-8532SWRCB Staff
 Aria Berliner (916) 322-7156ARB Staff
 Ariel Chavez (916) 322-9601SWRCB Staff
 Ariel Fideldy (916) 324-8622ARB Staff
 Aries Asuncion (916) 341-5200SWRCB Staff
 Arishma Lal (916) 341-6616CalRecycle Staff
 Arishma Prakash (916) 324-5845DTSC Not Available
 Arlene Iwahiro (916) 322-8000CalRecycle Staff
 Arletra Duroncelet-Hutchinson (916) 323-3215DTSC Not Available
 Arlmon Vanzant (916) 229-0384ARB Staff
 Arman Lal (916) 322-4346ARB Manager
 Arman Toumari (213) 576-6758Water/R4 Staff
 Arman Wiley (619) 525-4340CalRecycle Staff
 Armando DeAnda (916) 322-8176ARB Staff
 Armeen Etemad (916) 327-7586DTSC Not Available
 Armen Minassian (818) 717-6585DTSC Staff
 Armida Mejia (562) 981-9295CalRecycle Support Staff
 Arnold Wu (626) 459-4393ARB Staff
 Aron Lindgren (916) 324-3563DPR Staff
 Aron Livingston (916) 327-8406ARB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Arpit Soni (916) 323-2661ARB Manager
 Artena Kubik (916) 449-5806SWRCB Staff
 Arthur Heath (213) 576-6725Water/R4 Manager
 Arthur Lee (916) 323-1681ARB Staff
 Arthur Marsh (805) 795-4227ARB Staff
 Arti Lal (916) 341-6434CalRecycle Staff
 Arvin Chi (916) 341-6969SWRCB Staff
 Arwen Wyatt-Mair (805) 542-4695Water/R3 Supervisor
 Arystina Duran (916) 322-3143SWRCB Seasonal Clerk
 Asa Standfeldt (916) 323-0599SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 ASAHI OKADA (510) 540-2687DTSC Not Available
 Asha Arora (510) 540-3874DTSC Staff
 Asha Kreiling (916) 341-5959SWRCB Staff
 Asha Setty (510) 540-3910DTSC Not Available
 Ashlee Yee (916) 327-8824CalRecycle Staff
 Ashleigh Gums Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Ashley Cooper (916) 322-7053ARB Staff
 Ashley Dummer (714) 558-4706SWRCB Staff
 Ashley Farrell (916) 322-8205ARB Staff
 Ashley Fitzwater (916) 603-7736DPR Staff
 Ashley Gage (510) 540-3906DTSC Not Available
 Ashley Georgiou (916) 440-8223ARB Staff
 Ashley Hernandez (530) 224-4206Water/R5 Staff
 Ashley Holloman (916) 341-5801SWRCB Staff
 Ashley Maderos (916) 603-7782DPR Staff
 Ashley Mann (916) 445-9483ARB Staff
 Ashley Olmeda (213) 620-6190Water/R4 Staff
 Ashley Peters (916) 464-4857Water/R5 Staff
 Ashley Prado (916) 445-9562ARB Intern
 Ashley Rhinehart (916) 322-6962ARB Staff
 Ashley Wilson (916) 323-0321ARB Staff
 Ashley Wilson (916) 327-7948DTSC Staff
 Ashley Zellmer (916) 341-5476SWRCB Staff
 Ashlyne Poston (916) 323-2345Agency Staff
 Ashneil Randhawa (916) 445-9562ARB Student
 Ashraf Batavia (916) 341-6205CalRecycle Staff
 Aslam Ahmed Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Aslam Shareef (714) 484-5308DTSC Staff
 Asma Variawa (310) 342-6125CalRecycle Staff
 Atac Tuli (916) 324-4264DPR Staff
 Atefeh Mousavi Nik (916) 445-2509DPR Staff
 Aubrey Gonzalez (916) 324-3334ARB Staff
 Aubrey Steinhart (916) 327-8097ARB Staff
 Audra Debenedetti (916) 341-5126SWRCB Manager
 Audrey Shimizu (916) 341-5529SWRCB Staff
 Audrey Vorametsanti (916) 323-0034CalRecycle Staff
 Augustine Anijielo (213) 576-6657Water/R4 Supervisor
 Aurel Agarin (213) 576-6650SWRCB Staff
 Austin Eaker (916) 323-1885DPR Staff
 Austin Ferreria (559) 447-3399SWRCB Staff
 Austin Hicks (916) 322-8279ARB Staff
 Austin Peterson (916) 341-5559SWRCB Staff
 Austin Turner (916) 341-5522SWRCB Staff
 Ava Yaghoobirad (916) 324-2304ARB Staff
 Avedis Chrakyan (626) 575-6813ARB Staff
 Axel Salas Not AvailableARB Staff
 Azita Jackson (916) 322-6596SWRCB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards